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  1. agood

    Emby Server Service

    The emby server service does not work. Tried multiple times according to the bbook with NSSM (the sucking service). Whenever I restart the PC Emby Server DOES NOT start....any solutions? No guess work please...
  2. Hello, I'm starting Emby as a Service (NSSM) on my NAS and noticed it isn't using hardwaretranscoding since version 4. Starting Emby as normal user (RDP session) it uses hardwaretranscoding with intel quicksync. I guess Emby isn't detecting the hardware, because of no connected display, or something? I attached the hardware detect logfiles. P.S.: Thanks a lot for Emby. I really love it! emby_user_HD.txt emby_service_HD.txt
  3. EduardoSantos

    Install Emby as a service

    Followed the guide on https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/50992-how-to-run-emby-server-as-a-windows-service/ and it took me 30 minutes to figure out the reason why Emby service would not start. Message on service initialization was "The system cannot find the file specified". The machine is 64bit but the guide only mentions the System32 path. Though this is really, really obvious and plain simple, I thought Emby should be started by 32 bit NSSM. I would suggest editing the guide just to prevent others from stucking on the same silly issue.
  4. Spotta

    Service won't start

    Hi I was experimenting with using a SSL Cert with Emby this morning, I changed the public https port in server manager and now my Emby will not start, attached are the Emby logs from when this happened, in my Event viewer I can see the following The description for Event ID 7024 from source Service Control Manager cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer. If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to
  5. LurchZA Service

    I did see the topic about updates failing, but it does not really relate to what I am experiencing. I run Emby as a service on Windows 7 x64. I got prompted this morning to update manually from 3.2.36 to 3.2.60. Stopped the service and ran from the website. After rebooting the machine I was unable to start the service, and also noticed that the system tray icon was not there, but, the server is up and running (it is showing in my task manager running under SYSTEM). Anybody else experiencing this? Logs attached. server-63649609145.txt server-63649609212.txt server-63649
  6. GuruBaron

    Missing Emby Service

    This morning a friend of mine wanted Emby on his Windows 10/64-bit home system. So I download Emby Server Stable and install without problem. But there is no Emby service. It works in application mode just fine. I have done this a dozen or more times in the past on other computers, always with a service installed automatically. This is brand new HP system, only finished windows updates and antivirus, 12G memory. Have tried re-downloading & re-installing Emby Server, turning on and off the Emby "Run server at startup" option and multiple reboots. Still no Emby service. Any help
  7. Hi, I am trying to migrate from Media Browser 2 to the new client/server configuration using server 3.0.5607.2 and Emby Classic. I have been able to get it to work on my local network so long as it is running. But it won't run as a service automatically. I have it configured to automatically start (both delayed and not) and to run as a local system service. When I check it after logging in the service is not running, even though it is set to automatic. I still have to start it manually. I have the option to start automatically in the server localhost configurator unchecked. I
  8. Guest

    Stop autostart of server

    Hi there, I went through the service scripts for the emby-server service, both on the systemd and the /etc/init side, but I haven't found any option where to disable the emby-server service completely, because I want to start my own emby-server instance manually without any need for a service. Other services have an "FOO_ENABLE=0" or something similar in an /etc/service.conf file, is there such an option for emby? Thank you
  9. Restarted Emby service because of issues described in these threads: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/46733-active-recordings-outside-of-record-window/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/46663-live-tv-broke-less-than-24-hours-after-update/ Picture of error included in ZIP. Replicate: 1. run Emby as services. 2. Open Windows Services window, find emby server, click on "restart" 3. Progress bar goes half way then stops, error pops up after timeout If these logs are insufficient, more logs are available on the above links. The logs only catch
  10. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby/issues/2574 When I install `emby-server`, `emby-server-beta`, or `emby-server-dev` under Ubuntu 16.10 using `deb http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/emby/xUbuntu_16.10/ /`, I get the following error when starting the service: Apr 10 12:36:41 media-server emby-server[15531]: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'NLog.Common.InternalLogger' threw an exception. ---> System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Error Initializing the configuration system. ---> System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsExcept
  11. Some observations that should be fixed. I have Emby Server installed as a Windows Service: -When updating Emby Server, setup automatically starts the Emby Server application (try icon) instead of the Windows service. If it is installed as a service, it should trigger the service to start instead. -In the Emby Server web UI, I only see a "Shutdown" button and no "Restart" button. A restart button to call on the service to restart would be very nice so all admins can restart Emby Server if there is problems. Presently, only I (server administrator) can get into the Windows services pan
  12. I apologize a head of time, there have been Window's patches, unRAID version changes, and Emby updates, system restarts so I don't know when these errors started occuring. My movies and music are setup on a separate unRAID server and the shares are setup so that Public can see them. The only users setup on the server are root, test, and mymovies user. I'm running Emby 3.1.2, installed as my main user, on a Windows 10 Home box that is patched at currently levels. Emby is normally setup to run as a service, with it setup to logon as "local system". I've got it setup on a Delayed Star
  13. ytzelf

