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Found 4 results

  1. Long time Emby user. Server was always on HTPC/NAS. Used both MC and Theater as my front end. I've ditched the HTPC, and now I'm have 2 shields for my 2 primary rooms. I installed the server on the shield pro and added a movie folder on the NAS. I can't play any media, either on the shields, browser, xbox-one...it hangs and I get "too may errors" or something about streams. The logs are filled with ffmpeg transcode and remux, although the shields should play these directly. So I'm not sure what setting I have wrong. Regardless of the transcoding, still no joy. Thanks in advance! NitDawg
  2. Anyone here with a 2019 Shield connected to a Dolby Vision capable TV that works? I have just bought a 2019 Shield Pro, but when I enable the Dolby Vision HDR mode, I lose the picture on my LG C7 TV. The only way I have worked out how to get the picture back, is to Factory Reset the Shield, although I have since found there may be another way that might work. This is not an Emby issue, just asking for any input. Thanks.
  3. Not quite sure if this is an app issue or a Shield settings issue or anyone else has experienced this as well. Every time I try to play a video, once you hit the play button, you get a black screen (with the loading spinner logo) while it loads. Compared to a background movie wallpaper/poster while loading in my Roku Ultra. Also when you stop the playback by pressing the back button, you see the same black screen for 2-3 seconds before it goes back to the menu screen. Sometimes, I get the menu screen for a split second or so on hitting the back button, before it goes black and finally loads the screen after few seconds. I noticed this behavior in Plex as well and both works just fine in Roku without any black screens. I am curious, if there is any setting that causing this behavior in shield. Once you play around with this video few times, (going back 'n forth between screens several times) finally it displays the menu without the delay when stopping the video. Maybe it's a caching issue? Still there is no background poster while the video loads initially and you get to stare at the black screen every single time. I have a wired LAN for both Roku and Shield. So it can't be my network causing this delay.
  4. I'm running Emby Server on a 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro. I'm trying to watch on an LG TV connected to the HDMI output of the Shield. When I try to play a video with a 5MB/sec bitrate the video stalls about 30 minutes in. Looking at the dashboard over the web UI it shows that the video it transcoding because .mkv is an "incompatible container". Transcoding the video with ffmpeg (on the linux media file store machine) using ffmpeg -i <filename> -codec copy <filename.mp4> and then rescanning the entire movies library I attempted to play the .mp4 version. That also stalled within a minute or two of "resuming". Again looking at the dashboard over the web UI it shows that video is also attempting to transcode on the fly. Looking at the Emby Client "Playback Settings" on the shield and turning the "Streaming Bandwidth" down to 3MB/sec has no effect on the problem. What is the maximum bandwidth Emby Server on an NVIDIA Shield can play through the HDMI output, and is it necessary to re-encode all of the videos in the library (roughly 6TB) at or below that bitrate in order to use Emby Server on the Shield? embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-34cf853d-de26-4967-a2ce-c6b9a472e1ac_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-499b73b7-2fb4-4312-9b1d-d49659f7a37b_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-559c15c4-ca1b-42a9-9ca8-614ae67ff117_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-7449dc73-6162-462b-b328-33c38057b455_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-301022b8-d0aa-418e-b692-efdee44bfd2c_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-953166a6-817e-4a50-af9f-16eade38bdd7_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-a0ede76b-340a-4577-8c83-69211d5e9117_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-db07d03a-66fb-4570-80ff-ce6c24a7145f_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-fe1f8007-a874-4246-acba-0e53874e4df7_1.txt
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