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Found 2 results

  1. FrontView+ for LCD/VFD Screens Following a request over in FrontView+ forum I wrote a small plugin for LCDSmartie to enable playback display of LCD/VFDs for Emby. It levers off the FrontView+ Emby Server Plugin that was written for the windows app FrontView+. (Phew a bit of word salad - hopefully you follow): LCDSmartie is a Windows app that enables support of a wide range of LCD and VFD displays - it is also very customisable. Lcdsmartie supports LCD/VFD's with a Hitachi HD44780 Controller, a Matrix Orbital Serial/USB LCD, Crystalfontz Serial/USB LCD, Seetron Serial LCD/VFD, IRTrans driven VFDs, SoundGraph iMON VFDs, Futaba VFDs, Pertelian LCDs, VL System L.I.S VFDs, IEE Inc. VFDs, and PalmOS devices (when used with PalmOrb). Steps: Basically Download LCDSmartie, add LCDSmartie Emby Plugin, add EmbyServer plugin, configure and run! First: Download LCDSmartie https://sourceforge.net/projects/lcdsmartie/files/lcdsmartie/Beta/ Latest version please (which is 2013!) Download: Zip Contents: (5 files only) ( attached to this post) Howto!.txt FrontViewLCDSmartie.dll (-- is the plugin for LCD Smartie - this goes in the plugin directory of LCDSmartie) LCDSmartie.exe.config (-- is the config file for LCD Smartie - main directory of LCDSmartie) config.ini (example config.ini to get started) iMON_OEM_LCD.dll (iMON Display driver goes in LCDSmartie/display directory) Use if using iMON/enables icon support. GOES ON EMBY SERVER: Download from Emby Catalog FrontView+ API (Below Thumb): Current Version Steps: Install LCDSmartie somewhere eg. C:\LCDSmartie\ Copy config.ini to this directory - replace the one that is there. Copy LCDSmartie.exe.config to this directory - replace the one that is there. Edit LCDSmartie.exe.config file: You need to point to you Emby Server and Port if not 8096. <configuration> <appSettings> <add key="FrontViewLCDSmartie.IPAddress" value="CHANGE THIS TO EMBY SERVER IP ADDRESS eg."/> <add key="FrontViewLCDSmartie.Port" value="8096"/> <add key="FrontViewLCDSmartie.RefreshRate" value="300"/> <add key="FrontViewLCDSmartie.ServerRefresh" value="1000"/> </appSettings> <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true"> <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" /> </startup> <runtime> <loadFromRemoteSources enabled="true" /> </runtime> </configuration> RefreshRate = is screen RefreshRate (LCDSmartie suggests 300ms) ServerRefresh- is frequency of server checking in milliseconds. eg. 1000 = 1 sec. Suggest leave these at default Alter as needed - change IPAddress to Emby Server IP eg. <add key="FrontViewLCDSmartie.IPAddress" value=""/> Setup Emby Server: See FrontView+ post for more information. (http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/31037-frontview-for-windowsimon-replacement-nowplaying-2nd-screen/ or Manual in this post) Install from catalog: FrontView+ API Restart Emby Server. When restarted - go to plugins, should see FrontView API as plugin - select Settings (once or twice), then select Emby Client that LCDSmartie is to display information for. Click Save. Then: Start LCDSmartie. Setup Display: eg. iMON_OEM_LCD.dll usage Config as needed. All screens are very configurable - configure actions to decide what screen is shown when certain actions occured - ie. Audio playback show different screen etc. FrontViewLCDSmart.dll / LCDSmartie Options To get your particular display working will have to look at LCDSmartie website or online - plenty of help out there. Once you have text on your display you are ready to configure what you want to show and when. As you can probably gather using LCDSmartie is hard to describe, once started - however soon makes sense. Edit Screens 1-20 as needed to display what you wish. Edit Actions to change to these screens as needed. Tip: The Sticky checkbox for each screen means it will not move away from this screen as an action occurs. Certainly what I would recommend. To use FrontView LCDSmartie Plugin: Where you want text displayed you enter: $dll(FrontViewLCDSmartie.dll,8,,) -- This calls the FrontViewLCDSmartie dll and runs function 8 - which returns text based on that function & $dll(FrontViewLCDSmartie.dll,1,Title,) - you can pass info you want to the Plugin and relevant