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Found 5 results

  1. I have content (in my case work-related seminars, workshops, etc) that does not exist in any online metadata DBs and which I'm trying to organize in a "Home Video" Content Type Library. I would find it very useful if we could populate a few metadata fields by following a particular Filename Pattern. My proposal is that support be added for the following two filename patterns (the first one is my preference, but I think some people might also prefer the second in some instances): (20190415) This Is A Title [People A+People B].mkv This Is A Title (20190415) [People A+People B].mkv (20190415): yyyymmdd, which then populates the fields Release Date (mm/dd/yyyy) and Year (yyyy). If the user enters only a partial string, such as (2019) or (201904) then the provided data still updates the corresponding fields (and whatever is not provided is left blank). This Is A Title: Populates the Title field. [People A+People B]: Populates People, ie, People A is one person, People B is another, and so on. The plus sign "+" acts as the delimiter, which enables more than one person to be indicated. The limit to how many People can be added this way would just be the limits of how long a filename can be (which is an OS-specific limit). A Title or Date (one of the two) would be required, but the People string would be optional. If someone just uses the Date (20190415) then that would populate both the relevant date fields, and it would populate the Title field, eg, with "20190415". I propose that this feature be Enabled for new Library creation (only for Home Video Content Type Libraries), but disabled for existing Home Video Libraries (so we don't mess up anyone's existing content). And of course the feature could be Enabled/Disabled via a checkbox in the Library Settings. Perhaps the Setting could be called "Populate Metadata via Filename" and there could be a link to a wiki article on Github explaining the proper syntax. However, if the Devs feel that this should be treated as an Advanced feature and disabled by default for new Library creation I'm fine with that too. Thanks for considering my request! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  2. Is this possible? I really like the Home Video type of library for content that isn't well-suited to being found in online databases. So long as the library is organized by folders, and the filenames are descriptive Emby presents the media in a useful way. Not every type of media is suited to the metadata, classified and renamed from online data presentation. The obvious next step, when one notices some organization/renaming is needed is to edit the name right in Emby Theater (or Android phone, or iOS). It is possible to edit the name, but not the filename from which the name is derived (I'm assuming Emby server creates a name from the filename, which must get stored somewhere as metadata). Really, for this type of media I don't want to get into the metadata thing at all. I would like to just use the filename and editing it from within Emby would be so useful. Editing filenames from within Movies or TV libraries would be pretty cool also, but Home Video is the obvious use case. Keep up the good work, thank you.
  3. Let me start by saying I'm not at home, so I can't provide screen shots right now. I'm running Emby beta 3.1.159. I have a HomeVideo/Photo library named PicsVids. The folder structure is: Library PicsVids Folder Year 1 Folder Event 1 Folder Event 2 ...... Folder Year 2 Folder Event 1 Folder Event 2 ...... Folder Year 3 Folder Event 1 Folder Event 2 ...... Folder Year 4 Folder Event 1 Folder Event 2 ...... Inside each year, there are subfolders for different events (Christmas, Halloween, a concert, etc.), and some of the years also have miscellaneous pictures & videos that don't fit into any particular event. Here's the issue: if any folder has only 1 video in it (but multiple pictures and subfolders), clicking on that folder just opens that video's details page. For example: If Year 2 Event 2 has 1 video and 20 pictures, when I click on the Year 2 Event 2 folder it only goes to that video's details page. Or if Year 4 has 1 video, 30 pictures, and 10 event subfolders, when I click on the Year 4 folder it just opens the details page for that 1 video... none of the other content in that folder is reachable. If there are no videos or multiple videos in a folder, then that folder opens as you would expect to show the next level.
  4. leebo

    Home Movies Issue

    I recently shot and edited a video, and copied it to my server. Using the Chromecast app, the video plays without issue. However, the Fire TV app is unable to play the file. The file is an MP4 (H264) shot in HD. It was originally shot at 1440 X 1080, and rendered at 1920 X 1080. Video bitrate is 5155kbps. Audio is AAC. The audio plays fine, it's the video that has issues. The picture freezes up immediatly, displaying a frame that is part image from a frame, and part green macro blocking. It plays fine in the FTV app (edit: I meant the Chromecast app) and in the servers Chrome browser. How can I troubleshoot this issue? I prefer to use the Fire TV app. Thanks.
  5. Darkstyrm

    MBS - Home Video Date

    I recently started using MB to watch my home videos on. I noticed though that there is no way to see the date of the video without manually entering it. Since (to my understanding) the camera stores the date it was recorded in the video's metadata, would it be possible for home videos library to pull the date from the video and display it in media browser?
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