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Found 3 results

  1. itsfks

    User registration

    Hi. I wonder if it is possible to add a register button on the login screen. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, after receiving the Emby email I proceed to install the revamped Emby Theater app on the Microsoft Store; it installed ok and I started it, when it prompts you to select your automatically, it asks you to register the new PIN with your Emby Connect username and password; I entered by correct username and password, but the Emby does not accept them, I even used my email instead or the username, same thing! At this stage I can't access my Emby Server with Theater in any device, only via Embt Web app! ​Can you do something about this? ​
  3. Types of Plug-ins There are three different types of plug-ins offered in Media Browser: Free - These plug-ins are completely free and can be installed and used by anyone Supporter-Only - These plug-ins are free for MB 3 Supporters. You do not need to register these directly with their owners to use them. They will operate for free even if you are not a supporter for up to 14 days from the time you first install them on a given system. Premium - These plug-ins require paid registration directly with their developers. All revenue goes directly to that developer. You must also be an MB 3 Supporter for these plug-ins to be registered. This system, as opposed to us trying to get a piece of every sale from every developer, allows the core project to be compensated for providing the infrastructure in which the plug-in runs. What does it mean to be an MB 3 Supporter? You become an MB 3 Supporter by donating on either the Help->Donate page in the server dashboard or from the web site. Your supporter status will remain in effect for the length of time associated with the donation option you choose. There are three options: Monthly, Annual or Lifetime. "Lifetime" refers to the life of the system major version (3.x). You must be an MB 3 Supporter in order for any premium plug-ins to also be registered. Become a supporter by going to Help->Donate in the server dashboard or on the web site. This process will send you a supporter key which you then enter in the Help->Supporter Key page. Once you have become a Supporter, the badge that shows in the top tool bar in the server dashboard will turn gold. How do I register a Premium plug-in? You register all plug-ins (for any target system) in the server dashboard Plug-ins->Catalog page. Select the system to which the plug-in belongs (e.g. Server, MB Classic, etc.) and then select the particular plug-in from the list. On that page there will be an area that shows if you are registered for that plug-in and a button to execute the registration via PayPal. The PayPal button for a Premium plug-in is not there. What do I do? Look closely at the message in that area. It is probably telling you that you need to become a MB 3 supporter first. Click the link, become a supporter and enter your key and then go back to this page to register the plug-in. How do I register a Supporter Only plug-in? You don't. Become a supporter as described above and they will automatically be registered. Will I get a new key with each plug-in registration? Not usually. Your supporter key is generated based on the primary email address you have defined to the Pay Pal account you use to become a supporter or register a plug-in. As long as this email stays the same, so will your key. So, when you register additional components, you don't have to update or add another key. Your system will just automatically become registered for that component as well. I registered a plug-in and got a different key from what I had before. What do I do? Use the Link Keys function that is on the Help->Supporter Key page in the server dashboard. Carefully enter all the required information and hit the button. Then update your MB Supporter key to the newest one you received. I lost my supporter key. What do I do? Use the Lost Key function that is on the Help->Supporter Key page in the server dashboard. Enter the email address to which the key was associated and hit the button. Your key will be emailed to you at that address. Be sure to check all spam traps... Can I use a payment method other than Pay Pal? Sorry, not at this time. We have very limited resources working on the project and we must have an automated system to process registrations. Pay Pal is the only one we have right now. We greatly appreciate anyone who wants to send us a donation, but manually processing them would cost as much or more than whatever the donation(s) are . Thank you for your effort, but please use the PayPal system.
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