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Found 9 results

  1. katbyte

    Emby has a little problem with airplay

    latest emby app today just gives me sound when i try to airplay from my phone with 4k content (and the emby app can't play it properly and shutters on the apple tv)
  2. bfhh521

    Emby has a little problem with airplay

    I love emby so much, I recently used it to manage my own music and found a problem. When I use emby (ios 2.1.6) to play music and then push to the smart speaker via airplay2, the connection is smooth, the speaker takes over the playback, but no sound comes out. I have tried the following, Used emby to play movies, push through airpaly, no sound; Used multiple iphone devices, push through airpaly, no sound; Used different media apps, push through airpaly, other apps can work normally except emby; Used emby to play music and connected via bluetooth, it works fine. So, I think it may be that emby has a little problem with airplay support. I want to ask other friends here if they have the same problem? Is there any setting I can try to adjust?
  3. Since I upgraded my Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 to 8.2.3, from Emby my remux (.MKV) for Blu Rays and 4K are no longer playing sound. What’s interesting is even though no sounds are emitted, if I try to turn up the volume my soundbar doesn’t blink like normal, but if I try to turn down the volume it blinks. My DVD remux work fine. It all worked fine prior to upgrading. FYI - I can play the Blu Ray and 4K movies from my Emby app on my HTPC and iPhone just fine. I'm running Emby Server on my Synology NAS 1520+ / DSM 6.2 All streaming services; Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc. are all working as expected. Today, I reset Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 to factory default, configured it and installed Emby, and same results - no improvements! I've attached the server logs in hopes that it can help solve this issue. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this? TIA embyserver-63758534400.txt embyserver.txt
  4. dadofhgnadn

    No sound from audio etc.

    I've created an audio library and populated it. I can start an audio file and listen on my android device until I pause or disconnect from blue tooth or my phone goes to sleep. After any of those things happen it does play (I know this because the button changes to pause) but there is no audio. I have plugged in headphones with the same result. I am exasperated. If I restart the phone same thing, If I close Emby Android same thing. I have downloaded the file same thing. If I exit Emby Android then log into Emby theater on my PC (not my server) using the same account it will play on the PC. How can I fix this? Is there an Emby Android log I can send you?
  5. simonguillot@yahoo.ca

    playback issues with

    hi since the update to i have the following issues i am watching a shows, then - shows stops and comes back to main screen - shows plays but sound is stopping also when watching a show like s01-e02 and i hit next , the file played is not the next episode as well if i press for the previous file it will as well play a random file .. when is the next update planned ? emby.txt
  6. red531

    Apple TV problems

    I am currenty having the problem that the content on my server will play fine on the server itself and through my android app, but when played through the apple tv there is no sound to go with the video. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, i have so far deleted and re-installed the server with no luck.
  7. Hi, when I try to listen a 720p MKV file with the new roku app, there is no sound, but when I start the SAME file with the old app, the sound is working. You have an explanation? Thank you.
  8. FordGT90Concept

    Active Recording with No Sound

    I tried using the new active recording feature to watch something as it is being recorded via Edge browser on a Windows 10 machine. Video worked fine but there was no audio. I tried playing Jungle 2 Jungle (pre-recorded) on the same system and it had sound. I went back to the Active Recording and again, no sound. I pulled up the same thing on a different computer (also Edge + Windows 10) and no audio there either. The audio layer on it is AC3, 48000 Hz, 6ch, 384 kbps. Pretty standard stuff for ATSC. Emby Server 3.0.8100.0
  9. psplb3

    Tunein plugin has no sound

    I have been using Emby without any problems for the last 6 months. It is a great product. I am currently having an issue with the TuneIn radio plugin. I installed it, but no audio will play. All the images and things download and look good, but when I click play I get an error in my web console. I have tried several different radio stations with no luck. I also checked the TuneIn site and it worked fine. I am using the browser and have tried it on Firefox and Chrome. Attached are my server logs and the console log from Chrome. Emby version: 3.0.5984.0 stable TuneIn version: 1.0.5810.30121 Firefox and Chrome are both up to date Thank you in advance for the help! emby.home.lan-1467649093679.log server-63603226353.txt transcode-5b2f1756-8476-4409-98e4-e6ea3eedd0c5.txt
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