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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have 2 tv-shows in my library that somehow doesn't get metadata downloaded. If I go into Metadata Editor (both for the show, season and episode) I can see that Emby has the right ID for the show on thetvdb.com and IMDB, which both has at least some text descriping the specific episode. But the text doesn't get downloaded into Emby. The shows are named like "show name S01E01 episode name", but I have tried without episode name which didn't make any difference. The episodes are located in a folder named "Season 1" which in turn are located in a folder named "show name". I have tried to look at the log files, but as I don't know what to look for it is not easy. Does anyone has any idea on how I can fix this issue?
  2. If we have two (or more) files grouped for episode of tv show when we search subtitles(episode->tree dots->subtitle->search) emby search subtitles for last file. Desirable behavior is to search subtitle for selected file version in information page Server log, is looking for a version 4K.HDR.EXPLOIT but should be looking for FullHD.EVO 2021-07-12 18:30:06.870 Info App: Computed hash ccc19232911c15837a65feeea2366536 of /home/storage/remote/4K/Shows/Loki [tvdbid=362472]/Season 01/Loki.S01E05 - 4K.HDR.EXPLOIT.mkv for NapiSub
  3. I have this problem where the seasons themselves have correct meta data, while the episodes have some issues. For example In season 1, the episodes have correct metadata, but in season 2, the episodes have the same metadata of season 1 episodes. Im still new to this so my folder structure might be broken? Anime\Overlord\Season 2\Overlord II S02E01.mp4 Anime\Overlord\Season 3\Overlord III S03E01.mkv Anime being root folder Ive refreshed, scan lib files, deleted nfos and images, and refreshed, scan lib files again, but they still do that. Any help would be nice, Thanks in advance Images as example: Season 2 (I have no season 1 of overlord) Season 3
  4. Hello, One of my TV shows is defaulting to a non-English language track and I cannot seem to fix it. I have my languages set to English in the settings but it doesn’t seem to help. I refreshed the metadata and also set English in the TV show settings (even though it should have inherited that from the global language/location settings) and it hasn’t helped. Not to try to compare but for reference, I checked how Plex views the same files and it defaults to English. I’ve also had Emby rescan the files to see if it was a glitch. It is doing this in the web client as well as the Roku client. Could anyone please help me figure out what to do to fix this? We also use these files in a playlist and I cannot be changing over to English everytime it switches to the next show. Thanks so much in advance![/size]
  5. I'd really love some information on TV files on Emby Server and how I can edit the metadata. I am able to create nfo files using Emby for movies and then I am building a program to edit them simply and usefully. But I can't seem to find anywhere that nfo files are created for TV Shows. Does it happen? How does Kodi get the tag or genre information for them? And is there a way to get Kodi to notice that I have added more shows. If I go into them one at a time on my phone it notices them, one at a time. They have been there for 24 hours, it is never going to notice them unless I go to each show individually. Surely there must be something I can do on Emby Server to mark them as new? I am sorry, I hate posting in a forum and I really have searched for information. Emby for Kodi is very poorly documented. Sam.
  6. webnar

    TVShows season-01 numbering invalid

    Hi maybe someone know how to solve this issue. But since a update end last year i got some strange issues with the numbering of the season-01 of all TVShows. Season 1 always has the number of the total seasons there are. See the attached screenshots. I already reinstalled everything many times now. But iam not the only one who has the issue i know 2 more users with exactly the same issue.
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