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Found 17 results

  1. krustyreturns

    ServerWMC info

    ServerWMC is a windows program that allows a Windows Media Center (WMC) installation on one machine to act as a PVR backend for Emby. This enables Emby to provide live tv and PVR functions to its client apps that support it. To set it up, you need ServerWMC installed on the machine that has WMC installed and configured. Then in Emby you need to install and configure its ServerWMC plugin. ServerWMC can be downloaded from here: http://www.serverwmc.com The ServerWMC plugin for Emby can be found in the Emby plugin catalog. A quick setup guide (courtesy of mediaputer) can be found here: http://mediaputer.com/guides/2014/06/stream-live-tv-media-browser-serverwmc/ Please post bugs, questions, and new feature requests to this sub-forum.
  2. I have been a Windows Media Center user for years but want to change over to a better platform and was considering Emby. I wanted to know if it was capable of doing what I want prior to joining. I currently run Windows 8 and have a Ceton InfiniTV 4-tuner card and record Spectrum cable using my PC as my DVR. My questions are: ---Can the recordings that I currently have from my DVR be integrated to view from Emby? To follow up, can I still record TV in the same manner and watch the recordings from Emby? ---Also, I have three hard drives of my movie collection and wanted to be able to play that back from Emby. Most recordings are .mkv files. Thanks for any advice.
  3. david junior

    Tema Windows Media Center Padrão

    Ola, boa tarde a todos do Fórum, é a minha primeira vez aqui, e preciso de uma ajuda, tenho o Emby Media rodando aqui em minha rede como Media Center, notei que ele tem o tema "Windows Media Center" pra poder mudar o visual do sistema, porem notei que o tema padrão é o Dark, e mudo para o tema Windows Media Center, porem ao limpar histórico recarregar o navegador ele volta para o tema Dark. Com isso gostaria de saber se é possível deixar o tema Windows Media Center como tema padrão ao invés do tema Dark ? assim que o cliente acessar a primeira vez o sistema ja vai enxergar por padrão o tema Windows Media Center e não o Dark. Assim também ficaria o tema Windows Media Center, quando o Usuário já entrasse com a senha dele no sistema, exatamente como a imagem abaixo. Desde agradeço a todos que conseguirem me ajudar até mais ....
  4. dados

    Wtv skip does not work

    I'm moving this to another another forum
  5. Lately it seems that Emby (Version 3.0.7200.0), which always seemed fragile and unreliable to me, has suddenly become rock solid (I hope I don't jinx it). Transcoding on the web client was always a problem because my homeserver is a dual core atom with 2gb memory running whs2011. Playing direct is fine, but if it has to transcode then I max out the cpu and it is game over. Things I learned while tweaking Emby to finally work as expected: 1. Turn off "Allow video playback that requires transcoding" under each user 2. Leave on "Allow audio playback that requires transcoding" under each user Before I did this Emby would transcode my windows home server recordings (720p, AC3) when I played them remotely on my laptop and it maxed out the server cpu and the playback was awful. When I turned off "Allow playback that requires transcoding" suddenly Emby would happily direct play the recordings but I had lost audio. Allowing transcoding, but only for audio, still resulted in direct play for video and gave me back audio with no appreciable impact on the cpu. I believe the bottom line was that the AC3 was causing the transcoding (my laptop only has stereo) but it transcoded everything and not just the audio. Now Emby plays nicely on every device I have as well as remotely (Emby connect) without loading the homeserver. Very cool. Now if I can get the DVR integration going as well (NPVR with Ceton InfiniTV 4 tuners) I might finally have a Windows Media Center replacement.
  6. Steverido

    Played State

    MBClassic-2922016e4f60c1a32f84e9aa7dd63f06ec28070.logHi Guys, I have installed Windows 10 and Emby for WMC as suggested in another thread here and all has been successful. The only thing that I can't get to work is the played status. As you know it normally highlights the episode of a series blue when it has been played. I am pretty sure that I have the settings correct and I have attached screenshots for you to review. I am hoping it is something that I have missed and can't see for looking at it too much. MBClassic-2922016e4f60c1a32f84e9aa7dd63f06ec28070.log
  7. iamjen023