text will be returned. In this case - "Title" Functions of FrontViewLCDSmartie.dll Plugin Generally LCDSmartie uses $dll(FrontViewLCDSmartie.dll,<Function Number>, Param 1, Param 2) We don't both of the params - sometimes none, and sometimes param1 only - hence the commas Function 1: Usage $dll(FrontViewLCDSmartie.dll,1,<Options Below>,) PlayingClientID , ID , Filename, IsPaused , Overview ,TimePosition, Album, Director ,Rating, Tagline, Studio, IsPlaying, MediaType, Title, Year, Track ,Genre ,PrimaryItemId ,BackdropItemId , Artist ,EpisodeNumber ,SeasonNumber , ShowTitle ,Duration ,IsMuted ,Volume , AirDate,NowViewingName ,NowViewingSeriesName ,NowViewingArtists ,NowViewingAlbum ,NowViewingMediaType eg. $dll(FrontViewLCDSmartie.dll,1,ShowTitle,) to display the ShowTitle of NowPlaying item BEWARE: Some MediaTypes may not fill all these settings! Function 2: Returns ClientID of Selected Emby Client Function 3: Returns Server IP and Port Function 4: Returns Percentage of file completed Function 5: Returns Current Time of Playback eg: 00:04:44 Function 6: Returns Length of File eg. 00:44:55 Function 7: Returns State of Playback: No Playback = 0 Episode = 2 Movie = 3 Audio = 4 Trailer = 5 AdultVideo = 6 MusicVideo = 7 Game = 8 Book = 9 ChannelVideoItem = 10 (Trailer for me) Everything else = 1 Function 8: Returns Title of Media - based on Playback if TV - Returns ShowTitle plus series/Episode if Movie Title if Audio Title & Artist enables function 8 to be used as general Header function. Function 9: Returns Overview of the show or Artist If TV returns Overview, if Audio returns Artist. New as of version Function 10: Returns Number based on Playing Type - TV: returns 3 - Movie: returns 6 - Audio: returns 7 Function 11: Returns Number based on AudioProfile or if blank Audio Codec - DTS: returns 27 - AC3: returns 28 - MP3: returns 25 Function 12: Returns Number of Audio Channels - Number equals number of channels eg.5.1 = 6 Function 13: Return Pixel Height of Video Playing eg. 720, 1080 etc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds Complicated but once start fiddling - not too bad. I've included a config.ini file which includes setup for Common Emby Screens (just two of them) but infinitely customisable. LCDSmartie - seems to have issue saving more than 17 Actions - can edit the file manually and functions correctly. Let me know how you go! Good Luck Update: Updated Server Plugin to Wasn't passing Album data, and better checks for Null - should pass empty strings if null - avoid error message New Update: Server Plugin to - finally fixed Jquery page load issues/current selection correctly highlighted LCDSmartie to - changes to 8859-1 encoding for better compatibility with LCDSmartie & enables Foreign Characters to be escaped/changed as needed Glenn LCDSmart Frontview and LCDSmart Fontview iMON Icon support.zip
  2. FrontView+ is an update and a new name for Yatse2 – Yatse2 was a program written by Tolriq for use on Home Theatre Windows Based PCs for Second LCD Screen information. FrontView+ is an update on this older code (to .Net 4.5.1) adding further features and additional remote code to support Plex and Emby, with two additions for improved functionality with both Kodi and Emby. (Kodi service and Emby Plugin) There is no question that FrontView+ would not exist without Yatse and Tolriq code – many thanks for the open source nature of this code. FrontView+ remains open source with the code on Github.com Basically if you have a PC case with a build-in LCD Screen eg. like these two: This is the program to be running for your media-center. Nothing else in my experience does the job as well. FrontView+ takes this blank screen, or the very old now unsupported iMon software and turns it into this: USAGE Use your second LCD Screen for Now Playing Information with fanart/Backdrops and remote controlTouch Screen Remote control (if player supports)Shows Fanart as you browse Media Center – Fanart updates depending on the Browsing option (Kodi only – needs kodi.service installed)Shows Default Fanart on other media centers and if no extrafanart for selectionSupports Fanart and CdART for Music Playback for all media centersSupports PVR Channel infoSupports sending of HTTP Commands at certain Playback events – enabling FrontView+ to trigger home automation commandsSupports MPC-HC as external Player for Kodi usageIncludes its own local SQL Database for browsing and starting playback of filesSupports Kodi (full support – requires service.addon), Emby (full support – needs Emby Server Plugin), Plex (partial now Playing support only)Emby New Home Theatre Example [video=youtube] Emby WebClient Fanart Example: [video=youtube] Install Manual included in Setup file - for install instructions. Manual Only: https://www.mediafire.com/?v8232d1ww2166bb Update Version 1.108 Kodi Service Fix - Inadvertent error in KodiService past couple of releases - Fixed here. (Only change Kodi FrontView Service) Download from Mediafire: Link Below: https://www.mediafir...11ns9cc9sp3k34u Version 1.108 - Hopefully fix focus issue that was created by refreshing screen on awake/sleep/screen change. (if using <DisableResolutionDection>false - to restore screen settings after sleep) Let me know if doesn't Latest:https://github.com/Ghawken/FrontView/releases/ Changelog: Version 1.200 Fix for Save Settings if Blank Items. Fixes for DDC when slow to later check connection possible. More DDC logic fixes Add Checkbox box to disable nowPlaying MediaIcons Installer registry changes to mark Frontview+.exe as HPIDPIAWARE Add nosplashscreen CmdLine argument option to disable splashscreen (run Frontview.exe nosplashscreen - to disable splash) Changes for DisplayScreen to enable better support for unusual screen setups/Virtual Desktops (rewriting the DisplayScreen code) Add Option to NOT show MediaIcons on NowPlaying Screen Now Shows MediaIcons on TV NowPlaying screen Fix for TV NowPlaying Title size issues Changed MediaIcons to slightly darker versions Remove wyUpdate Code (may revisit later) Version 1.199 Beta Change to remote Version numbers Emby - just use first 3 digits (eg. 3.1 etc) Addition of DDC/CI Monitor Settings Control: Under DDC/Amp in Settings - will only work with monitors that support DDC (and unsure re USB Monitors) Allows FrontView to control the monitor settings directly (same as adjusting monitor menu settings) Enables FrontView to completely lower brightness and contrast during playback - avoiding a blank yet still 'bright' screen Add MediaIcons to NowPlaying Movie Screen: Very limited screen real estate. Happy to take suggestions for placement Todo: Add checkbox to remove displaying icons Fix to Disable MediaIcons in NowPlaying Popup MovieDetails Screen Version 1.195b Sorry Installer did not include the skinable casesVersion 1.195 Add Kodi Krypton Remote Connection Option (minimal changes - but works) Add Icon_ for Kodi Emby Remote: Version/Name Info (may need to reconnect remote on new server versions) Change to Remote Code naming - may need to delete db and refresh Add Kodi CoverArt Option: Skinable Bluray and DVD Case (can also add for Emby if interested - but Emby CoverArt gives same impact) Version 1.190 Add MediaIcons to MovieDetails Screen DB Upgrade Needed (will happen automatically) But will need to full refresh library Few Fixes MediaIcon Size Slider added to Fanart Screen Version 1.185 Fixes for Plex - V.Limited (as before) support for Plex - NowPlaying screen only. Add Settings Buttons for Logos; UseLogo optional; and Size of Logo and Size of Text settings. Added Logos to Movies and TV show Details Screen Added Logos to NowPlaying Screen Fix for absent Play Button Details Screen Add Skin Logo Default Image (must be blank) Formatting changes to better support multiple screen sizes Version 1.171 Fix for Screen bouncing around - sorry! Fix for Fanart Opacity not saving Add Settings Screen for some Skin Settings - Two new settings: Under Skin Extra: Controls Cover Size in Movies Screen Text: Controls Now Playing size in both TV and Movies NowPlayingAdd Slider for SemiCircle Opacity: below fanart Opacity Slider. More major: Universal Coverflow/Skin settings - recognises size of remote Cover's (Movies/TV separate) sizes and resizes the coverflow appropriately. Should be compatible with any CoverArt treatment from Emby. No longer need to keep aspectRatio selected. (all covers do need to be the same size within TV and Movies) Deleted some skins - as not needed - settings pages cover. New Settings: To Change NowPlaying Playback: Top one: Extras (skin) Changes the