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Found 3 results

  1. pünktchen

    VirtualTV plugin

    You've grown up with watching live tv but on television only runs garbage? You have a big library but don't know what to watch next? Then this for you: "VirtualTV" - my new live tv plugin that allows you to create custom channels based on conditions of your Emby library content. Although it's already very feature rich, it has some limitations: Only up to 30 channels What's missing: Remove channel count limitation Maybe codec conditions Pause guide refresh for independent channels Known problems: Needs Emby Premier to work (Playback) Emby's live tv and playback api is very limited, so i've had to make some detours to get things working. The plugin has two general playback modes: "continous" and "playlist" playback. With "continous" mode you can also choose between "live", which bahaves like real live tv or "archive", which plays the videos from the start. In "continous" mode multiple videos are queued and concatenated to one big file with the help of ffmpeg. To make this happen every video in the queue has to have some common features (video and audio codec). That's why it often happens that the video also has to be transcoded by ffmpeg. For transcoding the plugin relies on Emby's internal transcoding engine. If there's a problem, not uncommon with hardware acceleration enabled, the plugin also has a problem. Nothing i can do about it. The availability of subtitle tracks is mostly dependant of the Emby user playback settings. In continous playback mode only one (the default) subtitle track can be used and this one has to be burnded into the video (transcoding takes place). In "playlist" playback mode the videos are pushed as a playlist to the Emby clients. It's like you would play your videos directly from your libraries. This way you get all the features you are used to. Audio and subtitle selection, pause, skipping around and similar things. To get things started copy the extracted dll from the attachment at the end of this post to Emby' s plugin folder. Restart you server and follow the instructions: First you have to setup a custom api key. This is needed for most internal requests the plugin is doing. Copy your api key and paste it in the general settings of the VirtualTV plugin configuration screen and save the config before proceeding. The export folder path is optional. It allows you to use your custom channel line up in other applications like Kodi. Now setup your channels with a name and number and choose your playback mode. In the channel conditions you'll have to select an Emby account. This account is used to get library access, respect parental rating, reading watched states and selecting the stream language. At least one textual input field of the conditions has to be filled to get some program data. Fields with an asterisk are either evaluated with an "AND" or "OR" condition among each other. Finally, if you've chosen "Continous Playback" for one of you channels, take a look at the transcoding settings. Save your channel line up and manually trigger a "Guide Refresh". Now have fun! Version History: After a plugin update, always clear your browser cache. If your settings still don't load in the config screen, you have to move the "VirtualTV.xml" out of ...\plugins\configurations and restart Emby. Start from scratch. 1.1.3 Fixed Mono installs; Fixed Export api; Fix Tag excludes for named tv shows; Better randomization for tv episodes; Option to select container for playlist intro video VirtualTV.1.1.2_Emby.4.5.x.zipVirtualTV.1.1.2_Emby.4.6.x.zipVirtualTV.1.1.3_Emby.4.7.x.zip
  2. Hello Guys! I need a help! I work on a kodi plugin project, the PseudoTV Addon. This project basically uses your library to make a fake cable tv. I need to solve a problem, all things played by my addon, change the watched status on Emby and kodi, but the correct way is to make the Emby ignore all things played in addon, like it is never watched. How I can make this? I can call some emby function in python script of my addon or kodi has a function to make this? I am using native path via SMB on kodi. thanks for help!
  3. I recently came across PseudoTV, a plugin for XBMC. Its quite possibly the coolest thing ever. It's basically a fancy form of media shuffle, It takes your media and generates channels. Its great for when you don't know what to watch, or just want something playing in the background. Anyway, I was thinking that perhaps MediaBrowser could do something like this. I'm not asking for MB to support the existing PseudoTV plugin or to attempt to clone it, but at the very least I would like to have some kind of video shuffle feature that will group certain media, and automatically play the next file. Perhaps this could be called "Jump In" where MB randomly takes a video file, picks a random start time, and starts playing it. Having this be available in the Web UI or MediaBrowser Theatre/Classic, would be amazing.
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