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Found 8 results

  1. Hallo I'm looking for the best workflow to transfer my music files into an emby library by preserving (must have) track rating and (nice to have) album rating. I have about 28k tracks. Approximately 75% ALAC / m4a; about 20% AAC and another 5% mp3. I have about some hundred audiobooks / audio drama - most of them ALAC / m4b. About 60% of my music tracks are rated (=> 17 k tracks); about 30% of my music albums are rated. I want to preserve this ratings and want to transfer the ratings into emby. But how? The iTunes app (MacOS) doesn't write ratings (track / album) into m
  2. al92780

    iTunes songs due not load in server

    iTunes Music does not load. Copied 4 iTunes songs, pasted them into EMBY Music folder and scanned library. Music folder present but no songs. Photos, in same hierarchy as Music (user/EMBY) work ok. Secondarily Live TV ON Now, no photos populate boxes. Attached file is the result of a Library Scan initiated at 13:54 2020 13-54 .txt
  3. I have a few handfuls of movies within iTunes Movies. I'm not a big fan of iTunes, but since I have these digital movies I've been exploring how to more easily access them. I recently came across the excellent Retune iTunes Remote software for Android ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.squallydoc.retune&hl=en ), created by SquallyDoc ( http://www.squallydoc.com ). This nifty piece of software is able to connect to my local iTunes library, display a list of my iTunes Movies, and then Play them in iTunes directly from within the app (ie, they do not play on my Android device
  4. justwondering

    Migrating library from iTunes

    I'm new to Emby and wondering about the best way to migrate an existing video library from Apple's iTunes. I have around a TB of movies and tv series, painstakingly labeled, with cover art. Just to see, I copied a couple of movies from the iTunes library into an Emby movies library folder and let it scan them. It confidently identified them with detailed metadata and cover art, for totally incorrect movies: The Little Mermaid (1989) -> Blonde Ringlet (2010) Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave -> A Personal Journey with Martin Scorcese Through American Movies Obviously I
  5. I use Windows media player on my Windows 7 platform computer, but it fails to recognize itunes movie I add, how can i fix it?
  6. Today I found that video files containing embedded closed captions, such as DVB recordings or iTunes downloads, will show that subtitles are present but none of my clients are able to display them and the server is not able to transcode them to a usable format. This example is from the iTunes Store. In the local and remote webapps some corrupted text is shown: The Android client behaves like the webapps. The Kodi plugin and Samsung Orsay client both display nothing at all but detect the correct language. The Emby's log shows ffmpeg bombing out: Stream #0:0(eng): Subti
  7. pushka7

    iTunes content to Emby

    I am new to Emby but loving the software and the interface. I want to move all my digital stuff over, Is it possible to move my iTunes movies over to Emby? Will they play properly or are there restrictions?
  8. Late last year the UK Government legalized copying for private use, a practice which many citizens already believed to be legal. The UK Intellectual Property Office noted that the changes were “in the best interest” of consumers and that they would bring copyright law into the 21st century. However, the new regulation was short-lived. Fearing a loss of income several music groups objected at the High Court, which subsequently agreed that the new legislation is unlawful. As a result the changes were overturned last month and the previous limitations were reinstated. To find out what the publi
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