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Found 7 results

  1. punkid

    Samsung Playback Stops

    Sorry for bringing up this really old thread, but i recently got a Samsung Tizen TV running the latest firmware TV model is Q60A Emby Server version Emby TV Client 1.3.4. TV is connected via Ethernet. So i start playback, everything is fine, but it just pauses after every 8-9 minutes. Stops on the last played frame and just stays there until i back out of the player to the Movie/Episode info screen. I can resume and itll start playing fine from the same point it stopped at, but it happens again after 8-9 minutes. This has happened on 4k HEVC HDR10 files, 1080p HEVC files. (These are the only files ive tried)
  2. Hello, For a while now whenever I go to watch something through emby after about 20-25 minutes the session either crashes or is forcefully closed somehow and I am not seeing the reasoning in the logs. I attached a log file to show the behavior I am seeing. Essentially no matter what file I am watching (in this case a TV episode) it will crash or close out after that rough time period. Once I re-open the video or movie and start playback again I won't have any issues at all with the movie or tv show, no matter how long I watch after. I am not sure if this is a plug in issue, but I have removed a ton of plugins to see if that was the cause but so far the issue still persists. I usually am casting through my android phone through the app (Pixel 4A with Android 12 Beta). I have emby running in a docker container (5:20.10.8~3-0~debian-buster) on OpenMediaVault (5.6.14-1) (Kernel: Linux 5.10.0-0.bpo.8-amd64). I have not been able to pinpoint exactly what causes the issue to re-occur as sometimes its overnight, sometimes its a week later. I attached the log from emby, but cannot find any log that might be stored on my phone as well to upload that. Also, I should mention that I saw others having bitrate issues and that was the root cause. I am not 100% sure how to do this in the android emby app, but I have gigabit wired ethernet running to both the chromecast as well as the server running emby, so while it may still be an issue of speed, I would highly doubt that. Log line issue occurred on: [2021-09-06 16:17:26.698 Info SessionManager: Playback stopped reported by app Emby for Chromecast 2.1.0 playing Forgetting Sarick Mortshall. Stopped at 1336684 ms] I know there are some errors in there for the coverart plugin but I know those are centered around HVEC codec and is a known issue that hasn't affected anyones playback that I can find. I also have lifetime emby premier but am seeing a warning in regards to a license, not sure what that's about either. 2021-09-06 15:52:27.982 Error Server: Access token is invalid or expired. Thank you for your time and any help you might have for me! embyserver.txt
  3. Hello, Not sure if this is Samsung specific or not, but thought I would start here since right now I'm only experiencing this on my Samsung smart tv. Random tv shows don't play back smoothly, but I haven't figured out why based on the app or video settings. I say random because it seems to be a growing issue where shows don't have smooth playback only on the Samsung app, even if they have the same video configuration as a show that does have smooth playback. I have provided an example below with the log file (no transcoding log since it direct plays), images of the settings and a quick video showing what happens in person. This is episode 3 of the show and both episode 1 and 2 played back completely fine, which have the exact same audio/video configuration. All are direct playing and there are no bandwidth issues between devices. I tested this exact file/episode on Windows, Chrome, Firestick and Roku and there is smooth playback on all of these (with direct play), so that's what makes me think its something specific in the Samsung app that is wonky. Messing around I tried to lower the quality to where it forced transcoding and it seemed to play fine that way which is weird and i'll let the admins decide if that is meaningful. Obviously I don't want to watch shows at 480p and would prefer to direct stream at full quality. Please let me know if I need to provide anything else. Thanks! PXL_20211004_220817075.mp4 embyserver.txt
  4. Hello, I am facing Media Playback Issue since last few days, I am unable to play any media smoothly on my Devices and also in PC app or Web. It's Freezing after few mins of playback and auto-pausing/freezing in Mobile Apps. It was working fine since I am using it but this strange things are happening since last few days. I'm a Emby Premiere Users also. I am attaching Server Log. Please help me or Fix it embyserver.txt
  5. Jekkyl

    Samsung Playback Stops

    Hi All, Just recently in the last month or so when playing anything via the Samsung Emby App it will randomly kick back to the episode/movie selection screen and also will not have recorded the watch history so you need to start again/fast forward. I have attached the log around the time it happened last - embyserver-timeframe.txt and also the full emby log for the day. The TV is a Samsung SmartTV (UE55MU7000) running Emby theater 1.0.77. Thanks for any help embyserver.txt embyserver-timeframe.txt
  6. Hello! I have a problem when streaming with Chromecast 2 gen, doesn't matter where it came from (Android, IOS, Web, etc) When watching some tv series, the playback is in great quality, smooth and RANDOMLY jump / skip to the next episode. It simply happen from NOWHERE. I don't know if it is my PC that is the problem or the chromecast itself. What kind of Logs do you guys need to check? I have at least 20 logs just from today trying to watch a single episode...
  7. ZajcekDolgouhec

    Playback issues [stopping etc.]

    I hope someone would be kind enough to help not only me but others too that might encounter such issues. The issues are the following: - whenever I try to watch on the browser movies with the lowest possible quality 360p, especially on Android through google chrome, after couple of minutes it throws me out from the browser to the menu or even worse the playback stops or I get an error showing I got dissconnected. In the meantime server is running smoothly, except for the playback part - whenever I try to watch movie through DLNA/UPNP on my LG TV, the playback stops after couple of minutes The interesting part is that if I use on android VLC as external player to watch the movie the playback doesn't stop, but of course this isn't solution to this problem [i use Ethernet cable, tried beta and stable version] Thanks to the participants, and I hope this can be resolved as soon as possible.
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