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Found 14 results

  1. It would be great if there was a way in the emby dashboard settings to assign a 4-digit pin code for parental controls. Then that code could be assigned to specific channels. Then if anybody in the library (using the apps) tries to access those channels they are promoted for a password. You can choose what channels to add and what not to, in the guide data where you map the channels. Just give a box to click like (add parental control) and it would assign the pin request to THAT channel. Unless this already exists? This same code could also exist on shows or movies you assign the contr
  2. hey guys, i have been getting together a horror section for my server to show at halloween, and had a look in the parental controls and would like to ask if it would be possible to instead hiding the film (s) to maybe have something like sky does where you can see the film displayed with all artwork but to watch the film or trailer you would have to put in a pin code to allow the playback. the code could be the same as the local pin code for (your) local network so once you have chosen your code it will work for both parental controls and local network. this could be a great idea to als
  3. I am looking to see better parental controls that can filter content by checkmark in the following categories: • Individual Rating (Instead of saying all content above x rating should be blocked, I would like to see check boxes to distinguish things like R from TV-MA where checking a specific rating would block/allow said content. • Same form as the last but for Genre.
  4. I set the parental control for my 10 year old kid to TV-14. When I access movies using his account I can only see about 20 movies, and we have many more, that I want him to be able to view. For example, none of the Transformer movies are visible. Is there a way I can select the Transformer movies and allow my kid to view them with his account, but keep the TV-14 parental rating? It seems if I used tag restrictions I have to tag ALL movies that he's allowed to view, which would be very cumbersome. -Thanks
  5. Hello, I am wanting to setup some live TV shows that I record to either have a specific tag eg KIDS or even set the Parental Rating to a specific item. I know you can do it per show but that involes me everytime going in and changing it after every new recording. Is there a way to say any show that is in this series is set to a certain parental control or tag and it does it automatically
  6. I have a user configured with PG/TV-PG Parental Controls, including all “Block items with no or unrecognized rating information”. Most parental controls appear to be working properly. However, some movies with custom parental ratings (e.g. Ghostbusters has an original rating of PG and I’ve set a custom rating of PG-13) are visible and playable. I’ve rescanned the media library several times and double checked the ratings. I’m not sure what’s different about these titles than other ones (e.g. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was also originally PG, and I’ve set a custom rating of PG-13)
  7. I saw in another thread that some finer grained controls are coming to the parental controls section. I'd like to propose a somewhat heavy-handed but seemingly useful option as well. Currently, there's a tag-based blacklist which allows you to hide content outside of the normal ratings system. I would propose additionally that there be a tag-based whitelist where you can guarantee that a piece of content will be available regardless of rating. Example/reasoning follows. Before PG-13, anything that wasn't heavy duty dropped into the PG category instead of R. There are some PG movies
  8. I set up a new account for my nephew and I am trying to get the parental controls right. I have excluded some shows via the tags method which removed them if I go under all shows however they are still showing under the the Next Up and Latest and allow me to click in and watch them regardless of the parental controls. To me it looks like the rating parental control is working for Next Up and Latest but it is not also taking into account tags for this section.
  9. Server Version 3.0.5464.40000 Parental controls work as expected when "Parental rating:" is set to "Adult" except for the Collections view. I am working on changes to the Godfather Trilogy collection to demonstrate the issue. It takes a long time (several hours) to come up with examples because my collections do NOT update in a timely manner (a ticket has been submitted in this regard http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/15921-delayed-collection-group-display/&do=findComment&comment=160722). I am posting without examples in case recommendations for resolution can be made
  10. This seems to be a new behavior that I don't recall ever happening. My 10 year daughter showed me some very inappropriate background images being displayed while she browsed the kids library. The background images were from movies that she doesn't have access to. So if she doesn't have access to those movies, why are background images from those movies being displayed in the kids library? I recall that before only images from movies that she had access to were shown in the background while browsing. The only thing I have found is that I can go into each client as the kid user and disab
  11. I'm manually cleaning up my MPAA ratings as I had no idea they had gotten so out of hand. One of those things that I forgot I setup metabrowser to do for me before I switched to emby being in charge of getting my meta a long time ago now. Looking for a plugin developer or perhaps a server option to address this problem... for example if the metadata contains GB-15 I'd like to be able to set my own personal rating for that to keep everything in the US standard here. So Emby fetches GB-15, plugin/server mapping feature changes GB-15 to R. Another example is Not rated, unrated, N/A I wou
  12. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Parental%20controls
  13. I'm sure I'm being thick, but is it possible to use the parental controls feature to allow access up until midnight? For example, I can allow access on a Saturday from 6am to 11pm, but I can't work out how to allow 6am to midnight. Any ideas?
  14. The scraped movies seem to contain more text than just Rating from IMDB. ie. <mpaa>Rated R for violence throughout, language and brief nudity</mpaa> This makes parental controls not work at all and movies that are R show up under a Kids profile set to only allow up to PG. perhaps adding in the ability to detect "Rated " keyword and then parse for the next characters up to " " (trailing space).
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