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Found 7 results

  1. This happens only to some files and not others. I have transcoded them from m4v (which I thought might be the problem) to mp4 but still they take close to a minute to load and even after playback begins they keep stalling. This is not the case with other files in the same folder.ffmpeg-transcode-cf32cc96-746e-45d7-a6b9-aca28dd43099_1.txt Log file attached. Any thoughts? Note: if I play them on my computer via my Google Chrome browser I do not experience any problem. Thanks Gerard
  2. Roku Ultra LT soft. ver: 9.3.0 build 4170-46. I have 2 servers, 1 local and another remote, if I have the Roku set to the remote server and leave the Emby app (not exit, just go back to the Roku home screen) and the remote server goes away, when I come back to the Emby app it just stays spinning with the "Welcome to Emby" screen indefinitely. I would expect to timeout so I can switch to my local server. The only way I was able to recover is by uninstalling the app and re-install which is not practical. Please advise. Thanks
  3. I am having trouble playing files encoded using AAC5.1 in Roku. Roku ultra simply down mix it to stereo and hence the surround sound is lost. I read some prior articles discussing about an option to transcode AAC to AC3 if 5.1 channel is present. Is that feature supported? I am using Emby for little over a year and always had this issue with no solution. (Roku Ultra #4660) https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/54801-roku-premier-and-aac-51/ I recently installed Plex and it does the transcoding automatically for AAC5.1 audio for Roku Ultra. Just wanted to know if I am missing out some config settings that prevents me from doing the same through Emby. Thanks in advance.
  4. speedingcheetah

    No sound(headphone) remote jack

    Roku Ultra (2018). When i plug in headphones into the jack on the Roku remote, there is no audio from Emby for any of the media played, Live TV, Recordings, or local files. There is the button sound effects and other Rokus system audio, and other apps all play sound fine. If i unlplug headphone, the sound does come back to the tv. Looked in the apps settings, and Audio +subtitle settings just says "see the user menu in web app" and Convert Muti-channel AAC...has no effect. The TV and media recordings are AC3 audio...if that helps. All my tv channels are that way, Edit: Also noticed, that if I change the Rokus system Audio settings to Stereo, (or anything other than Auto) the Emby app does not load any media, live tv or local. It just hangs on the loading bar of Retrieving. It lock a tuner, and the dashboard says it is playing, but it is not. Have to restart server to unlock it.
  5. diego.rivera

    QNAP, Roku Ultra, MPEG2 Woes

    Hi, all! I want to set up Emby on my QNAP NAS where I keep my media files. Currently it's running Plex without a hitch, but I just want to replace it with Emby because of the integration with TVHeadEnd. The reason for that is I want to turn my Roku Ultra into my "de-facto HTPC" (sort of). I got it all working, but have one problem: Emby insists on transcoding everything coming from TVHeadEnd from its source MPEG2 format to H.264. The problem with that that my QNAP doesn't have that much horsepower to begin with and thus starts to suffer from the extra transcoding effort. Since both the Roku and the TV support MPEG2 (a.k.a. H.262), keeping the stream in this format shouldn't be an issue, right? Perhaps this is something that TVHeadEnd configuration can be tweaked for? (i.e. spit out an MKV instead of a TS stream?) Perhaps at the Emby (server or Roku app) level? I doubt something can be tweaked at the Roku level... Unfortunately, I'm drawing somewhat of a blank here and need help from someone with more experience on the topic...perhaps someone has solved this before? Thanks!
  6. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Audio Codecs For Direct Play

    I'm curious as to the best audio codecs to use for my video files to have Emby direct play them on my Roku Ultra. At the present time, my Roku is connected to my TV via HDMI. I hope to add a home theater setup later that will be able to handle surround sound. For now, my videos are h264 or HEVC and mostly in mkv containers. Many have AC-3 5.1 though a growing number have AAC 5.1 for audio. I've noticed on my Emby dashboard that when I'm playing these files, the files that have AAC 5.1 show "Direct Playing" on Emby while the ones with AC-3 5.1 always show transcoding. I've tried converting just the audio from 1 format to the other leaving the video the same and Emby will direct play the AAC files while transcoding the AC3 files. I was just curious as to why that would happen and if there is something in my Roku and/or Emby settings that I need to review and possibly change. If I was never going to add a home theater system down the road, I would just roll on using AAC surround for all files. However, no A/V receivers are able to decode AAC surround. Some have the ability to change these to LCPM 5.1 which would be okay, but it looks like Dolby Digital would be the preferred audio format with the future home theater setup in mind, but everything seems to run more smoothly on a consistent basis if I can direct play my video files and at present, that seems to only work with AAC files. I believe Roku downmixes all AAC surround audio tracks to 2.0 anyway so maybe that has something to do with Emby direct playing AAC 5.1 while transcoding AC3 5.1. I can't post logs or anything at the moment since I'm at the office and not at home. I'm hoping there is a fairly simple answer to this, but I have no idea if that will be the case! Thanks.
  7. So, I'd like a little help with diag'ing this. I have Iron Fist (nevermind the reviews, I'm testing stuff) and when I go to play it on my Roku Ultra, it stops/stutters, is generally horrible. I'm running the current emby-beta on debian available via apt-get (which is 1 release behind stable right now I think), and the emby beta roku channel. It's in an LXC, 4 cores, 8G memory, and cpu usage only hits about 80% at most. If I try the same thing in chrome on my linux laptop, it won't play at all. But it plays ok if I copy the file and play directly in vlc. The Roku is connected by wifi, and should be getting at least 50m thru - my phone gets that according to the unifi controller tests. I'm at work, so don't have the logs & such, but I'll try to dig them up this evening. Anyone have any thoughts?
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