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  1. nRafinia

    New Plugin - Subscene subtitle

    Hi, I created the subtitle plugin for Subscene. Please install and let me know if there is a problem --> The problem with Subscene is resolved, Please download the latest version <-- Source Code: https://github.com/nRafinia/Emby.Subtitle.Subscene Binary: https://github.com/nRafinia/Emby.Subtitle.Subscene/releases/latest
  2. 在今年五月份的时候,搭建好了 sonarr raddarr emby ,总体来说很棒。但是困扰我的是字幕的获取问题。新一些的剧集就很难比较快的得到中文字幕。 In May of this year, Sonarr Raddarr Emby was built, and overall it was great.But what bothers me is the problem of getting subtitles.Newer episodes have a hard time getting Chinese subtitles quickly. 于是我开发了一款自动下载字幕的下载工具 So I developed a download tool that automatically downloads subtitles docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/allanpk716/chinesesubfinder github: https://github.com/allanpk716/ChineseSubFinder 有别于其他的中文字幕下载工具,本工具依赖于 IMDB ID 工作,并且需要进行基本的削刮后才能使用。也就是文件名需要规范。 Unlike oth
  3. I would love the ability to increase the size of subtitles on the different platforms, specially android, chrome and roku... One additional thing that would be great would be the ability to change font color, outline, drop shadow, font background... Thank you
  4. Hello all. I've recently found that all of my Google TV clients (new Chromecast) do not display subtitles. Movie subtitles will show up provided they are already there, but never TV shows. I can download show subs through the app, and even hash matched subs won't show up after being downloaded. If I play the same episode on my android phone, PC, or firestick however, the subtitles will show.
  5. After investigating my lack of subtitles, I found that my opensubtitles free account no longer existed. I registered a new one with the same email address and verified it. I can now login to the website and search for subtitles there. However, updating the login credentials in the plugin still fails to produce subtitles. My embyserver log shows an HTTP error 520. Is anyone else getting this? Looks like either they've blackballed the API used by Emby or the plugin needs an update. Operating system: Linux version 5.4.0-80-generic (buildd@lcy01-amd64-030) (gcc ver
  6. trizze

    emby doesn't show subtitles

    Hi. Anyone who knows why the subtitle doesn't appear with Emby. If I watch a movie with vlc media player or windows media player then I can get the subtitle of the movie. The movie file is a mkv file. Undertext TitleSwedish (Default Forced ASS) SpråkSwedish KodningsformatASS FörvalYes TvingadeYes ExternaNo mkv file
  7. David9Points

    Subtitles not downloading on MacOS

    Hello, Although scheduled to run each night. The process to download any new subtitles is set to run, and does. However, it doesn't download all the subtitles, in fact it fails with the following message: ffmpeg subtitle extraction failed for file:"/Users/David/emby-server/cache/temp/23f0ce6d-0784-4cf4-afe8-dc84a7fd885f.txt" to /Users/David/emby-server/cache/subtitles I have noticed a number of the TV Show's I have on my NAS (That is connected to Emby) doesn't have subtitles. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks
  8. Hi, I want to download a video from my server (for offline viewing) that has external subtitles (srt). From my web browser, I navigate to the video, go to "...More" > Download. Video file is downloaded just fine. However I cannot find anywhere how to download the srt subtitles from the server. Am I missing something here or is not really possible?
  9. and no i doubt its the subtitle itself since it appears perfectly sized in other players
  10. Hi thanks for your nice apps. android app have problem with Persian subtitle. this font is bad and some alphabets doesn't show correctly (like what you see in the attached photo) we have bad font in the web and TV too. but they can show all alphabets Please change this fonts, I suggest to use "B Koodak" font for Persian subtitles as default. it's most popular font for subtitles in the Persian.
  11. Juubeii

    Subtitles folder

    Hi, I switched from Plex to Emby recently and I have one issue. With Plex I was using Subzero and Bazarr for getting my subtitles and both were downloading them in a folder named 'subtitles' in the same location of my video files. And Plex detected them but Emby doesn't. Anyone knows if emby has an option for that? I really dont want my subtitles file in the same folder than my video file and neither in my server's metadata folder. Thank you.
  12. Hi! I like the auto subtitle download feature, but I do not want to use it for all shows/movies. I watch media in Hungarian language if possible, or with Hu subtitle if not. Many times the audio track is not marked as Hu, or the subtitle filename does not end with .hu, but it is still there. I understand it cannot be watched automatically if it is not marked properly, but it would be helpful if I could mark a TV show/movie to be excluded from auto subtitle search and download.
  13. Hi, can we have the fabulous shadows as option for subtitles in this magnific app, too? I prefer the yellow subtitle style and in the case of a bright or white background it's a little bit hard to read. The shadows would be generate are small dark frame around every single letter to improve the readability. So would it be possible to avoid a full background for the sub and get a better readability at the same time. Thx for consideration.
  14. Sry, Maybe post wrong place, but I can't delete this by myself, I'll post this to emby server/general/windows From Emby web client From potplayer From VLC player you can see the subtitle in Emby web client is very very small. the setting to change the font size in Emby web client is not useful cause the font size is written in the ass file. this one's size is 60. If needed, I can provide this .ass file.
  15. Quick question that might have a quick response. After setting up a new server, I noticed that whenever I run the "download subtitles" task it always takes over 2 hours. I thought it was normal at first since it was starting from scratch. But it's been a month and it's still taking just as long. When I opened up the log, I did notice a few errors, but I'm completely unfamiliar with it, so I do need some help deciphering it please. I believe the log includes the two times I ran it today. I'm pretty sure this question will come up, but I did sign into my Open Subtitles account (Free ac
  16. norbo80

