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Found 6 results

  1. embyL0VER

    Deutsche Metadaten TMDB

    Hi, nach längerer Nutzung des TMM um Metadaten zu pflegen, habe ich Mal wieder emby selber getestet. Leider funktioniert das scrapen über TMDB für Filme (Serien ist ein anderes Thema) auf Deutsch immernoch nicht ordentlich. Beispielsweise wird die Handlung für den Film "Luca" auf Englisch bezogen, obwohl auf TMDB eine deutsche Handlung verfügbar ist. (Metadaten über emby schon mehrfach versucht zu aktualisieren, bleiben Englisch) Der TMM ruft korrekt die verfügbare deutsche Handlung ab. Wäre es evtl. möglich, dass sich dieser Problematik einmal angenommen wird? Letztendlich sind die korrekte Abfrage und Verarbeitung von Metadaten ja ein essentieller Bestandteil von emby. Hier wird bei solchen Problemen leider immer bzw. meistens auf eine fehlerhafte APi von z.B. TMDB hingewiesen, dass mag auch mal so gewesen sein, mittlerweile bekommen andere Scraper es aber hin Daten fehlerfrei auf deutsch (wenn verfügbar) von TMDB zu scrapen.
  2. Title: X-Men (1992) Part of Library Type: Cartoons Issue 1: The description of the show is in German Issue 2: The primary picture is for a more recent iteration of the show when its supposed to be the retro iteration of the show (i can manually change this but it might be a contributing factor) I don't know what sort of logs you need but let me know if you need any.
  3. Good night together, today i have migrated my emby-server to an LXC-container, well actually i make it new, because the restore didn't want to work. but that's not really the problem.... The problem is the parental control, it worked on my old server, but now I can't choose the desired FSK anymore. What's wrong with it?
  4. EliteCube

    Admin german translation bugs

    Hi developer, A little beauty fault in German language: Admin/Liberys The "Add Libery button" Tested: Firefox, Chrome German mistake in writing: Admin/Liberys/Expanded "Bbliothek" is not a word. correctly word: "Bibliothek" I hope I could help
  5. Hi all, my Name is Simon and I'm a user of XBMC for years now. Also I'm a very active Member at http://www.xbmcnerds.com/ . That's the biggest german XBMC Community out there ;-) I and some other xbmcnerds Member started recently a Thread to the (for us) new Topic of MediaBrowser in combination with XBMC. So, if anybody of you is interested in that discussion he can follow an participate at: http://www.xbmcnerds.com/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=40454 Hope it's ok for you that I post a link to a other Forum. But for some of us it is still easier to talk in german about such topics ;-P Greetings and thanks for your hard work on such beautiful piece of software!
  6. Hi, I have a problem with MediaBrowser 3. After a crash of my SSD I must setup my system new and installed MediaBrowser 3. It works great, but I have a little problem. My added Movies get the right metadatas, but my TV Shows get only english metadatas, I have tried to refresh the metadatas by remove the downloaded informations, but it didn't helped. I have set my metadata settings to Deutsch (German) and my country to Deutschland (Germany) - see attached pictures. How I said, for my movies it works perfectly, but for the TV Shows not. Is there any chance to get the right metadatas, with MediaBrowser 2.x it works without problems, but I don't want back to MB 2.x Greetz Cumpy
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