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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, After previously working through some issues with Genre Cleaner re: movie genres, I've since moved onto polishing up my music library. For whatever reason, a handful (maybe 40-50) songs/albums showed up under a genre category which did not appear on the actual file's "details" genre properties within Windows Explorer. Some of these categories remained even after running Genre Cleaner. Nevertheless, I've gone through the process of manually editing the individual albums/files to achieve the desired results. This effort has generated a broader question for MBS: How do I lock a specific metadata category within an entire folder (music album, music genre, entire music folder, etc) to prevent future alterations via library refresh/internet downloaders for metadata? For example, as described in the first paragraph, I would like to "lock" the music genre category for all of my existing music, particularly before I attempt to download any of the additional missing metadata (ex: artist images). I've spent over a decade trying to classify my music into genres for playlist listening purposes and I'd hate to have all of that work washed away with one simple refresh of the music library. From what I can tell, it appears that locking a folder for a specific metadata category does not appear to lock the same metadata category for that folder's subfolders. For instance, if I have a music album folder with 10 songs within it, toggling the album's "genre" category to lock will NOT then result in the album's individual songs being locked for "genre." This premise is similar for TV shows and their seasons, or the seasons and individual episodes, and so on and so forth. Sorry for the long explanation, I just wanted to make sure I'm not entirely missing the boat here in case there is such a setting that I've overlooked. If not, I think this would be a huge request for a "wish list." Please advise. Thanks!
  2. Hi there, please add an Option to ignore a Subfolder in Emby (for example in Picture Library). Use of an .ignore File inside the Subfolder is not always usable because this hits other Applications too. Thanks and best regards Brudertac
  3. Hello, I’ve searched the Emby forums and have found very similar postings but without the clear answer I am searching for. My TV library stores each episode into a separate season sub-folder. So my library folder structure is similar to what is shown below. The parent series folder (Star Trek) has no actual episode files directly in it. Instead, the season sub-folders (Season 1) contains the individual episodes. When Emby goes to work on scanning the library: nfo files (i.e. tvshow.nfo) and image files are populated within the season sub-folders (Season 1). There are no nfo or image files in the parent series folder (Star Trek). As a result, Emby does not display the series folder art work for the series (Star Trek). ☹ As an experiment and to prove my theory: I manually copied a single episode from one of the season folders into the parent series folder and rescanned. Bingo, I got folder art work. So either I’m missing an important setting/configuration or Emby doesn’t support folder artwork for series and season sub-folders. I’m hoping someone can point out the missing configuration or tell me “No, your out of luck” so that I can stop spinning my wheels. TV Library ....Star Trek The Next Generation .......Season 1 .......Season 2 ......etc.. ....Star Trek .......Season 1 .......Season 2 ......etc.. As Always Thank you in advance, Julie
  4. Okay, so I have a folder called Videos, and inside Videos I have a LOT of folders. I want to add Videos to a library in Emby, and have the subfolders be separated from each other, so I don't get all the videos mixed up. Is there a way to do that without making a new library for every single subfolder?
  5. matt.dyck.music

    Not finding or playing media

    Hi, I'm new to Emby and not too advanced with ubuntu. Anyway, I installed the emby server and got it up and running, but I can't seem to add media to it. When I go to "Libraries" from the dashboard, I am able to add my music folder "home/matt/Music" and in the web app or other device apps it will show only the music within that specific directory, but not the subfolders. I have my folders organized into artist and album and would prefer to not have them as a jumbled mess in one folder. Additionally, any of the music that does show up from that main folder simply won't play. I click the play button for the song and it just shows the timestamp for the song at 0:00. I'd just like to know what I have to do to sort this part out. Once I at least get that part down, I'd also like to figure out how to allow emby to access my external harddrive (which I have set up to automatically mount at startup). When I try to add the folder "mnt/Media" it says "...please ensure the path is valid...". I would really like this to work, I just don't feel like putting hours and hours of troubleshooting into it unless I can succeed. And at this point I've already spent hours trying to get it set up. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  6. Like the title explains, i wish we could create categories/subfolders (not a real path) under the mediafolders in the library manager. Why? To have a clean and simple starting view (overview). I know there is a folder view, but that is not the same. Also there are no items for recently added, genre, last played... With categories/virtual subfolders you could create something like this: Movies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> All latest added movies - Kids Movies ------------------> Latest added movies by subcategory -> Genre of All movies - Classic Movies -> Genre by subcategory -> People of All movies - Hitchcock Movies -> People by subcategory -> ... - Adult Movies -> ... - Modern Movies Series - TV Shows - Documentarys - Anime Audio - Music (Artists/Bands) - Soundtracks - Audiobooks
  7. Let me start by saying I'm not at home, so I can't provide screen shots right now. I'm running Emby beta 3.1.159. I have a HomeVideo/Photo library named PicsVids. The folder structure is: Library PicsVids Folder Year 1 Folder Event 1 Folder Event 2 ...... Folder Year 2 Folder Event 1 Folder Event 2 ...... Folder Year 3 Folder Event 1 Folder Event 2 ...... Folder Year 4 Folder Event 1 Folder Event 2 ...... Inside each year, there are subfolders for different events (Christmas, Halloween, a concert, etc.), and some of the years also have miscellaneous pictures & videos that don't fit into any particular event. Here's the issue: if any folder has only 1 video in it (but multiple pictures and subfolders), clicking on that folder just opens that video's details page. For example: If Year 2 Event 2 has 1 video and 20 pictures, when I click on the Year 2 Event 2 folder it only goes to that video's details page. Or if Year 4 has 1 video, 30 pictures, and 10 event subfolders, when I click on the Year 4 folder it just opens the details page for that 1 video... none of the other content in that folder is reachable. If there are no videos or multiple videos in a folder, then that folder opens as you would expect to show the next level.
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