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subtitles not found


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have one film - 1 Chance Sur 2.mkv that shows up on the title card as Half a Chance, the English translation.
the subs are in the same folder and are named - 1 Chance Sur 2.srt.

Emby (4.6.4) doesn't see the subtitle file for some reason.

I identified the film with IMDB.  Quit and relaunched Emby. But just doesn't find the subs.

What might be the fix on this?

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What language you looking for?  What Subtitle options do you have enabled on the library?  Have you configured Subtitles login?

But in my test I can only see subs in specific languages on this item.

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I have the subs in the folder with the film.  Emby doesn't see them.

The subs don't appear to be bad when I open in a text editor.

It's just the one film.

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Sorry I misread the topic.  Can you show your folder content.  And possibly a server log.




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11 minutes ago, metropical said:

You should have a dot (.) between 2 and EN. 

Edit: To clarify, "1 Chance Sur 2 EN" is NOT equal to "1 Chance Sur 2". Subs must be named exactly as video file plus optional language code (and/or other flags). 

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