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  1. jorg8

    TMDB poster image

    Hi, I just uploaded a poster image to TMDB movie but Emby still can't find it when I go to edit images. How long does it take for me to find the image so I don't have to manually add it to Emby? Could it be cached somewhere? I have tried replacing all metadata and replacing existing images but still cannot find it.
  2. Good morning, Emby Server has been updated automatically and now the images contained in the monitored folders are no longer visible regardless of the type of library chosen (personal photos and videos - mixed content, etc.). I have already tried to shut down the server and delete the contents of the programdata\cache folder. Do you have solutions?
  3. Bonjour, Pour celles et ceux qui veulent utiliser Emby avec Windows Media Center pour Windows 10 Professionnel - 2004 - vous trouverez en téléchargement une image ISO bootable que vous pouvez installer sur n'importe quel PC 64 bits Le lien :https://uptobox.com/lmvwz163j4st Ce qu'il faut savoir : - Cette image a été créée à partir du disque de création d'image de Microsoft, dans une machine virtuelle, donc pas de risque de virus. - Vous devez vous procurez les drivers Windows 10 pour votre PC. - Il ne s'agit pas d'une version de Windows craquée, ce qui implique qu'il vous faudra acti
  4. Eleumas31

    problemi visualizzazione cover album

    Ciao! Dovrei vedere la cover dell'album come negli altri "Best Of" ma non accade. Che potrebbe essere? Ho controllato mille volte i metadati delle canzoni e aggiornato su Emby la libreria e i metadati ma nulla. E' l'unico album che mi da questo problema. Grazie in anticipo per l'aiuto.
  5. I have all my photos from my dSLR visible on my Emby install and it appears that something is creating PNG files that are the same size as the source content. The issue here is that the source files are typically 5472 x 3648 (Landscape) or 3648 x 5472 (Portrait). Is there a specific reason why it's creating these files for my images? There's absolutely no better to creating in JPG format -- they're already compressed as JPG. I'd expect to see it generate downsized versions at lower resolutions, not convert 1:1 to PNG and waste disk space. Here's some output from windirstat on my Em
  6. Hi guys, first off to the team; great work with the Halloween theme! That was a very pleasant surprise! Now to my point . One of the first things I noticed with the halloween theme was the background image on the overview page. I would like to implement my own image, but can not seem to find where to edit so it would show my image. Could you guys maybe help me with this? I don't mean when you've opened a movie or serie or w/e to see the info. But while looking through the movies and such. While we're at it. I'd prefer not to see the colored banners under the pictures. I'

    homescreen image wrong sizes

    hey, sorry if someone else has already asked this but couldnt find it anywhere on forum. on all applications i am using i have found that the home screen image is being cut off on every image and would like to ask if this can be fixed? its only a little thing but it bugs the hell out of me and dont want to changed my custom photos again just to fit the thumbnail. Thanks guys and sorry if its been posted already
  8. Galnath

    Edit chromecast main page

    Hi! First of all, congratulations to develop this magnificent app. I have a request, but I don't think that it's possible (hopefully yes). Is there any way I can edit the content of the ChromeCast main window (screensaver)? Like logo, message "Ready to cast" and the background. It would be great if it could be edited, especially to translate that message into Spanish in the Emby Server options. Thank you so much for your attention. Kindly regards.
  9. I have a primary image for all of the more than one thousand artists in my collection. However, less than one-half have a backdrop image. Is that anyway to cause Emby to use the primary image as the backdrop in the event there is no backdrop? Thanks!
  10. x_david_x

    Photo Playlists

    Hello, I'm brand new to Emby. My use case is to provide a way for my parents to view family photos and videos on their TV that exist on their home network. I'm planning on going down the Roku path. I've looked at Plex, Emby and Roku's own Media Player app. Nothing I have found will allow the photos to play as a screensaver (unless on a USB drive plugged right into the Roku), which would be ideal, to turn the TV into a digital picture frame. For now, it seems I'll need to settle for slideshow capability, where the users need to go into an app and actively start displaying images. From
  11. As you can see in the picture below, the actor thumbnails are recorded in 2 different ways, local position and tmdb link. But what I really want is that all the actor thumbnail are recorded as a tmdb link, yes I would rather load the images every time I explore the series in the library because I don't see necessity having those on my local disk permanently. Is there any way to achieve my need?
  12. twistedvincent

    Library Cover Images All The Same

    I've been (unsuccessfully) trying to get my library set up properly and there's been a seemingly random issue I have that, being new I have no idea how to solve. One of the four libraries in my media has an issue with it's cover image, basically it's the same cover repeated 4 times while the other libraries have 4 different images. I've tried deleting/reinstalling, refreshing metadata, different metadata settings etc., but it really is a random thing. I restarted the server once and the problem was solved but when I decided to split my movie library into 2 parts, 4K and HD, I can't s
  13. Hello, I’ve searched the Emby forums and have found very similar postings but without the clear answer I am searching for. My TV library stores each episode into a separate season sub-folder. So my library folder structure is similar to what is shown below. The parent series folder (Star Trek) has no actual episode files directly in it. Instead, the season sub-folders (Season 1) contains the individual episodes. When Emby goes to work on scanning the library: nfo files (i.e. tvshow.nfo) and image files are populated within the season sub-folders (Season 1). There are no nfo or im
  14. Compie

    download button not activated?

