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Audio increase for video files.


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I have one quite long TV series (21 seasons of mostly 30 min TV shows. When it was recorded the volume setting was, for some reason, about 30% lower than it should have been. (I do not know why or even what was used to record it as it comes from my deceased uncle) I can just turn up the volume for that one series but, if I forget to turn it back down, the next thing I play is quite loud.

What I would like to do is find a tool that can be automated to either re-encode the files with a volume increase or simply increase the volume in the files without changing anything else.

I know handbrake can be set to do what I need but it is a slow process and I would like to be able to do it all as fast as possible and not put much of a load on whatever.

The files involved are all mp4s and they can remain that or change to mkv if that is required.

All I need is about a 20-30% increase in volume. Otherwise the files are fine for my needs.

I do not want Emby to have to do the work and, although it would be nice if Emby could have a custom volume boost for files or series. I just want to run the files through some program and have the original file with its volume boosted a bit.

I really doubt this is available as easily as I would like but, if it is, it would make watching that one series a lot more pleasant. There are actually a couple of other, much smaller series that could use some volume manipulation.

Thanks for any ideas.

I run Windows 10, mostly, and I can use a backup computer for the task.

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11 minutes ago, jaycedk said:

This might work for you on those files.

Make sure to test on a copy first.


Thank you. For some reason I seem to always overlook ffmpeg whenever I look to do anything with media files. My favorite method for taking avi files and making mkv files out of them is gui for ffmpeg that really does nothing more than script ffmpeg. If fact, now that you reminded me of it, that program may have audio presets for adjusting volume. Even if it does not I am quite good with batch files so I should be able to script a file that will do what I want and walk the tree of my TV series.

Again thank you.

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