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User Communication - Recommendation, Request and Service messaging


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My Emby users and I regularly communicate about matters relating to Emby; often about recommendations, service, and requests. A 'simple' message system within Emby would be very welcome.

So here is a user communication feature request starter.

As an admin, on the web client, I want to control users permissions to send messages to

  • none
  • selected users
  • all users

As an admin, on the web client, I want a user setting "hide this recipient from send message interface*" [y/n], default to hidden.

As any user on the web client, I want to send messages to selected [multiselect] user(s)/ all users. I want to construct messages using URLs (inc. links to media items) and text in the body alongside a subject. As a user I would like to be able to be able to compose new messages from "[my ]messages" form and from the context menu on media items (auto populate body with link to media item). As an admin I would expect to see hidden users* when selecting recipients.

As any user on any client (initially web client), I want an indicator** for 'new messages' and a link to "[my ]messages" form on the home page. "My messages" sorted by sent recent first,  showing "date sent, subject, sender". I want to be able to click on a message to see the subject/body detail...automatically set opened message as old. The UI should allow the reader to navigate to library URLs. **Perhaps a pulsing user profile icon would be a good new message indicator with "[my ]messages" being a menu item under the user profile icon.

thanks for considering.

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What about letting members publish contact info or not, per other members?  I think creating, even a server plugin message system takes a huge amount of dev to setup and support.  If there was messaging up and running, there is still support time and troubleshooting.  I think you are looking at months of dev time in a year.  Just letting members control who can see their contact info is much easier.  All the features are handled by the other contact service.  Media service features are more important.  Messaging will pull you away from your speciality.  Just my opinion.

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