    Subtitle error

    Hi, i would like to run Emby for windows, I installed it and configured, but Emby don't download the subtitles. In log i can find an error: Method not found: 'MediaBrowser.Model.Globalization.CultureDto MediaBrowser.Model.Globalization.ILocalizationManager.FindLanguageInfo(System.String)' thank you for any help log.txt
  17. Hello! It would be very nice if I could make Emby cache the Subtitles from MKV files when added! Also - As a bonus, maybe some way to activate it for already added media - Sometimes it takes a little while, so it would be nice if I could do it manually a litle while before I would like to see the Movie. Is there any possibility this could be added? Or would it be hard to make? Best Regards Jonatan
  18. I'm ready to wipe this program and re-install, but really don't want to set everything up again. A month ago the only issues I had with this program were TV show episodes not going to the next one at random intervals. This problem has been systematically getting worse.and started with movies. Until Thursday or Friday, it wasn't affecting TV shows at all. Movies started pausing or skipping if the embedded subtitles were used. Often they would finally work with repeated tries. Now, unless subtitles are off or srt files are used, movies won't play. In general, I don't mind srt subtitles b
  19. I have been trying to figure out how to configure my Emby server/clients to do things the way I want them to. One thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to get Anime subtitles to play properly on all my devices. When I occasionally use Chrome or the Android client, which play my subtitles just fine, graphically and positioned on the screen appropriately. However my main method of playback is on my Roku TVs. Roku TVs by default appear to extract subtitles from my video files and display them using closed captioning. This is a much less visually appealing way of providing subtitles.
  20. I would suggest to add the possibility to filter the library by languages, i.e. - Allow to filter for the audio and/or subtitle language. Regards Max ( Request taken from a former github issue: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/issues/1782#event-982356301 )
  21. Hi guys, I can't turn off subtitles in the Emby App. It says "No subtitles" in the settings and I can select "Off" in the Subtitles while playing a movie but subtitles will not disappear. I tried to reinstall the app (1.09), didn't help. If I stream the same movie from the Web App to the same TV, then I can turn off subtitles in the TV settings (maybe I could say WebOS based settings) but I would like to use the app on the TV only. Do you have any idea? Thanks, Marci
  22. Hello, I'm on Debian 9.8 on server side, running the latest beta, but this issue is there since I upgraded to Emby 4.0. (was working fine with Emby 3.5.2/3.5.3). Tried with: - emby-server-deb_4.0.0.2_amd64.deb - emby-server-deb_4.0.1.0_amd64.deb - emby-server-deb_4.0.2.0_amd64.deb - emby-server-deb_4.1.0.10_amd64.deb - emby-server-deb_4.1.0.12_amd64.deb When playing MKV files with ASS Subtitles, tested on Firefox and Chrome (HTML5 playback), subtitles are not showing. I checked server logs, and found that ASS track is encoded/demuxed via ffmpeg: ./embyserver.txt:1029:2019-03-
  23. GoofyCDN

    Subtitle Location not changing

    I have set up my Emby server a while ago, but haven't really used it much. I have been running Plex for years, but am experimenting with switching to Emby. There are a number of things I like about each. With all that said I have one issue that i can't seem to get to work properly. I have a number of movies and shows that are missing subtitles. I like the fact with Emby I can go and to each individually if needed and click download to search OpenSubtitles. I have done this but every time I do the subtitles go into the metadata location at /var/lib/emby. I have the box checked to sa
  24. hello everyone can somebody guide me how to add a custom font to make my emby use it for subtitles, I already have the font file and it's works like a charm in another media player but I really liked empy and I don't want to use any other platform. best regards
  25. hopykito

    Black screen on specific files

    Hi Guys ! TV : LG Smart TV (OLED55B8PLA) - Software : 05.10.50 Emby Server version: Operating system: Unix I have some strange crash when i play specific files only in my LG TV This files is : Anime with subtitle VOSTFR Stream is ok with Android phone and with computer But why i have only the problem with LG (i think the problem is subtitle) In my tv LG i have this scenario : Start 2s show and black screen and start again and black screen ... i have this message error (in french) : "Aucun flux compatible n'est actuellement disponible." Logs and v
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