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  1. sundevil67

    Question about High Sierra

    Will 4.7.3 be available for "macOS 10.13+ (High Sierra and Above)"? I am stuck on High Sierra with the Mac mini I use to run Emby Server, at least until the budget allows for an upgrade. Is this the last Emby upgrade I'll be able to install on that machine?
  2. ellisd4

    Conversion Tool loses subtitles

    I am in the process of converting some of my MKV files to play properly on Apple TV. I tried out the conversion tool and it works great and the quality is great, but the subtitles embedded in the MKV file are lost during conversion. Is there a way to keep those? Application version: MacOS Not sure which log to provide.
  3. ellisd4

    4.7.3 randomly inaccessable

    After installing 4.7.3 yesterday Emby randomly becomes inaccessible and I have to "force quit" the process to restart the server. Seems to happen every 8 hours or so. embyserver-63791344189.txt hardware_detection-63791344195.txt
  4. nickysilver

    Setting up library

    Ok, i've posted a lot over the last few days as I set up emby for the first time. (migrating from Plex) Today's question: I'm running the server on Nvidia Shield. I'm managing the server on my mac laptop. The media, about 2500 movies is located on a hard drive plugged into the shield. Now, as i set up this main library, I am editing ALL the metadata. I manually enter a "critic rating" then sort by critic rating, thus i get the 2500 movies in order from what I think are masterpieces to what I think are, well, odd junk that i sorta like. As I do this on the mac, shouldn't what I see on the shield match it exactly? It doesn't. Foe instance, the very first three movies on the mac are , in this order, The Apartment, All About Eve, 2001: A Space Odessy. On the shield they appear in this order: The Apartment, 2001:A Space Odessy, All about Eve. (I realize this is sort of labor intensive and, well, a little nuts, but there you are.) Shouldn't they match? I'm only managing the server on the mac, after all. (All three of those movies are rated "10" btw.) Also, in both locations, if I have 30 movies all with the critic rating 7.5, they appear together, as one would expect, but in REVERSE alphabetical order (from Z to A), This seems very odd to me. Not as problematic as the first issue, but very strange. Thoughts? Help? ten thousand thank yous!!
  5. Hello, Still quite new to using Emby with Docker. Below is the line from my container run for the configuration folder. The container creates the folder. I also tested prior by having the folders already created locally. However the container is still creating the folder within itself as far as I know. I also have a Sonarr setup where I'm using a similar line of code to have it put its configuration files in the below successfully. I just wanted to have all of my containers configuration files uniformly accessible in the same location incase I want to check logs outside of the respective services, and create backups without having to backup the entire container. Regards, Vivid
  6. Hi @Luke & @ebr I wanted to know if there is a beta update of the Emby for macOS app that supports M1 Macs. If not, do you have a rough estimate of when it will be updated on the macOS App Store? Thanks, Braeden
  7. David9Points

    Subtitles not downloading on MacOS

    Hello, Although scheduled to run each night. The process to download any new subtitles is set to run, and does. However, it doesn't download all the subtitles, in fact it fails with the following message: ffmpeg subtitle extraction failed for file:"/Users/David/emby-server/cache/temp/23f0ce6d-0784-4cf4-afe8-dc84a7fd885f.txt" to /Users/David/emby-server/cache/subtitles I have noticed a number of the TV Show's I have on my NAS (That is connected to Emby) doesn't have subtitles. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks
  8. I'm trying out Emby for the first time. Is there any way to put beats per minute (BPM) info into Emby for music tracks? It's something that I use a lot in my current setup. Emby looks promising and I hope there's some way to include this info for music.
  9. mistercoffee

    [PSA] MacOS system requirements for 4.3.x

    Posting this in case it helps someone avoid the issue I had. Emby Server for MacOS 4.3.x requires MacOS 10.13 -- this is a change from Emby Server 4.2.x which could run on MacOS 10.12. The release notes don't mention this (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/blog/1/entry-477-emby-server-43-released/) Even worse, the Wiki lists the requirement as MacOS 10.6.3 (https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/System-requirements) This is disappointing as I'm not the first person to point this out but the release notes and Wiki haven't been updated. Consider this a friendly nudge to update the documentation accordingly.
  10. user101xy

