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Found 5 results

  1. Hawkwinter

    Subtitles: Baked-in? How to stop that?

    So, I find when I'm watching content with subtitles in the web app, it seems to be encoding them as part of the image, rather than text on top. Unfortunately, for the content I'm watching, none of the default subtitle styling options are very legible. My usual go-to fix for this sort of thing would be to open up stylus and restyle subtitles to have a thick black border, or straight up put the text in front of a black box like I have it doing on the android TV app. But with it baked right into the videostream, I can't add a stylesheet to fix the subtitles to make them more legible. Is there a setting for me to tell it it not to do that, and put the subtitles on top as actual text? Where would I find that setting? Thank you.
  2. Hello, Linux novice here, and I am out of ideas for solving this problem on my own. Forgive me if any terminology is incorrect, I will clarify if needed ---------- Preface ---------- I run a home NAS using OpenMediaVault, and have Emby installed via Docker image. I recently rebuilt my RAID 0 array (bought new disks, restored data from a local backup) and am trying to reconnect my library. The RAID's storage is located at /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-d505f779-daca-47be-9bb1-176d8857b9e9 The root of my library directory is /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-d505f779-daca-47be-9bb1-176d8857b9e9/NAS/Emby/ with subfolders there for TV, Music, Movies. Previous to this RAID upgrade, I had Emby running like a dream. ---------- Problem ---------- When I try to add a library folder, I can get as far as /srv in my file directory. No subdirectories show up. I *think* I have Emby's user and group permissions tied into my main user permissions on my NAS (if smilesobrien is my main user group, emby's user and group accounts have permissions under smilesobrien). If I just add the full path, Emby complains it can't find the path. Here's some of my permission settings Emby group permissions: emby : emby video render smilesobrien /srv permissions: drwxrwx--- 8 smilesobrien smilesobrien 4096 Feb 14 2019 srv /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-d505f779-daca-47be-9bb1-176d8857b9e9 permissions: drwxrwx--- 4 smilesobrien smilesobrien 4096 Mar 6 16:52 dev-disk-by-uuid-d505f779-daca-47be-9bb1-176d8857b9e9 And the relevant subdirectories all have the same set of permissions And this is what happens when I try to add a library folder to Emby: ANd if I try to go further, I get an error stating it can't find the path. I guess my hangup here is that everything looks right, but I can't tell what's wrong. Please let me know what other information you may need to assist!
  3. Hello Guys i can't access my emby server after installing the newest beta version of the emby server on my PR4100. I tried restarting my NAS and downgrading back to older beta and even the latest stable version the screenshots how it looks on my PR4100 and how the server looks when i try to connect. i can access my NAS through my Computer.
  4. Tannhauser

    Can't connect to Emby server remotely

    Hi I know this question has been asked numerous times, but I have already read two Emby connection guides and some other forum posts regarding the same issue to no avail. My issue is simply that I can't connect to my Emby server remotely. I have followed these guides: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001849007-connectivity https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44002137137-remote-setup Right now I'm stuck at the "traceroute" command, as I'm a bit unsure how to read the output: traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 _gateway ( 2.382 ms 3.843 ms 3.798 ms 2 ( 4.660 ms 4.830 ms 7.049 ms 3 ( 8.531 ms 8.489 ms 9.729 ms 4 ( 8.042 ms 8.280 ms 8.242 ms 5 ( 9.490 ms 9.499 ms 9.460 ms 6 ( 9.423 ms 5.053 ms 6.278 ms 7 * * * 8 ( 16.229 ms ( 16.363 ms 16.335 ms 9 ( 16.305 ms 16.277 ms 17.424 ms 10 ( 17.382 ms 17.344 ms 17.312 ms 11 ( 21.002 ms ( 18.483 ms ( 19.554 ms 12 ( 14.808 ms ( 14.825 ms ( 14.691 ms 13 dns.google ( 14.650 ms 14.868 ms 15.202 ms The site canyouseeme.org shows the correct IP (WAN) as is shown on my server dashboard. When entering the port 8096 or 8920 I get the message: "Error: I could not see your service. Reason: Connection timed out". Here are my other settings: Emby network settings Allow remote connections to this Emby Server (checked) Enable automatic port mapping (checked) Router information and settings NETGEAR Router Turn UPnP On (checked) Active Protocol Int. Port Ext. Port IP Address YES TCP 8096 8096 YES TCP 8920 8920 Server information Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS LAN-connection
  5. Blue Kachina

    Taskbar Always Showing

    Hi All; Windows taskbar is always present for me while in Emby Theater despite its window being maximized (and set to fullscreen via the purpleish button that appears during video playback). I'm running Emby Theater Version 3.0.5621.22052 and connecting to Server Version 3.0.5621.4 The server is being run from the same machine as the client I'm running which is all on Windows 8.1 Using the linked to hardware: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/3BtJ7P and configured for nVidia Surround ( Bezel Corrected 5760 to 5960x1080 ). I've disabled all notifications (save for 3 system notifications: clock, volume, network) so as to try to minimize the possibility that something is preventing the taskbar from hiding. Has anyone else run into this issue? Program behaviour seems erratic with respect to multiple monitors while in nVidia Surround mode, so I suspect an incompatibility between Emby Theater/nVidia Surround setups. Example: Sometimes the program's UI appears on monitor 3 while the playback takes place (almost) properly on the center monitor (monitor 2). Some nights when I load it up though, both the UI and the playback occurs on my center monitor (monitor 2). Another issue, though quite possibly related: Never do my side monitors go dark when running Emby Theater in fullscreen like they would in other full screen programs
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