    i need info on embytv and serverwmc

    hi i need some info on the live tv. i love the built in life tv support, but i lick to watch/record the stars and encore channels. i know embytv doesnot do drm, but windows media center does. now what i need to know is a few things. 1. can i turn off embytv and just use a 3rd party plugin like serverwmc 2. could i have it so emby does non drm channels and wmc does the drm stuff 3. does emby prioritizes serverwmc over its own tv service also is there going to be a way to use the dvr part of the hdhomerun software
  8. OS = Windows 7 Relavent Applications = Windows Media Center, Media Center Studio, Emby Theater (v3.0.5744.24672) Remote Control - Rosewill (but this occurs when using the original microsoft windows media center remote) Scenario: 1. Configure Media Center Studio to launch Emby Theater as an Entry Point 2. Launch Windows Media Center 3. select Emby Theater and click 4. In Emby Theater, begin watching a movie 5. attempt to stop the movie by pressing the Stop button on the remote control expected - movie stops actual - no action taken Additional notes: 1. This same functionality works as expected when launching Media Browser Classic via Windows Media Center 2. At some point in a very early version of Media Browser Theater this worked as expected 3. using the mouse to click the stop button in the UI works as expected. 4. If I close Windows Media Center while Emby Theater is running, the stop button begins working again in Emby Theater Logs - Nothing appears to be logged
  9. Sure its a quick fix, using emby inside windows media center 7. New to this but got most of it working, woundering once I have watched one of my recorded tv episodes how do I delete it ? Searched round, found something about the xml file, so edited that but still cant find a delete option within emby / windows media center. Any ideas ?
  10. mickeyfinn

