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Found 2 results

  1. I guys . I'm totally new to emby so i hope my question won't be too stupid for you Status : HP n 54l with xpenology and plex media server. I want to switch from plex to emby because there is nos significant improvement on hardware transcoding since a year and i need a plex pass to use it. Purpose : Adding a Nvidia gt1030 for Hardware transcoding on the fly 4K HEVC from it to read it from a distant place. Is there any chance it works ? Like i dont whant to waste my money I decided to try emby on my gaming computer (gtx980 + 6600k + win 10) to see how mature was hardware transcoding on Emby. Just installed the server and running it. No configuration other than switching to Nvidia NVENC. Switch to my Z3 tablet with the android app and do this : Try to read a full HD movie in H264 - without transcoding => OK CPU 1% NO GPU - Transcoding to 720P 2mbps => 13% CPU 20% GPU (why ? shoudln't the cpu stay to 1%) Try to read a Full HD movie in H265 - without transcoding => OK CPU 1% NO GPU - transcoding to anything Doesn't work . (log attached). Any advice on the probability to decode 4h hevc with Hpn54l + gt1030 is welcome.(most of all for say to me it will works ) Any help to understand why my test was a faile dis welcome too. Let me now if you need any other informations or If i forgot something.
  2. Hi. I have some problems and questions with Emby on my N54l. At first - I'm just learning ubuntu and Emby and I may don't know some simple things and don't know which logs should I add here. Currently I'm using Emby as mediaserver, Kodi 15 on my ODROID C1 ubuntu as main player and emby web interface on my workstation. I can't install new Emby addon for Kodi 15. When I open Beta repo - It doesn't show any addons for my Kodi. Before start I uninstalled old plugin. skin and old repo from Kodi. I think the problem is my Kodi 15 (development build) but I stuck with it as only Kody with odroid support. Emby settings told me what it wouldn't use transcoding if it doesn't needed. I can easylly play any video (even 1080p) directly with samba sharing (through gigabit network and wi-fi) on my workstation and my odroid. With all things running on my server it's hardly uses 2-4% of server CPU. But when I try to use Emby web on workstation - it starts to transcode video and eats 100% CPU and can play only 720p with 1MB/s. It is OK when I play video through internet from my parents house and may be good enough for N54l CPU, but for local gigabit network this quality is too low. If I use any better quality video freezes. I thought what if I use max resolution and bitrate for current video it should play it directly without transcoding, but I was wrong. It is just stops playing. I tried Plex instead of Emby and it works well, but I want to run Emby here. If I try to play video (even 480p) with old kodi plugin it doesn't play anything at all, just Freezes my odroid (I know there was emby plugin update for ARM, but look at issue#1 here). I can't understand why Emby thinks it should use transcoding. What settings I should change for letting me play 1080p directly? I know I can use network path to media folders instead of local paths and it should help me somehow but here is issue number 3. I shared my server media folders with samba and can access their content wih Win7 or ubuntu and Kodi on odroid. But when I try to set this network paths (like "\\\media\video\tvshow" or "\\Zserver\media\video\tvshow") for my Emby media library - Emby web just says path doesn't exist and still uses old local path ("root\Zdata\media\video\tvshow"). If I try to specify path through web interface - it shows nothing: no my server, no my workstation shared folders, just blank space. I saw somewhere what network path to media folders could solve my issue #2 so I'd like to know what am I have missed here. Sometimes when idle Emby stops responding through web and "//" says page doesn't exist. Even "service mediabrowser restart" can't help. Only solution for me is restart whole server. I think I should add log file here, but don't know which one. Also sometimes Emby web stops responding to mouse klicks in firefox. I have Adblock and NoScript installed but they both are off for If I use chrome instead all looks fine, but chrome is not my preferred browser. Is there any solution for this? hardware specs: If I need provide any logs - just ask.
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