Cover on the Now Playing Movies screen 1.164 Add Display Selection Box - enables as many screen as liked to be selected Resolution fixes - should display options for more Add FanArtOpacity Slider to settings (xml file no longer used) Fix PremeireDate Emby Format 1.162 Skin Changes Very slow work... Changed Movies Details Screen, TV episode and TV Info Screen Add Opacity to Fanart - in Styles.xaml (select number from 0-1 to dim to black the fanart in all screens) Resize Settings screen if 480 pixels deep Some other changes New skins to support different Emby Coverart Treatments - still no complete covers all possibles solution. Note Coverflow - fits to this frame perfectly Also the background is selected dim-level as requested (within Styles.xaml) Version 1.159 Fix Cropped nowPlaying Screen (Best results delete Thumbnail Cache in %appdata% - will be regenerated) Fix Movie_TextSize incorrectly applying to both title and time (now separate settings for both) & Fix IP Receiver setting More skin changes - can change size of Cover items in NowPlaying Movies (few default options - within Styles.xml) All skins now default to newer larger Cover Size - 'Default' is still the smaller size. Older or custom skins will need new Skin/skinname/xaml/Styles.xaml --> copied and replaced in older folders for correct functioning Version 1.158 Correct functioning of DisableScreenPositioning in settings.xml file (turn on to stop FrontView+ being draggable) Allow Skins to change Logo (add new %appdata%/Skin/skinname/Interface/Logo.png) to Skin folder Version 1.156 Emby Remote Return Button Fix Pioneer IP Control : Volume Percentage Fix Pioneer IP Control : Mute Undim correctly works. Major Skin Changes - Checks for Default skin if missing component of new skin. (just change what ever skin component need for new skin) Multiple skins now included as default (as minimal space) Added 'BaseSkin' - copy this and replace whatever skin component wish to change. Also - my new Favourite Red Curtain and Red Curtain Large (NowPlaying Large) Some logic Changes to Emby Fanart Always - more compatible with Multiple Remote connections (should need any path changes) Version 1.154 Add option to connect to Receiver (with IP control) for all volume commands and to reflect Receiver Volume in FrontView+ (Currently compatible with most Pioneer models- can consider supporting others) Additional Settings screen for above. Default Off. Change Skins (NB: may cause issues with older Skins - if so overwrite Skin/SkinName/xaml/*.* with current contents to resolve) Allow NowPlaying Screen Text Size to be edited. Change NowPlaying TV Screen to show Title Name above Playbar. Change Home Screen Layout if Hide Audio Menu Selected Add Stop Button to NowPlaying Screen Mute Button Now reflects Mute status (of Player) Emby Remote: Functional Seek Bar Functional Volume Slider/VolumeUP when ET supports such. Correct Focus confirmed - awaiting ET fix. Version 1.137 Add Settings Button to Hide Audio Main Menu EMBY Remote: (ver 170) Some Bug Fixes Deal with multiple movie Folders (rather than directories within) Add HTTP Play Delayed send option (enables to send HTTP after certain time of playback configurable in seconds) e.g Playback started - dim lights to 50%, 10 seconds into playback Dim to 100% Version 1.130 Check silently for available updates at Startup (and set Settings information) Emby Remote - Fix lack Season Selection Screen issue Bug Fixes for Quick Refresh Version 1.127 Update Emby FrontVersion Version number Change Movies sort to DateCreated rather than Premiere Date (Emby) Version 1.126 Test of online update Small typo Fix in Settings screen Purpose of this major update is to enable Quick Refresh of the Library on Start. This has been enabled for both Emby and Kodi Remote Connections. Should run in around 5-10 seconds. This is to make useful the date sort - which isn't that much use if have to update whole Library to use. 1.125 Purpose of this major update is to enable Quick Refresh of the Library on Start. This has been enabled for both Emby and Kodi Remote Connections. Should run in around 5-10 seconds. This is to make useful the date sort - which isn't that much use if have to update whole Library to use. Major SQL Database Changes addition of Date/Needs DB update - which