    On an Android device I can view & stream anything + the possibility to "download" and selected image (= opening the original photo from the server). But on an IOS client (ipad, iphone,...) I can view & stream but I can't download anything? The download button is visible (the arrow button) but It does nothing... Any ideas or a workaround for this? On IOS it is also not possible to Chromecast...
  15. CherryTree

    Emby cannot open images

    Hi, I just installed Emby and it works perfectly. Except the images. I cannot access them and that's what I saw in the log: 2018-12-10 17:06:50.191 Error App: Image Provider - Error reading image tag for /mnt/media/test.jpg *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /opt/emby-server/bin/ffprobe -restartexitcode 3 -updatepackage emby-server-deb_{version}_amd64.deb Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Process
  16. Mechanical Whispers

    Primary posters not downloading

    Greetings, I have had Emby for a long time now, and for a while it has had an issue where the primary images aren't being downloaded automatically for movies I add to the database. If I manually go in and edit images, I can do a search and grab the primary image. But for some reason, Emby isn't doing this automatically. I do notice that if I try to manually grab the primary image, in the selector, the first thumbnail is always blank. I'm guessing that's some website that Emby can no longer reach? And perhaps this is what it is set to as the default image to search for? Is there a way to tr
  17. Gents, is there a possibility to display the album image from the music file if this is present, instead of defaulting directly to the folder image? I have a lot of music that are from compilation albums and have thrown these in one large music folder without any further structure nor do I want Emby to index that properly. In other words, it's a mix tape but a very long one. Since Emby does try to scrape metadata for albums anyway, the tracks are displayed with surprisingly different covers. This afternoon when playing music, a Type-O-Negative track came up as an ABBA image, as that is
  18. Hello, Sorry to dig this one up from the grave, as another thread indicated this issue was solved, but I'm afraid the answer given doesn't address the underlying issue. Essentially, it seems that the Roku app defaults to the primary image when browsing unset (mixed content), but uses the proportions for a thumb image. Unfortunately, as this thread below indicates, I don't think this is simply a matter of unset (mixed content) view vs. content type view. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/55693-thumbs-as-primary-photo/ This actually seems like a bug and here's why: When
  19. It seems that the Favorites tile pulls images from all items in that library, not just the actual Favorited items. That's a bit confusing, as you can have an image displayed that is not actually a Favorite. Is this perhaps a bug? I'm using Emby Theater for Windows desktop, on Windows 10 x64. Let me know if you need any further details, or if I'm just missing something obvious. Thanks!
  20. arrbee99

    Replacing Primary Image

    Not a biggie, but was replacing a thumb for a TV series I didn't like, so I deleted it and added a new one, except I forgot to specify Thumb so it overwrote the Primary. No prob, I deleted the thumb shaped Primary and told it to Refresh Metadata and ticked Replace Existing Images. It didn't. Tried again. It didn't. So should I actually expect it too in this situation (adding in a missing Primary which was deliberately deleted).
  21. Hey guys, when I update an actor image in the web client of Emby Server (3.2.26) it gets removed instantly. Reloading the metadata doesn't bring them back. This just happens to my anime section. Updating my movie or tv show actors works fine. Please help. EDIT: I just found out that this just happens to some of the japanese actors. Still don't know why.
  22. blastbass

    Problem with the update of thumbnail.

    Hello ! I have a little problem with the refresh of the picture of the directory. I add a file in the directory, Emby generate metadata, pics art and generate the same image for the directory. But, when a delete or move the file, the directory keep the image of the movie ! Do you have the same problem ?
  23. Had to rebuild my server (got tired of Win7 VM on unRaid), and now have a dedicated box. First run of the Chapter image extraction task shows it ran for more than 10 hours. It has a limit of 4 hours. Is there a known bug where the limit isn't respected? I will post logs if it will help, but since a lot of activities have occurred the past 24 hours I know it will be massive. Any advice on what to look for in the log to help troubleshoot myself? I don't mind learning. I have attached images to help. Version 3.0.7200.0
  24. Hi I have a well organized photo collection where I maintain different albums; my problem is: Emby will generate a cover photo (primary and thumbnail images) for each album when it scans it first; later; I choose a particular image to be the album's primary image, and I set it manually as primary and thumbnail images. but after few days, I found that emby will regenerate a new cover image (most probably it's the same that was generated the first time); now my concerns are: I renamed the primary images as folder.jpg and tried also backdrop.jpg; why emby doesn't pick these by default, l
  25. Nologic

    Resize Images

    Why? I had noticed that my Images for People, had grown to over 22gigs...and thought that was a bit excessive, so I wrote this script & after running it those images came in under 3gigs, and as a result I'm a happy camper now. Notes: The Folders this script is to run against must be on ether a local or network mapped drive, as the script isn't setup to handle UNC paths. This script doesn't scale up images...only scales down. Requirements: AutoIt FFMpeg Instructions: Install AutoIt and set it to execute scripts when double clicked. Create a folder somewhere...lets cal
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