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Emby Serializer / API


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A serialization layer for your Emby server's database, allowing information about movies, tv series and episodes to be retrieved in JSON format via GET requests.

Project URL

I wanted to build some custom Python scripts to feed my Superset dashboards with relevant information about my Emby library and I could not find all the information I needed using the native API, so I ended up building this "intermediate app" that sits between my scripts/dashboards and my Emby server's database. Due to to database access restrictions, it is a little bit slow, but that's something I'm going to tackle next. Ideas and feedback are welcome!

1. Movie endpoint response

2. Genre & studios detail


3. Providers detail:

4. Media streams detail (audio tracks and subtitles included)


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Sounds nice and I would like to give it a try but don't really know how.
Do you mind explaining how I would use this on a Ubuntu installation?

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1 hour ago, neik said:

Sounds nice and I would like to give it a try but don't really know how.
Do you mind explaining how I would use this on a Ubuntu installation?

For now the serializer is intended to run as a containerized app, so the best way to run it would be having Docker and docker-compose installed on your system. The install instructions for Docker and docker-compose on their website are pretty straightfoward.

After that, download the serializer's latest release, navigate into the project's main folder and do the following:

1. Create a docker-compose.yml file with:

version: '3'
    container_name: emby-serializer
      context: .
      - "8888:8888"
      - /path/to/emby/library/folder:/app/data/emby

Note that "/path/to/emby/library/folder" is supposed to be the path to where your Emby database is. If you're not running Emby on Docker, it is probably located at /var/lib/emby/data .

With the docker-compose.yml file created, it's time to build the image and run the container:

docker-compose build


docker-compose up -d

After that, you can test if everthing is running accordingly by opening your browser and pointing to This endpoint will get information on all the movies available in your library. Other endpoints available are /embytvshows/ and /embyepisodes/

All theses steps are available at the project's github page, you can check it here. It is worth noting that I tested the serializer with the latest Emby server version, which is 4.6.4. I haven't tested it with previous versions of the server.


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