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Found 5 results

  1. i have been having a problem with the remote connection for emby for about two weeks now. with no warning the server will no longer be up to log into. as in the server at my house is up and running and i can watch stuff when im at my house. but many of the people that use my server have been telling my that the server is offline and not working. so i try to log in and the app tells me the server is offline. well I'm at work and i have TeamViewer installed on the server. so i log in and emby says that it is running fine. i have found that after i reset the emby server that the problem goes away for about a hour or 2 then it drops once more. i have no idea what is going on as it was working fine a few weeks ago with no problems. i have added all the emby server logs from today, embyserver.txt embyserver-63787898535.txt embyserver-63787862424.txt embyserver-63787863423.txt embyserver-63787870271.txt embyserver-63787876017.txt embyserver-63787883820.txt
  2. Leakeycoog

    Remote connect

    Cannot connect remotely to ReadyNAS

    Unable to stream remotely

    Hey guys. Sorry if this has already been asked before but I have been looking and can not find anything with my current situation. I am finding major problems streaming my films to my friends using the remote connection. I have tested this over two of my friends houses and the same thing is happening for both of them. Emby starts fine and video loads but doesn’t play or if it does play it buffers all the time and very choppy. I have tried playing the video with auto resolution and gone all the way down to 720p and still the same thing I have also tried different types of file containers mp4. And mkv and also films in 4K format all the way down to sd 480p formats and still the same thing. I know it’s not a internet problem on my end not there’s as this is happening with everyone I share my account with. I pay for a monthly subscription so I have hardware acceleration enabled and running of a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card. all streams are playing in direct streaming/direct playing unless quality resolution settings have been forced lower. I have also noticed that when a video is transcoding the video playing on the other end will not play even though it has already been transcoded. I am currently out at the moment but I will attach system logs when I am back but any advice now would be brilliant
  4. rayrayvenom

    Remote Connection Help

    I am in need of some help. I have tried to get my remote connection going with no luck. I have port forwarded, turned off all firewalls, dmz my computer and still no luck. I do have a isp modem/router connected before my router but I have that setup in passthrough mode. I am not really sure to go from here. I did have the server worked but recently moved it onto a new pc. Thanks ahead of time.
  5. Windows 7 Pro Server Version 3.0.5597.1 Router D-Link dir-655 VPN->PrivateInternetAccess VPN is running on same machine as EmbyServer. I ensure that EmbyServer is started after any VPN start/re-starts. ************************ QUESTION: Is it necessary to prioritize startups like this? ********************************** Below is a screenshot of Advanced settings: Below is a screenshot of my VPN settings: The URL I use to connect to EmbyServer is my ISP_provided_IP:8096. The IP is static. Remote access (from laptop) works fine with VPN off. I am ABLE to connect to EmbyServer with the ISP_provided_IP:8096 from the server machine. I am UNABLE to connect to EmbyServer with the ISP_provided_IP:8096 from a client machine (laptop). I saw a direction in the forum to "...go to dashboard -> advanced -> hosting and override your external address". I assumed this meant to enter my ISP_provided_IP in the "dashboard -> advanced -> hosting -> External WAN Address:".. Still no joy. There was another direction on the forum to "...manually edit the common config file and put in the machine name/ip address for the server." I poked around around looking for a "common config file" to no avail. What tag would I edit if I found it? After hours of trying different settings (e.g., port mapping on/off) and searching this forum and the web for a solution, I have become very frustrated and need your help. Thanks Here is my server log: server-63566876397.txt Thanks
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