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Found 9 results

  1. Feature Request. A present I have several user accounts setup for family members. When we sit down together to watch a movie we currently log into one account (Mostly mine), so obviously only this account gets the watched status. What happens then is everyone uses my account because there's isn't up-to date and it's "just easier". This results in my account telling me I've watched something when I haven't... I would like the ability to log into my account and select/deselect which other users are present so that when a movie/TV episode is watched together, their watched statuses ar
  2. qazwsx10

    Export Watched Dates

    This may be a straightforward question, but is there a way to export all of the watch dates for each media by user (definitely movies, but TV shows would be nice as well)? If I remember correctly there was a database we could manipulate.
  3. Hey there, ... my EMBY Server does not come back online. It switches the PID constantly around every 1 second. ( This console output was made in less then 10 seconds ) root@emby:~# sudo service emby-server status emby-server start/running, process 31478 root@emby:~# sudo service emby-server status emby-server start/running, process 31537 root@emby:~# sudo service emby-server status emby-server start/running, process 31537 root@emby:~# sudo service emby-server status emby-server start/running, process 31602 root@emby:~# sudo service emby-server status emby-server start/running, pro
  4. Is it possible to make Eventghost log an event for Emby? Like "Movie is playing on (HTPC)" or "User" is active? I know some 3rd party plugins use emby API keys to watch for playback events. How can i make EventGhost log these? (server address,serverport, devicetowatch, apikey) This would make it possible to make commands like: - When "Started playback on (HTPC)" is triggered, set volume, dim lights etc --------------------------------- EDITED & ADDED --------------------------------- The best would be if the plugin could support IFTTT Maker Channel also. Then
  5. mmesnjak

    Emby - Kodi watched status sync

    Hi, I just installed Emby plugin in my Kodi (OpenELEC v6 beta) and watched couple of episodes of a tv series using direct play (local network) - I'm a happy camper since it all worked out of the box. But one thing bugs me... These two episodes were marked as watched on Emby server right after doing so (even synced to trakt.tv since I've setup trakt plugin, also) but in the Kodi interface they stayed marked as "unwatched" until I restarted Kodi (which I normally don't do since I put the HP G1 260 into sleep and do not power off usually). Can this be somehow set so that Emby server wa
  6. I got caught out yesterday planning to watch something which showed up on my system on the Samsung and Roku clients (under series view). Turned out the show was missing but there was no obvious/immediate visual cue that the missing show was different to a present show. I am aware that there is an option to turn off missing from views but it does have its uses too. Clients do not currently have a standard for visually cueing missing (Roku and Samsung) This feature request is that the project introduces a standard for missing cues We currently have a green circle and a tick for
  7. I am a user of MB Classic with the chocolate theme and would like to know if there is a way to display if each TV show is still running or has ended
  8. RedStripe

    Scan Library progress bar

    The progress bar for "Scan Library" on the Media Library Page(Library.html) does not work (i.e., no feed back).
  9. Blue Kachina

    Watched Status Not Updating

    Hey all; I seem to be running into the same problem that various other users have encountered, and have not yet found a fix for it. I'm using the following: Server Version: 3.0.5188.21314 MediaBrowser Classic Version: 3-14.1 MPC-HC Version: 1.7.3 (cb22afa) MPC-HC is configured as my external player for everything except "Unknown" content. When I set up MPC-HC as my external player, I used "MPC-HC" as the External Player Type, and I even hit the Configure my player button at the bottom. This then modified my registry, and I had to provide admin access for it to
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