should occur. Date data will not be present until a full Library Download is run. Settings Buttons Additions. If issues - delete FrontView+.db file and restart, resetting up Remote Movie Sort to Date Added Fixes for IDRemote Data Change to using WyUpdate to download small updates (hopefully the last mediafire install package needed) 1.116 Remove Emby Virtual episodes from local database Change TV Show sort to order by latest episodes - selection in Library Settings (Order TV Shows by Show- but those with latest episode first) Fix for some Trace logging if no remote 1.115 Add ShowInTaskbar xml settings file Few changes for MiniseAlways Release 1.115 Adds ShowInTaskbar settings.xml setting - can be true or false - if false FrontView will not show up in taskbar Release 1.114 Fixes for Weather (Changes between Day and Night Icons depending on current Sunsetfor both current and Forecast){Rightly or wrongly for Forecast} Happy to have feedback. EMBY remote: Fix for Trailer Change/Server Update/Backwards compatible Add DimAmount and Time of Dim /Dim Time in Seconds to Settings screens. Release 1.113 WEATHER API Completely rewritten - do need Wunderground API Key however! (free, easy access) https://www.wunderground.com/weather/api/?apiref=8d0e3e3f8bf9e135 Link in Setting Page Completely rewritten Weather API - Moved to Wunderground New Weather Icons, Backgrounds Search works - huge range of location options; given Wunderground Release 1.112 Add Xml Settings <DimAmount> value from 0 to 1 (eg. 0.5, or 0.9) amount of Dim applied to screen (setting also adjustable with Skin Animation.xml file) Depending on skin may override Settings.xml setting. Version 1.111 https://www.mediafire.com/?uuw6dvwkwdmhbiy Fix to Remote Control Timing Startup issues with Emby Additional support for Old EMBY Theater (MediaBrowser.UI) Version 1.110 Emby Remote Updated:(1.105) Major changes to AudioLibrary Download. (a bit slower download as more info) Far better Null checks from data from Database. Correction/Working Music Genres Focus Changes - compatible with Emby.Theater 2 (Enable in Settings.xml <KeepFocus>true --> will try to keep focus to Emby.Theater -> at least return it to Emby.Theater after remote commands) https://www.mediafire.com/?xi4s9vg946wc5uu Version 1.107 - Reinstate DisableResolutionDetection: -- setting in settings.xml file reinstates screen settings on screen change if <MinimiseAlways>false and <DisableResolutionDetection>false if <DisableResolutionDetection>true - will resort to current behaviour where screen changes are ignored. - Multiple Fixes for browsing fanart if changing from Kodi to Emby and back again KODI: - Fix/Ignore theme.mp3 files - no nowplaying info for these files and keeps relevant fanart going - (difficult to sort out but done I believe -Issue was keeping relevant Fanart going despite the playback event and loss of Path information) Further Fixes for config File Version 1.105 (Emby Plugin in Catalog) Bugfix for HTTPSend App exit related to name change Update EmbyServer Plugin to Class EMBY REMOTE: - Add ignore theme.mp3 files playback for NowPlaying screen for EMBY Remote (?maybe needs option - can't think why) - And ignore backdrop/theme.mp4 files - Add support for 'Video' Mediatypes in NowPlaying screen Fix Longstanding bug Fade In/Fade Out on Mute 26.2.16 Added ChangeRemote.exe commandline tool Usage: ChangeRemote {num} e.g ChangeRemote.exe 1 Will Close FrontView+ and reopen changing to selected default remote. Requested elsewhere to enable change from one remote to other quickly if using multiple media players. Attached to this post 22.2.16 FrontView+ API now in Emby Catalog for Download & Install. Release 1.104 and Emby ServerPlugin Adds escaping Foreign Characters if needed Corrects Page Loading issues and correctly shows selected device on pageload Release 1.104 Remove Remote Buttons if Client Does not support Remote Control Release 1.103 Changes to connection/more lightweight checking Release 1.102 Bug Fix - EMBY - allow server restart without FrontView Freeze until completed. Release 1.101 Bug Fix - for EventClient for Emby Remote (remove) Add Support for Kodi 16 Jarvis (name change only needed) Release 1.100: FrontView+ Inital Release ChangeRemote.zip
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