    Force shutdown

    Hi I noticed that my PC stopped responding after a few hours. Emby is stops playing a stream but cannot be closed. It only helps to press the on / off switch for a long time to switch off the PC. Is it an Emby Problem?
  11. Pelon

    Versión 4.5.20 on MacOS

    I see there is a version 5.4.20 for macOS, yet the blog that describes the changes included in this version only states that this is to address some issues on Windows. Is there any reason to upgrade to this version on a Mac?
  12. leeknight1981

    New Media won’t play

    Ok I have added some new movies as I have done for many years but today they got added I went to play them and they said “Playback Error” then totally disappeared! removed from the folder and re scanned! then created a new folder called movie test and it’s done exactly the same and won’t play... please advise as I wanna watch this film, So Badly I’ll attach the logs if I am able but don’t wanna be Pissing about all night, Regards L33 IMG_9831.MP4
  13. sdjvincent

    Big Sur support

    Hi, Just a quick check to see if Emby is fully compatible with Big Sur before I update my server? Thanks in advance!
  14. My Emby server is Version on a Mac Mini. I keep Emby player open on the Mac Mini and remote control the player using the player app from various other devices -- my Android phone, and Android tablet, my Macbook, my wife's PC laptop. About once a week or so, when I click the "Play On" icon on a remote player, nothing shows in the list of available players to control. It just says "Play On" with nothing below it. If this happens on, for example, my phone, I'll go to my MacBook and try from there but get the same result. In other words, it affects all players on all devices when it happens. Library content from the server is still visible and playable locally on that device. The way I've found to "fix" it is to VNC into the Mac Mini (it's headless) and change the focus of the active apps -- if Emby player is the front-most active window, I'll click on the desktop to make the Finder active, then click Emby to make it active again. If Emby isn't the front-most window, I'll bring it to the front. Basically any change to the focus of Emby player on the server fixes it. Thoughts? thanks
  15. mireki1975

    Move from macOS to Linux

    Hi there , i think about to move from my mac mini to a Intel NUC with Linux. Now i have a few Questions : is there a clean way to backup restore all settings without rebuilding the Library? I think about a 10th Generation i5 NUC will this be a good choice even for transcoding? (Max 2 streams) besides emby is FHEM,iobroker and a TVheadend Server running. Server only - no tv attached which OS would you prefer ? Ubuntu? Debian? Thanks for tipps
  16. michael.travan

