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Found 3 results

  1. hi guys my isp has blocked port 80 and I'm unable to authorize my certificates for my ddns. for the sake of the noob users on my network it would be helpful if your apps would automatically accept self signed certificates. i understand this is not possible in web browsers but surely its possible in your apps on smart tv's and consoles etc.... i have recently had to give plex my money which i am not happy about. i dont want to stop supporting emby however if i cant use the secure connections its of no real use to me anymore.
  2. I'm sure many of these topics are documented in the Knowledge Base, the Forum, or in the online Nvidia Shield Pro user guide. I'm also quite certain nobody actually reads those completely, end-to-end, before doing an Emby Server Install on their shiny new toy. Listed here are surprises and pitfalls I encountered as a first time user of an Android device and newly arrived refugee from Plex. Forum Admins: PLEASE correct anything I have wrong here! Taxonomy: Folders refer to directories and sub-directories on the media store. Libraries are top-level folders. Genres are indices of the metadata contained in individual recording sub-directories. Collections are lists in the form of xml files stored in /Android/data/com.emby.embyserver/files/data/collections as are the image files for the collections. All of the Collections in the system appear as a Top Level Library called "Collections", and intermixed with folders in the Folders View of a library. Library Organization: Collections can cross libraries. (i.e. You can have the movie Serenity from the Movies library and the TV series Firefly from the TV Series library in the same collection without defining a Mixed Content Library). Putting movies in a collection takes the individual movies out of the Movies View and inserts a single entry for the collection. Collections and Folders appear at the top of the Folders View. Folders can be included in a Collection. Running out of resources (mostly internal storage) during a conversion can break the server in ways that block a user's access to the system and corrupt the user's profiles and access permissions. It is essential to define at least one or more administrative users in addition to the primary administrator as there are some problems (such as filling internal storage) that can disable an administrator account. When you format a USB drive as internal storage, it effectively replaces your current internal storage. You will no longer be able to use storage space on your existing internal storage for installing large game files. Make sure the new storage space is larger than your current internal storage (16GB). This means that the path to the USB drive is /storage/emulated/0/ which was once the path to the 16GB built-in flash. After adding a USB drive for internal storage, some things remain in use in the original 16GB of built-in flash. Transcoding and Conversion temp file space are two of those things. So adding USB Flash doesn't help Transcoding and Conversion unless you change the Transcoding Temporary Path and the Conversions Temporary path in the Dashboard. Alternatively, you can put the Transcoding and Conversions Temporary Paths on network drives. Emby Server for the Nvidia Shield comes with more than a dozen plugins pre-installed. However, simply installing a plugin does not necessarily configure it, and most plugins can't be configured from the dashboard. Select Plugins on the dashboard and then click on each installed plugin to find out if additional configuration is necessary. If you do nothing else with plugins, you must absolutely configure the Server Configuration Backup plugin. Be sure to read https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159936-backup. But be aware that the Backup plugin does not back up library.db and it's possible to cause some database problems that make the Collections xml files useless. (No, I'm not sure how, but I've done it). Conversions are not resumable. (i.e. if you restart the server you restart any conversions from the beginning). Discovering this for the first time 8 or 9 hours into a conversion is annoying. Bad things can happen if you don't use the proper procedure to shutdown and/or restart the Emby Server. If you see a message that you need to restart the Emby Server, do things in this order: 1. In the webUI Dashboard, stop any active processes. 2. In the webUI Dashboard, stop the Emby Server using the Power Icon at the top. 3. Switch to the Nvidia Shield Pro Remote, Press the Settings button and select Restart. Way at the bottom of the Dashboard menu is the Scheduled Tasks menu. There you can find "Rotate Log Files". If you're chasing a problem (or submitting a log to the forum for help) rotating the log just before you reproduce the problem leaves you with a much smaller log that's a lot easier to decipher. Emby server will stretch or squish manually added placeholder images. The correct aspect ratio (width:height) for placeholder images is 16:9 for Libraries 3:2 for Movies & TV Shows 1:1 for Genres 3:2 for Collections UPDATE: Be sure to read post #6 by @ebr and post #7 by @Luke below they contain important clarifications.
  3. I have installed Emby on FreeNAS. Everything seems to work ok (even write permissions to shares). One thing that this version seems to be missing is the Images By Name folder location. It was under the Library/Advanced tab before but now it seems to be missing from that page. My Emby server on windows was running 3.0.5641.4 and the IBN folder config was there. One thing that is causing a bit of concern is the high CPU usage by mono. I have chalked this up to it scanning all of the media for a while. I will see if it calms down. I hope so because it is heating up my little Xeon!! System Temperatures - Fri Jul 3 08:26:05 CST 2015 FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201506292130 System Load: 29.02, 27.91, 26.24 CPU Temperature: dev.cpu.0.temperature: 69.0C dev.cpu.1.temperature: 69.0C dev.cpu.2.temperature: 71.0C dev.cpu.3.temperature: 71.0C dev.cpu.4.temperature: 75.0C dev.cpu.5.temperature: 74.0C dev.cpu.6.temperature: 68.0C dev.cpu.7.temperature: 68.0C Cheers,
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