    Samsung UN46ES6150 streaming WTV files

    Is it possible for Samsung E-series TV's to stream WMC's recorded TV files (WTV)? I'm aware that copy once protected files will not be supported, but can copy freely work? I have tried connecting to the Emby server to playback these files, but I get "media not supported" messages. So, the format being presented to the TV is not one it supports apparently. Is it possible to edit the Samsung profile to attempt to transcode to an alternate supported format? Thanks in advance!
  11. Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I searched keywords related to this but they were all older conversations. With rumors still circulating about the very real possibility of WMC not being included in Windows 10, can you guys at Media Browser consider adding support for DRM, such as PlayReady or something certified by CableLabs. I would be more than willing to pay for a version that supports this. Others might be just as willing. You could try taking a poll and see how many users would be willing to pay for a version that contains DRM. I'm very sad about WMC, but I really like the interface of MB. It we can have everything in one application, that would be awesome. Let me know what you think.
  12. Note: This process was contributed by a community member and we have no reason to believe it doesn't work if followed to the letter. However, we haven't verified the process lately so it is possible it is out of date. Please let us know of your experience if you attempt this. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Getting MKV and other media files to play directly on your Xbox 360 with Media Browser 3, and Media Browser Classic, can be a frustrating experience. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I have spent many hours banging my head trying to figure out how to get it to work. Seemingly at times I thought I had everything setup correctly, but Media Browser would end up transcoding the file, or unable to play it all. It was a mystery for a while to me, and the behavior was hard to track down. I’ve read countless forums, some even suggesting that this simply won’t work. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Through many efforts I discovered how to get this to work fairly easily, as long as you know what you need to do, and the exact steps to do it! With Xbox 360s going for under $99 now, more and more people are going to take the plunge. I figured I would write this tutorial to save everyone time and their sanity. You can finally start enjoying your Windows Media Center experience like you should. Simply stated having this work under Media Browser Classic is an awesome experience! The interface is unmatched to anything else that is out there. Setting up the server backend correctly: 1. You’ll of course want to have Media Browser 3 installed on a server already. In my setup I have Windows Media Center separated from my NAS. My NAS is simply a Windows 7 machine, with Media Browser installed on it, and all my media files are located on the same server. 2. Setup your Media Browser libraries. Ensure that Media Browser is pointed to your libraries by using UNC Shares and NOT local drives. Even if Media Browser is on the same system as your media files like mine, DO NOT use local drive paths (D:\Movies), instead type in the UNC path \\MEDIASERVER\Movies for example. 3. DO NOT use the Path Substitution option in Media Browser. If you use UNC paths, this should be more than sufficient. I’ve had strange behaviors when using this instead to translate local drive paths. 4. Create a user with Administrator rights to your Media Libraries. In my setup it is called mcuser. Create the same user on both your Media Center server, and your NAS. (If they are separate machines.) 5. Ensure you setup your media libraries in Windows Media Center as well, providing the credentials for mcuser. 6. Use this tool, to give the MCX#-SERVERNAME Administrator access to your media libraries by using the above wmcuser account. http://tobias-tobin.blogspot.com/2008/08/giving-media-center-extender-access-to.html Note: If your Media Browser server, and Windows Media Center machine are on the same server, step 5 and 6 may not be necessary, but I am unable to verify this at this time. In addition you'll need to have a separate account that has full Administrator rights to your libraries. More information on how the tool works is available on the website. 7. Load a CODEC pack on your Windows Media Center server. I prefer Shark007, but others may work with some tweaking. Get it here: http://shark007.net. Use Shark's recommended settings on both 32-bit and 64-bit CODECs, and says yes to the Live TV, Xbox 360 question. In addition under MKV, I choose to use Alternative Extender support. 8. If you have not already done so install Media Browser Classic on your Windows Media Center machine and make sure it launches. 9. Launch the Media Browser Classic Configuration program, and go to the extender+iso tab. Ensure that Enable Transcode 360 is UNCHECKED. Transcoding is bad, we do not want it! 10. While in the extender+iso tab under extender formats, ensure you put the media extensions you want to play natively, such as .MKV or .MP4 . Setting up your Xbox360: Here is where it got weird and this is key. It took me a while to figure these exact steps out. However, first, a little background: it’s a little known fact that Microsoft has released a new version of the Optional Media Update that will play MKVs and other media files natively. Originally Microsoft has had several versions of this program, but not all of them will play MKVs. This coincides with the update they have released for the Xbox ONE. However, the trick is getting the right version to download, which isn’t as obvious as you would think. From my experience, without having an Xbox LIVE membership it’s not possible to download the necessary update. In addition, I was NOT able to get the right version by downloading it manually (searching the app store). Like I said In order to get the proper version, it will be necessary to have an Xbox LIVE membership. As far as I can tell, the correct version is only available for XBOX Live members. If you are not already a member you will need to create an account and sign up for a membership. Note: The first month is free, so you can sign-up temporarily and cancel if you so desire once you get the update. The update should remain on the Xbox 360 even if you no longer have a membership. In order to get the correct update, perform the following steps: 1. If you do not already have an Xbox LIVE membership go to live.xbox.com and either create a new user, or setup an existing one that you will use on all your extenders with a subscription (this will unfortunately require a Credit Card). Note: You cannot just create an account. Simply, having an account will NOT be enough to download the correct Optional Media Update. 2. Now power on your Xbox 360 extender and navigate to the Xbox Dashboard. If your extender launches immediately to Windows Media Center, exit and go back to the Xbox Dashboard. 3. We first need to check to see if you have the older version of Optional Media Update first by going to Settings > System > Storage > Hard Drive > System Items. If it’s there delete it. If we do not remove it, the Xbox will not update the current version we have. 4. If you created a new account you will need to download the profile to your Xbox 360 Extender you just made from Xbox LIVE. Here is a link that explains how to do it: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/my-account/manage-gamertag-and-profile/download-your-xbox-live-profile-to-another-360-console 5. Once your profile is downloaded, ensure that you login to that profile by choosing it under the Social dashboard. You can also enable automatic login to this profile, by going to Settings > Profile > Sign-in Preferences > Profile Auto Sign-In > On which is preferable for a Windows Media Center extender. If you just added a subscription to an existing account, I found that I add to delete the profile on the Xbox, and download it again as described above to get it to recognize the new subscription. The key to this whole thing is to have an active connection to Xbox LIVE. If you don’t it won’t download the Optional Media Update that you need. 6. Now launch Windows Media Center on your Xbox 360. 7. In order to get the proper update, you’ll need to make sure that you have your movie or TV show media libraries available natively in Windows Media Center, WITHOUT using Media Browser Classic. Clicking on a movie or TV Show from the regular Windows Media Center interface, will allow the Xbox 360 to come up with a screen that will prompt you to download the new version of the Optional Media Update. For some reason if you use Media Browser Classic it will block the download from occurring even when though the screen comes up initially. However, the dialog box to download the update disappears. Using the regular Windows Media Center interface will allow you to do this. In addition DO NOT use Recorded TV, it will never prompt you because Windows Media Center sees these as native media files, which should be .WTV. The media file has to be an MKV or MP4 to have the Xbox 360 initiate a download for the Optional Media Update. 8. Reboot your Xbox 360 extender, and re-launch Windows Media Center. 9. Now go into Media Browser Classic, and navigate to your libraries. Choose your favorite movie or TV Show and enjoy direct playback without Media Browser transcoding them! Yay quality! You’ll also be able to tell if the program is being transcoded or direct played by going to the Media Browser dashboard. Under Server > Active Devices > hover your mouse on the device that is streaming and it will tell you if it is Direct Play or Transcoding the file. Note: You’ll need to do this on every Xbox 360 Extender you have. Hope this guide serves you guys and gals well. Enjoy!
  13. Hello all, Knowing my luck this is getting posted in the wrong place. I cant find help in any of the threads i looked in and searching didnt prove to be helpful. I am a new user and just downloaded media browser and media center master. From what I read it was recomended to download both. It seemed to not be working so I uninstalled MB and reinstalled it. The server works ok.in so much as I can access it online and add/delete folders. I do not however see it in windows media center. Ive been trying to download MB classic to see if that is what im missing but im told to installe from the program i want it in. i go to windows media center (vista 32) and WMC will freeze up and I need task manager to close it. I am very frustrated with this install. The images and reviews look really cool and i would love to have this to use. Im not very computer savy but i cant imagine an install to be this complicated. its gotta be me. please advise me what to do or what other info you may need. thank you.
  14. Why do my Genres work with my "Movies" folder, but not with my "TV Shows" folder? This was working perfectly for me with "MB2", but unfortunately I had to upgrade to "MB3" because my "MB2" software was corrupted. My setup is listed below: I use "Media Center Master" (MCM) to fetch my metadata, images, and subtitles for my Movies and for my TV Shows (so I have turned off all downloads for "MB3" in "Configure Media Browser"). I have added two media folders to my "Media Library" in MB3. My folder "M:\Movies" has the Folder type = "Movies". My other folder "T:\TV Shows" has the Folder type = "TV shows". These two folders are on two different mechanical hard drives (HDDs). I made my own custom Genre names, and I added my own choices for the Genre images. Each Genre name is in its own folder with the selected Genre image file named "folder.jpg". These Genre name folders are sub-folders under [C: > Users > PaulD > AppData > Roaming > MediaBrowser-Server > ImagesByName > Genre]. I use "MB3" as a plug-in for "Windows Media Center" (WMC). WMC correctly shows all 32 of my Genre names and images for my "Movies", as shown in my attached file "Movie Genres.pdf". Movie Genres.pdf But, WMC incorrectly shows only "GlowGaze.Com", "Sports", and "Thriller", as shown in my attached file "TV Show Genres.pdf". TV Show Genres.pdf MB3 correctly shows all 32 of my Genre images for my "Movies", as shown in my attached file "Movies Genres in Media Browser.pdf". Movies Genres in Media Browser.pdf But, MB3 incorrectly shows zero Genre images for my "TV Shows".
  15. I am new to this and I haven't been able to find something that seems to be very simple. Where can i get the extender code for windows media center? I am going to be using this with my xbox 360.
  16. AmericanCrisis