    ALAC/m4a files playback error

    Hello everybody, since I started using Emby (2-3 months now), I've never been able to play my ALAC/m4a hires audio files. Every time I try to play a file, the "no compatible streams" error comes up. This happens on macOS version of Emby (last update), on the webOS version, but it doesn't happen on my iOS device. Think I've read any thread on the matter, to no avail. Thanks for any help on this Logs follow --- hardware_detection-63721763186.txt embyserver.txt
  17. It's been a while Just got Emby working on my 2018 Mac Mini which is more or less dedicated to being a media server. Works well but when someone starts playing a video that needs transcoding the CPU ramps up a ton for about two minutes for FFMPEG to transcode the file and have it ready. This has been the case since I first turned it on, starting with 'Enable Hardware Transcoding' set to 'yes' and no other options touched. I realized that hypothetically I should be able to access whatever QuickSync/T2 based hardware acceleration this thing has via whatever FFMPEG Emby is using, so I checked out 'advanced' and then saw VideoToolbox which I guess acts as a wrapper for any hardware interfaces Apple would expose. I know there have been other threads talking about this, but none of them seem conclusive. Either way, turned it on, then things really started to get interesting. The CRF setting never changed, I've always had it set to 23 (default) but for some reason when VideoToolbox was on the quality of the transcode dropped like a rock! Even in the client trying to tell it to get 60Mbps 1080p still resulted in the same blocky mess. Disappointed with the results I decided to turn the Enable hardware acceleration when available back from advanced to yes and there I started encountering different problems. The Video quality went back to normal but I noticed sometimes in the clients I tried to use (chrome on another computer) the video would never start playing. I'd get a somewhat normal looking log file but I would never see the client playing information in the dashboard and the video would never start! Restarted the computer and things seemed normal. Yet sometimes I'm having a hard time getting transcoded videos to play now using Chrome. I wanna start by addressing the source of my first issue : Is hardware encoding on the Mac Mini ever going to actually be a viable thing or should I give up? I will include two logs which resulted from trying to play one file, the first time with the software AVC encoder and the second with VideoToolbox. There's some weird stuff going on here, without turning VideoToolBox on, the encoder goes through and checks if hardware transcoding is viable: >>>>>> Affected codecs Encoder libx264 Software Encoder Profiles: Baseline Profile (Level 6.2), Main Profile (Level 6.2), High Profile (Level 6.2), High 10 Profile (Level 6.2), High 4:2:2 Profile (Level 6.2), High 4:4:4 Predictive Profile (Level 6.2) >>>>>> FindVideoEncoder - Media: h264, UseHardwareCodecs: True, Mode: Automatic Info Checking: 'libx264 Software Encoder' Info Check successful - selecting 'libx264 Software Encoder' >>>>>> FindVideoDecoder - MediaType: h264, Mode: Automatic Info Checking: 'Automatic software decoder' Info Check successful - selecting 'Automatic software decoder' >>>>>> Processing Plan Info Name CanDoInHardware WillDoInHardware Reason Info Automatic software decoder >> False False Software Codec Info VideoInput >> False False Not a hardware decoder Info SubtitleBurnIn >> False False Info VideoOutput >> False False Not a hardware encoder Info libx264 Software Encoder >> False False Software Codec >>>>>> Projected Processing Formats Info Previous HW-Context Format SW-Format Next Info h264 >> - yuv420p yuv420p >> subtitles Info subtitles >> - yuv420p yuv420p >> It seems to think it can't be done in hardware because it has subtitles. But with VideoToolBox turned on, it somehow makes due: Affected codecs: >>>>>> VideoToolbox H.264 Profiles: Baseline Profile (Level 6.2), Main Profile (Level 6.2), High Profile (Level 6.2), High 10 Profile (Level 6.2), High 4:2:2 Profile (Level 6.2), High 4:4:4 Profile (Level 6.2) >>>>>> FindVideoDecoder - MediaType: h264, Mode: Custom Info FindVideoDecoder - Checking: 'Automatic software decoder' (Priority: 0) Info FindVideoDecoder - Check successful - selecting 'Automatic software decoder' >>>>>> FindVideoEncoder - Media: h264, UseHardwareCodecs: True, Mode: Custom Info FindVideoEncoder - Checking: 'VideoToolbox H.264' (Priority: 100) Info Encoder supports input stream Info FindVideoEncoder - Check successful - selecting 'VideoToolbox H.264' This is the first area of confusion and the first thing I'd like input on. I'll see if I still have difficulty getting playback to start later. Hopefully someone else who has a similar MacMini with the same processor (3.2 GHz Intel Core i7) can help me out. Thanks VideoToolBox_Off.txt VideoToolBox_On.txt
  18. The oddest thing happens. I see multiple entries of the same library multiple times and have no idea on how to get rid of that. Anyone with an idea?
  19. After I start recording from an M3U source, wait a bit, and then go to Recordings and play the video, it plays fine for about 20 minutes and then Emby Server and my computer become largely unresponsive. My computer, in particular, loses all network connections; many applications will not run or exhibit strange behavior; it won't even shut down properly, so I have to turn off the power. Note that this procedure produces the same problem every time, regardless of how long I let the video record before playing and whether throttling is enabled or not. Playing videos for which recording has completed works fine. Logs are attached. Also, I noticed that my system log reports the following error around the time the crash occurs: kernel void IOAccelFenceMachine::fence_timeout(IOTimerEventSource *): IntelAccelerator prodding blockFenceInterrupt I thought this issue might be macOS specific (I'm on Catalina 10.15.2), so I installed the Emby Server Docker container, but I get the same behavior - my computer doesn't freeze, but the container becomes unresponsive, forcing me to restart it. embyserver-63712345059.txt ffmpeg-directstream-f851e438-65a6-4be2-a518-c610c06fda5e_1.txt hardware_detection-63712342884.txt
  20. davide999

