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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I manually installed Emby 4.5.4 on a clean Terramaster F2-210 NAS environment and everything went fine so far. Today I found on my TOS that there's an update for my Emby Server App so here are two questions for you: why TOS is reporting Emby Server as even if I manually installed versione since no newer version of Emby should be released, am I supposed to run this update? Thank you!!
  2. Sorry guys... I posted this under Emby Classic mistakenly... it is a server issue... opps Hello.. I have recently upgrade to the latest server against my better judgement. The upgrade went fine without major drama... however, it created a miss afterwards, and I believe it can be avoided with better planning. So, i have my movies sorted by Date Added using Created Date. this worked fine for many years. After the last upgrade... all my movies carry the date i upgraded (20 of Feb) as the date that all my over 7000 movies added... (basically, leaves date added completely useless). I remember i had similar issue years ago, and the server changes the behavior of Date Added from Date Created, into Something else the guy who writes the code chooses. So, I went to the library setting, and changed that behavior. (if you are upgrading, keep that in mind.. i don't know how to flip this before you start the server??) Nothing changed yet on the metadata of all the movies even after a scan... Question... Can I fix this, or do I have to re-install my Disk Image from last month??? p.s. This would not be an issue if the upgrade process looked up the Date Added preference on the old setup, and maintained it instead of changing it... otherwise, let us not call it an upgrade, and call it a fresh install...
  3. Hello, It has been 5 days since my upgrade to the latest server version, which required me to upgrade to beta Emby classic verson. 3.0.317.0. Server log is attached here.. (i am not sure if their is client log as well someplace) I am running windows 7 on both. Problem is as follows: When you start Emby classic it connects quickly, and stays on the first tab showing no images... when I move to different tab (like TV shows), it will come to life after few minutes with imags, but when you open tab, it shows nothing. when you go back and navigate to movies tab (and I have over 7000), Emby classic crashes with error (Invalid Application, Unable to launch "emby" ). All other platforms seems to work (web browser, android mobile, android TV), but i have noticed that the sort by date added is completely wrong, which maybe a different issue all together. Steps i took to upgrade. I only upgraded the server because the old server stopped supporting the android clients. I downloaded the windows server from the website, and started the install. it installed fine. Then, after starting the server, i noticed it took up all available memory (15GB size of emby server on task manager) I read on the forum that windows 7 must be up to date... So, I did that.. the memory leak stopped. Then i noticed the client took minutes to log in.. I read on the forum that I need beta version of Emby Classic. So, i upgraded to beta version.. Now I am all out of ideas... please help.. Many thanks embyserver-63718500644.zip
  4. In the process of updating my Emby server hardware. Changing from an old PC to a Newer model. Dont want to, loose all the info I currently have configured in Emby. Is there some documentation as to what folder/files need to be moved to allow for a server transfer from one machine to the new machine? Thanks
  5. Hello People, First, I would like to thank the emby team for continuing to upgrade and improve emby software... Keep up the good work. Off course, with change (even for the better), there is always pain, and I have one of those currently i think... I have just noticed that majority of Watched Status are missing... but some are still there... in short, Watched Status has gone pear shaped. This is very important for me and my users, but especially for me, as my memory is not very good, and I am now ending up starting a movie, and finding out 10 minutes later "i have seen this already.. :-)" I am sure there is technical reason for it, and someone is working on solving it... but for now i have the following question: Will this be fixed in a way were all the watched status will come back?? or Do i have to restore an earlier backup of emby server??. I have it backed up every week, just in case things like this happens. Thanks for all your effort.
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