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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, Long time Emby User (old media browser days), Just spun up new windows 10 environment and moved my entire DB over and having issues with playback. Specifically, only playing smaller vts_XX files and note the entire structure. Not playing entire content of the VIDEO_TS directory at the root of a DVD. Same folders never had this before, any reason why this would be problem now? My other option is to covert 350 movies to HVEC h.265 thx Bw
  2. aspdend

    Music Videos - File Naming

    A quick question as I am a bit confused by Music Video file structures. I am sorting out my music videos on my server and I think I have it right in that the music videos are stored in a Music Video share on the UnRAID server as: Server/Music Videos/artist name/artist name - track name.ext Example Server/Music Videos/ABBA/ABBA - Dancing Queen.mp4 And all other ABBA videos are in the same folder. The Share is listed as a Music Video folder in Emby. However, what do I do for my music videos that are in *.VOB format? These are under a VIDEO_TS folder Do I put them Server/Music Videos/artist name/artist name - track name/VIDEO_TS/artist name - track name.vob or should I be doing something else instead? The Wiki is quite unhelpful for music videos - it just says it's the same as for movies...
  3. I've ripped some old cartoon series several years ago by extracting the videoTS folders straight from the DVDs but when I attempt to play them, I get unspecified errors (not timeout related) after about half way through the first episode of a multi episode videoTS folder. Later I found that it would start playing a different vob file or would play the vob file out of sequence which would cause playback to error out. About two years ago, I started transmuxing DVDs to MKVs for compatibility sake but i've been avoiding trying to do that with the videoTS folders as i have about 80-100 of those for a total of 5-8 cartoon series. Is a feature like this possible in the least?
  4. Hello. Movie playback does not start from the beginning and transport commands (skip forward, skip backwards) often do not work. For example, I can start movie playback and it may start ~10 minutes into the movie. If I try to skip backwards (to beginning) it will only go back to where the movie originally started (10 minutes in). Also, clicking on the movie progress bar (not sure what it is called) to adjust where I want to move to in the movie playback seems goofy. Does not appear to work or does not indicate actual position in the movie. Can not seem to get this figured out and not seeing similar issues when I search the forum. I have used Media Browser with Windows Media Center Edition for years and it has been great. Moved to Emby Theater and became supporter... My library consists of VOBs (all ripped using DVDFab Main Movie feature). This library method worked great for Media Browser but have been unable to get proper playback with Emby Theater. Anyone else with similar issues? Thanks Dan
  5. colonel512

    DVD VOB Playback Order

    I have been running media browser in general for about 3 years now and upgraded to media browser 3 maybe 4 months ago. Right now its running the latest version. Its an awesome product but something started happening this week that I haven't been able to find a solution for. I don't know if its server or client related. When playing DVD rips through the web client often the .VOB files are played in the wrong order. It always starts the movie in the right order but once the first file is done it seems to randomly pick a next file. Its weird to start watching only for it to jump to the credits after 10-15 minutes. This doesn't seem to happen when using the WMC Client. It only happens when using a browser both local and remote for playback. I haven't been able to verify if this is happening on all the DVD rips but what I have seen is that when it does play out of order for a movie it maintains that same order for that movie. If I play that movie in the WMC client it plays just fine. All the DVDs were ripped using DVDFab 9 using the main movie option. Origional format was maintained so both the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders are intact. On the server the movies are stored using the following format: /media1/Movies/Movie Title (YYYY)/VIDEO_TS/* --For DVD or /media1/Movies/Movie Title (YYYY)/Movie Title (YYYY).mkv --For blu-ray The root path of /media/Movies is was was added to the library. I have multiple /mediaX folders spanning different drives but all are in the same format. Everything was detected without any issues after the initial LONG scan and all metatdata updated. Again great product! If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Hi Folks, I am a long time Windows Media Centre user (since XPMC) and have been running Media Browser as a paid supporter (awesome product) since version 2.x.x. I have a massive collection (well over 1000 movies) stored on 16TB of network connected NAS, and 6TB of USB connected storage. I also run my Blu-Rays and 3d Blu-Ray ISO's from this network storage. I installed Media Browser 3 server (3.0.5061) and classic client last night on my Windows 7 64Bit dedicated lounge room MC. I run all my DVD images on my NAS servers and connecting using the recommended UNC paths. I rip my DVD's using DVD Shrink and AnyDVD HD for decryption. I store my normal DVD collection in VOB format to maintain chapters, etc. For example: 1. Kids DVDs\Man of Steel (2013)\files 2. Dads DVDs\Ted (2012)\files Note, I don't always add the year in brackets unless I have to because their is a duplicate name. I do not store the ripped VOBs in the VIDEO_TS subfolder, but directly under the name of the movie as above (ie, Moviename folder and year in brackets). I have setup my libraries under the new web interface of MB3 as I use to have them in MB2.6.2. Except I haven't seen an option to span the library across multiple folders. Eg: I use to merge one library across multiple folders which was an awesome feature in 2.6.2 and earlier. Problem - For some reason, my libraries are picked up, but the VOB files within are not. That means I click on the item, and it is as if the files are not recognised at all. Have I missed something in the installation and setup? I've refreshed the library, searched the support forums, moved the files under a VIDEO_TS sub-folder, but none of these things have allowed me to play a normal DVD the way I use to with version 2.6.2. I'm sure it is something I have overlooked. Please respond if you can help out. Cheers Paul
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