    Unable to connect TV

    I’m trying to connect my Panasonic TV to the Emby server which is running on an iMac with macOS Catalina. Despite following the installation instruction I’m not succeeding and I don’t know why. My set-up has both the TV and the iMac on the same network running on 5GHz. I’ve tried moving them both to 2.4 GHz but it makes no difference. The TV is using a fixed IP address and I've added this address to the White List. From the iMac I can see the TV on the network and the Firewall is open. The TV DLNA settings recognises the MAC address of the iMac and is permitted to access that address. The TV DLNA also has permission to access locally a Denon amplifier and Sonos speaker. When I start the Media Server on the TV it displays both the Denon and Sonos but not the TV. ​I've also noted that if I close the Emby server on the iMac I cannot restart it again without rebooting the iMac. I guess I've made a mistake somewhere as this behaviour can't be standard. The logs don’t mean a great deal to me but I’d really appreciate it if someone could take a look and see if there’s anything obvious that I’ve missed. Davide embyserver-63709416338.txt hardware_detection-63709415846.txt
  21. I've seen some helpful posts regarding this by some advanced users, notably @@skidmarks and @@Tur0k but I'm having no luck. Anyone else successfully doing this with PIA? My setup is: * Emby server on MacOS 10.12.6 Sierra and also running PIA 1.1.1 * Internet is cable to an ISP-supplied modem, WAN port to Asus RT-AC68U, ethernet to the Emby server. * Emby server has a manually-assigned IP via the Asus GUI to its MAC address. * Emby remote port is 8096 via http When my server is not connected to the PIA VPN, I can scan the server's public-facing IP (from another computer) for open ports and I see 8096 is indeed open. When I connect the server to the VPN and scan the server's new public-facing IP, 8096 isn't open. These are the things I've tried and have all failed: 1. Forward 8096 to the server's local IP address via the Asus GUI. 2. Enable port-forwarding in the PIA VPN client; change the Emby server remote http port to the port the VPN is forwarding (this is a read-only assigned port in PIA); forward the new port to the server's local IP address via the Asus GUI. Scanning the new public-facing IP shows the new port (and 8096) is not open. 3. Same as #2 but leave the Emby remote port as the default 8096. 4. In the Asus GUI additionally specify the destination local port as 8096. 5. All of the above with different PIA VPN locations among the ones that support port-forwarding. 6. All of the above with MacOS firewall disabled. Thanks!
  22. tvmainia

    error recording

    I have two concurrent streams available from provider. i wanted to record two shows at the same time. one recorded, the other one didn't. here are the logs: https://pastebin.com/y37Y0e3y ffmpeg log: https://pastebin.com/gcGAELdE MacOS 10.13.6 thank you! tvmainia
  23. mistercoffee

    Album artist sort not ignoring "the"

    I could swear this was working correctly before v4.x but I could be mistaken... Please see screenshot below -- I'm sorting by Album Artist and note that artists starting with "the" are being sorted by "the." It looks like system.xml is configured correctly (I haven't changed defaults): <SortRemoveWords> <string>the</string> <string>a</string> <string>an</string> </SortRemoveWords> Thanks!
  24. Server: MacOS Sierra 10.12.6, v Client: Moto G5 Plus, Android 8.1.0, v 3.0.31 This applies to music playback. Scenario 1: When I connect the Android app to remote control the Chrome web player running on the server, initially everything is fine. But if I leave everything idle for a period, say a few hours, then pick up my phone again to play something different, the "now playing" display either doesn't update or is not visible at all. Sometimes the remote-controlled player actually plays in response anyway even though there's no visual indication on the Android, sometimes not. What always solves this is choosing "disconnect" from the remote menu on Android and then reconnecting. Scenario 2: The same except I don't pause playback, I leave it playing for a few hours, then when I pick up the Android to pause it, there's no "now playing" or transport at all, meaning I can't pause it. The disconnect/reconnect always solves this too. I see that the Android app no longer saves logs -- anything else I can provide that would help diagnose? thanks
  25. SE56

    Can not find emby server

    I have been trying to find my Server via the Emby LG app, manually or select server. But can not be found. It's strange that Plex works fine without issue, I'm just here testing the waters for a possible migration. WebOS 1.4 on 2014 UHD LG TV MacOS 10.14.2 Emby Server version : 3.5.3 Download the app from LG store without issue, used the link process several times, logged into Emby. Look forward to any suggestions
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