    MB3 in WMC Win8.1

    Posted this question to AVS and was referred here. I have a few noobie questions as I've just been introduced to MB3. As I am trying to get things touched up on Win8.1 WMC, in the meantime I have installed MB3 theater. Ideally, I would like to utilize WMC for all my media but I have ran into a few problems with MB3 classic via WMC. Everytime I replace an MKV file, WMC fails to play. What I mean by replace an MKV file is, I've ripped a few movies and discovered they were DD instead of DTS-HD. I deleted the DD file, re-ripped the BD with the DTS-HD, but now the new DTS-HD MKV rip doesn't play in WMC. With that said here are a few questions: For WMC MB3, does anyone use an external player? I added PowerDVD as an external player but when I play a movie it opens PowerDVD in desktop mode (doesn't seem seamless). I guess I could have it open PowerDVD maximized and one wouldn't really be able to tell that it is running in desktop mode. This does, however, make it so that I cannot just press the "back" button on my remote and get back to the MB3 menu. Unless I'm missing something. This question might not be totally unapplicable to MB3 but I'll post anyway. When I rip movies (I have done with DVDfab - mkv passthrough and makemkv) I'm assuming that these ripping processes will rip the movies in their native frame rates and resolution? When I play a BD with PowerDVD 13 Ultra, my Samsung TV adjusts its input and momentarily displays 1080p@60 then the screen goes black and immediately comes back with and momentarily displays 1080p@24. With ripped movies though, playing through MB3 or even PowerDVD the screen doesn't do this. So is the movie playing at 60hz then? Thanks for all the help I'm really new to the HTPC world and especially the ripping movie world.
  17. Hi! I do alot of tv recording and there seems to be a glitch when reading file info for tv recordings. I created a collection/folder that points to my Windows Media Center - "Recorded TV" folder. When browsing through the list, some of the info is incorrect like recording length, date and preview (screenshot). This seems to be random. For instance I recorded the attached file "MB3 - tv rec sample 5.png" last night and It has a screenshot and info but incorrect length. But when I open the file properties in windows explorer the correct info is there. Could it be that MB3 server is trying to read the info while Media Center is recording (writing to the file) and get's the incorrect data? I've tried (from web interface) the refresh button for one file and also for the parent folder with refresh child items checked but it does not fix the issue. It would be nice to see the air date and/or recording date and maybe have a sort option for that. Reg, Arni Thor
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