    Double emby process

    Hello everyone, I seem to have 2 emby processes running, one is running as root (dont want) with the correct MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU and MONO_GC_PARAMS arguments, and one running as emby user (all good) without these arguments. ps auxZ | grep emby root 784 0.0 0.0 46360 3224 ? Ss 12:59 0:00 su -s /bin/sh -c exec "$0" "$@" emby -- env MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU=250 MONO_GC_PARAMS=nursery-size=128m /usr/bin/mono-sgen --optimize=all /usr/lib/emby-server/bin/MediaBrowser.Server.Mono.exe -programdata /var/lib/emby-server -ffmpeg /usr/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /usr/bin/ffprobe -resta
  14. ubelong2matt

    Pulseway + Emby Server Service Monitoring

    I have been using Pulseway for all of my servers and my computers for a while. If you're familiar with it then check it out as it's a very good program for monitoring and manipulating your computers/servers from anywhere. It has the ability to monitor services such as SSH, FTP, etc. The issue is that I'm not terribly strong with Linux (Ubuntu Server 14.04) and knowing boot types and all that jive is something I've read about but I'm not easily able to identify based on service information. Here's the sample config file that they provide for Linux. The specific section is regarding service
  15. Would like to try out MediaBrowser server and compare to Plex Media Server, My requirement is that it should run in a non-admin user account,. On Plex I use an admin Account to install but run the service in a non-admin account I have not been able to see how i can make that distinction between install and run for MediaBrowser. From what I have read it appears the service needs to run in an admin account. I did search the forum and read a number of topics and have not been able to find one that showed I could achieve what I want to do Thanks
  16. Hii all Because the update process for the emby server (while it's running as a service) can be a bit annoying, so i made an application with a python script. It works no matter where it's located. You just have to unzip the *.zip file in the attachement. After that, in the unzipped folder run the "emby_update_v2.exe" as administrator. The application can be used with diffrent commandline arguments: /beta - Start normal with updating beta server, while its running as a service /dev - Start normal with updating dev server, while its running as a service
  17. Karlsson

    How do I run Emby as user?

    As standard Emby runs as System, which I think is way too risky. How do I make it run as a user?
  18. I have recently done an in place upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Emby Version 3.0.5675.1 was running as a service. After login when the upgrade completed I now no longer have the MediaBrowser listed under services.msc. Has anybody else encountered this? Anybody know how to get it back? I can obviously just reinstall Emby, but just wondering if there are other options.
  19. I just finished building my server and getting storage pools setup, etc... Now I would like to get Emby setup the way I want and I am not sure the best way to go about it. First, a little about my setup and desired use case: My server is also going to serve as my main HTPC connected to the TV in my living room. I will be running emby server and emby classic on WMC. I will have movies, ripped TV discs (no live TV or DVR), photos, and games (for now only emulators, but potentially windows/steam games later). The server is going to run 24/7 serving up my emby server within the house as w
  20. Hey there so I decided I would get Media Browser not too long ago and so far it has been great when I can get WMC to work. The problem I am having right now seems simple to fix but so far it has resulted in me wasting over 3 or 4 hours to try and get the server to start on PC startup w/o logging in. Apparently this is difficult to accomplish and I really cannot understand why. I have disabled the startup on the dashboard and I don't have any startup tasks in task scheduler for the application or service turned on so I am stumped. Currently I have the service set to Automatic and I als
  21. Hi There, Until yesterday I started MB3 server as a application with administrator rights without problems in the webclient . Yesterday and today I tried to start MB3 as a automatic startup windows service. It started up automatically as planned but both times when opening the webclient I got some errors reporting about not able to update application and plugins and about not able to connect to the external mediaserver (look at the printscreens and server logfile). BTW what a fantastic application. With regards Rienk Kuipers Netherlands MB started as windows ser
  22. I was running version 3.0.5347.22095 of the server installed as a service. I saw the notice and downloaded the latest beta 3.0.5362.41507. I stopped the server service, ran the setup.exe. Saw it said it was installing the new version 3.0.5362.41507. Waited for it to launch the browser and server app. Then exited the server app and restarted the media browser service. Problem is when I log into the server web console it says I'm still on the old 3.0.5347.22095 version. I'm new to MB, so did I do the upgrade for when running mediabrowser as a service incorrectly? Thanks.
  23. Hey guys, I run MB3 server on my home server with WHS2011, and was wondering what the proper way of automatically starting it up as a service? For now, the only way I've gotten it to work is to enter "services.msc", and start it myself. I thought I set up the service to start automatically, but that doesn't happen. Which means I still need to log into a session to get it started, which is what I'd been doing using the tray icon anyway. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help, CFC
  24. With the default settings in MB Classic/MB Server I'm often interrupted to update either the server or the client and/or to perform restarts. I have MB Server running as a service. I would like to know: is it possible to fully automate all updates to occur at a scheduled time (like 3AM), that requires no day to day intervention? If not, how do I disable the existing semi-automatic updating and then manually update?
  25. Just noticed after trying out MB3 Server as a service for a few days, there is nowhere to restart from in the webclient (like for an upgrade). I'm not sure if it's just not possible to do that when it's a service, but if it is, it would be really handy.
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