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Found 3 results

  1. StLDreiling

    4K UHD playback on 720p TCL RokuTV

    I am starting to add 4K UHD (w/ or w/out HDR) titles to my library as I own a few 4K HDR TVs, tablets, & phones. However, the majority of my streaming devices are still max. 1080p or less. When attempting to playback my 4K titles, my 720p 32" TCL RokuTVs initiate playback (green progress bar on device completes and playback shows in my server Dashboard) and then show a blank screen: no picture, no sound. I can fast-forward and rewind and the video thumbnails appear to function normally. My server hardware is fairly robust and appears to be transcoding video from h.265/HEVC to h.264/AVC and audio from 5.1 AAC to 5.1 AC3 as expected. I've tested this with both Emby and Emby Beta apps on the TV. HEVC 60p playback was disabled by default, but frame rate of movie is 24p, like all my titles, so I can't see that mattering as non-UHD movies play without issue. I was researching this in the forums extensively this morning and found what may or may not be a related issue on the Fire Stick/TV. ​https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/74677-hevc-10-bit-playback-on-firestick-too-many-errors/page-3?hl=%2Btranscoding+%2B1080&do=findComment&comment=792447 I checked my logs (attached) and found that the transcoder was not stepping down the resolution of the video stream from 2160 to 720. I then went and tested other videos and found that video stream with a resolution of 720p or less played fine, but anything 1080p or greater experienced the exact issue described above, to include 1080p videos encoded w/ h.264/AVC video and 5.1 AC3 audio streams that show as "Direct Playing" on the Dashboard while the device screen remains blank. Any thoughts? Emby transcode 20191007-1052.txt Emby Server 20191007-1049.txt
  2. bardmaster

    RokuTV Live TV does not play

    Hi guys, figured I'd start a new post with a more accurate title so anybody else out there with RokuTV (or "Roku TV") sets can find it, original post: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/48887-roku-live-tv-streaming-problems-3220/ The problem: Live TV does not stream, or streams in an unwatchable manner. I have attached logs, and just sent a Roku log for user "Matrix." LOG #1 (ffmpeg log-60fps transcode at 8Mbps fail): The first time I started a live TV stream I got video to display but VERY stuttery and not in-sync with the audio (which sounded fine). LOG #2 (ffmpeg log-direct play fail): After stopping and restarting I got the more common scenario, where the initial progress bar is stuck at 100% with no video or audio. It appears like Emby is trying to direct play the stream but the RokuTV is unable to keep up with the feed @ 60fps+. @@ebr I am still hopeful for a similar fix to be reinstated into the Roku Beta app that briefly fixed this problem - per the last post you had implemented logic to always transcode Live TV at a certain setting (think it was 30fps @ 8 Mbps) which worked perfectly. I know you guys are busy, but would REALLY appreciate being able to use my relatively-new TV to watch live TV with Emby! Many thanks! Server Log.txt ffmpeg log-60fps transcode at 8Mbps fail.txt ffmpeg log-direct play fail.txt
  3. SmplyUnprdctble

    RokuTV Asterisk (Options) Button

    Prior to the Preview / Beta app going live, this worked "fine". Now, it doesn't. On the RokuTV, when I'm watching a stream, I can hit the * button and it brings up a "side menu" that has various options for the TV -- e.g. Brightness, Contrast, Sleep Timer, etc. In the way old version of the app, this worked fine. In the Preview / Beta, it would allow the TV's popup up, and the Emby Playback Options (Select Audio; Select Subtitle) would show up. It was a minor annoyance, but seemed like the only availability based on the few buttons on the remote. In the current Preview / Beta and Production apps, I hit the * and the TV's options flicker, but only bring Emby Playback Options. As I said, primarily I use this to get to the Sleep Timer without having to leave the Emby environment (I can still get there, I just have to hit HOME and do it through the Settings). I'm attaching a trio of files. The first shows how the Options button works in Hulu (the screen that "cancels" to show Emby's Options) The second is the [expected and unexpected] result of the Options button in Emby The third is a 3-second video that shows what happens when I hit the Options button -- e.g. shows the TV's menu popping up then getting canceled. As previously mentioned, this was working until about a week ago (when the Beta / Preview channel went live). It's probably only a problem with the RokuTVs (since external Rokus wouldn't have this menu). Options Button - TV Options Cancel.zip
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