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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I've been enjoying mostly trouble free emby usage for a year or two now. I've been using the "Play To"-feature a lot because of it's convenience, but since I received a Philips 32PFS5803/12 as a gift the other day I've been struggling with it. Hoping I can get some help here in figuring out what's wrong. Some info: - "Play To" works fine on other devices in my home. - I'm able to play media on the Philips TV using BubbleUPNP and MiniDLNA server, but not BubbleUPNP and emby DLNA server. - I'm able to browse the MiniDLNA-server (used same hardware for this as the one emby is running on) and play media from it using the Philips TV UI. - I'm not able to browse the emby DLNA-server and play media from it using the Philips TV UI (the TV froze at one attempt, and I had to yank the cable). - I've made a "first attempt" DLNA Profile for the Philips TV, which I'm attaching, but it also does not work with the default profile. I've attached some logs that might help. I did the following: 1) Start tcpdump of all traffic to/from (Philips TV) 2) Restart the emby server (HAL9000 / 3) Boot the TV up. 4) Select "Play To" Philips 32PFS5803/12 on my Laptop ( 5) Hit "Play" at about "10:38:00" 6) Observe a "loading circle" on the TV for .5 secs before black screen and then nothing. Sorry for the superfluous DLNA traffic from a emulated Windows guest machine ( in the logs. It is running on the same hardware as emby, and got caught in the tcpdump I ran on the host machine since they share a common NIC. I didn't notice it until afterwards. Also it was silly of me to attempt to play a media file that had to be transcoded for this, but the same happens with files the TV can play directly. The "dmr.xml" I've attached I pulled from the TV, I don't know if that's any help. I can post a log of a working session with MiniDLNA to the same Philips TV if that is helpful at all.. I'm not familiar with these protocols. dmr.xml embyserver.log.txt Philips Smart TV.xml tcpdump.txt
  2. I am having a couple of playback problems on my philips android tv, using emby for android tv. It has worked well for a long time, but recently the server has started transcoding due to a not supported bitrate, that I think have worked well earlier. Even more recently, I cannot play the video at all. I attached a log, where I can see that a null reference error is thrown when I try to start the playback of vikings season 5 episode 1: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at MediaBrowser.Model.Dlna.StreamBuilder.GetVideoDirectPlayProfile (... I am getting the same error for all other videos as well. My other clients play everything as expected, such as emby for android (phone), embycon on libreelec on RPi, emby for kodi and the web client. server-63655188528 - Copy (2).txt
  3. Hi guys! Just bought some philips hue lights (still waiting for them to arrive), and then I got this thing in my head: What if MB3 could controll these lights and make them change color based on the backdrops (picks 2-4 points in the picture to reproduce that color, like the philips app does) Automatically dims the lights off when a movie start, and turn them back on when the movie is finished. (when externalplayer closes / when MBT stops playing). This would be super cool, and would fit MB3 very good! There is also alot more we could do with this, with pre defined scenes etc.. What do you guys think?
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