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Hardware Transcoding Inside Docker On Synology NAS?


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I tried searching by haven't found an actual definitive answer ... is hardware transcoding and tone mapping possible when running Emby inside a Docker container on an Intel Celeron based Synology NAS (in my case it would be a DS1520+)?  Is it just a matter of passing in /dev/dri?  Also, assuming that's all there's to it, should I use QuickSync or VA API?




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I've got the 920+ which is very similar with the Celeron CPU and I prefer QuickSync.  My box easily transcode this well as do HDR->SDR tone mapping.
I'm not running under Docker as I choose to use the native Emby Synology app so I can't comment on any performance differences.

Any reason you aren't running the native Synology Emby app vs docker?

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