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Found 11 results

  1. Just updated MediaBrowser Server to version 3.0.5099.2102 and noticed that Podcasts are no longer on the Scheduled Tasks-Library section. Is this by design?
  2. rmarcuse

    Emby Server Issue

    I recently had to reinstall both MB3 and emby for wmc. After installation I noticed that if I change the name of a folder it dissappears from wmc completely.. Also I notice that my initial library scan is taking hours to complete. I have reinstalled all the software and re added my folders twice. But if I change anything in the "manage your server panel (folders section) the folder I changed dissappears from WMC. I have included my last log files. Thank you for your help.server-install.logserver-63571564800.txtmbc-install.log
  3. I am using LAV filers for my codecs. I set the LAV configuration for no subtitles and "eng" in the preferred audio language. When I play files with dual audio, such as an anime file it's not selecting the eng audio track. I am I doing something wrong. Thanks for your help. I am using the latest version of MB3 Server and MBC.
  4. Hi, I had MB intros installed and WMC would crash every time I went to play a movie. TV shows played fine. I iunnstalled it and WMC works fine and the movies play correctly. Any solutions, I've included my last 2 server logs. Thanks in advance for your help
  5. icedragonslair

    Phantom/offline collection

    Is there a way to create an extension such as ,BRY (just an example) to allow MB3 to list movies that we have on disc but not one the media server for reference for our theaters. We accomplished this with .disc extensions in xbmc (using metabrowser for metadata) and it worked great, it even allowed us to make a note that told us that you needed to insert the disc to play it. I was wondering if this was possible with MB3 and if so is there a way to make it show whether it is a physical dvd or blu-ray disc, or do I need to get creative with the metadata to achieve this with MB3? Thanks loads, Ice
  6. Hello, Just a thought , would be possible to have MB3 S to auto start next episodes automatically after 12 seconds ? Thanks
  7. MB3 Sever MCM had a nifty little feature, it could create a html file with a list based on the titles in its database and export it, with information such as title, year, imdb link tmdb link, genre, where it is located on the server j:\folder etc. This is a nifty little feature, as the files can be uploaded to the net and does not take much space, but can become quite handy if you accidentally loses some or all of your collection, and has to recreate it in full or in part, so you know which movies to rip again or which you should get the insurance company to pay for. Html list or something that can be read by a spreadsheet (as you might want to sort the data according to drive and folder, if a sinlge drive has gode bad.) Maybe it can be made as a plug-in? EDIT: Can't seem to edit the title.
  8. Hello It would be nice if MB3 Server has an option to support multiple servers with one login The reason is if a user has 2 pc's and each pc has let say 3 or 4 Hard drive with data all across then MB3 Server with one login will show one large que of data This is not my original thought but i personally used it in Plex where i can have some movies and tv shows on my main server and some in my test laptop but as soon i start plex in Roku or via web login i am able to see both directories as it is all manged by one login and plex can actaully show status of both servers with no problem. This will fix the issue for 1- less tech savvy users 2- Attract move users to MB3 3- fix the upgrade issue for people who cant afford buying more hardware or built a new server system or mass storage 4- give users some chance to view some of their collections if one of their pc goes down Just a thought something that can be added into Mb3 in the future Thank you very much
  9. rmarcuse

    Addtional Libraries

    I have my default movie library...but is there anyway to create another library. For example I have users who can all access my default media library but I would like to develop another library that only certain users can access. Is this possible?
  10. is there a way to backup your server settings? For example paths to content,users,plugins etc?? i updated to windows 8.1 and something went wrong when i tried to theme mediacenter. It's killed the user the server was on, now i have to start from scratch. Configuration would be much easier if you could create a backup file.. i guess this is a feature request if there is no way of doing it currently! can the mods move if necessary please???
  11. has anyone else noticed that newly added movies no longer show up with the new image lable? is this know or just me?
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