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Found 5 results

  1. margotfamille

    Multimedia keys/features support

    Hi, I'm using Emby on Garuda Linux (based on Arch Linux) and there is an application called KDE CONNECT on mobile. This app can control your computer by using your finger as a mouse but also multimedia features like play or pause. It works well with native applications but I can't control Emby with it. Hence I'm asking if you could add this feature to Emby. Thank you for reading.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to implement a new feature for Emby server to use existing system users for authentication to the server (similar idea to a RADIUS server). For example I am a Synology user and it would be much neater if I can control the user access to Emby from the Synology control panel (for example based on who has access to the Emby app, if the user is active etc.). Access to individual libraries can be determined if a user has access to a given folder or maybe even keep the current server configuration, but be able to assign default libraries visible for all users of a given user group or something like that. Basically have the same functionality as the Synology Video Station app. Why is this feature needed: Currently when I am adding a new user to the system I need to manually go into the Emby server settings and create a user with the same name, give him access to specific libraries and so on. It would be much easier if i can just create a user of a given user group and that user is automatically added to the Emby users and has access to specific Emby libraries.
  3. Request: curl -X "POST" "http://localhost:8096/emby/System/Ping" Response: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2019 18:16:25 GMT Connection: close Content-Length: 11 Server: h2o-dev Access-Control-Allow-Headers: Accept, Accept-Language, Authorization, Cache-Control, Content-Disposition, Content-Encoding, Content-Language, Content-Length, Content-MD5, Content-Range, Content-Type, Date, Host, If-Match, If-Modified-Since, If-None-Match, If-Unmodified-Since, Origin, OriginToken, Pragma, Range, Slug, Transfer-Encoding, Want-Digest, X-MediaBrowser-Token, X-Emby-Token, X-Emby-Authorization Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, OPTIONS Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 Emby Server The response header Content-Type incorrectly defines the body type, text/plain. No biggie, just thought I'd send it
  4. Not sure whether this belongs in Theater or Plugins forum, but since it appears to be a flaw with Theater itself, I'm placing it here. I'm unable to select a "System" type in the external player menu to enable games playback. The issue appears to be identical to the one encountered here: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/38265-game-systems-not-working/ I've configured the Gamebrowser server plug-in according to the tutorial and have used it properly on this system in the past. I have two different Windows 10 PCs - my desktop and my HTPC, both running Emby Theater. Both PCs are using the same Emby access account, and this account has permissions to access the "Games" folder on the Emby Server. On the desktop, if I follow the steps to add an external player, things work fine. I select Media Type "Game," input my player path, and choose my game system, flags, etc. On the HTPC, the "Game System" field doesn't populate - it is blank, and clicking in the box simply brings up a full screen display with the words "Game System:" In other words, there is no pulldown menu listing the systems that are setup on the server. I recently had to reinstall and clear the configs on the HTPC, but I'm unable to figure out any configuration setting that would be different here. I know there's an ability to generate MPV logs, but I don't know how to output a log for the theater front-end itself. If you need one to assist on this issue, please let me know how and I'll be happy to provide. I've attached the server log - the HTPC's IP is Alternately, if the external player setup produces e.g. a standalone xml or config file, I'd be happy to create it on the desktop and drop it into the appropriate folder on the HTPC, but I can't seem to locate any such item. Any assistance would be appreciated!
  5. Karlsson

    How do I run Emby as user?

    As standard Emby runs as System, which I think is way too risky. How do I make it run as a user?
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