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Found 3 results

  1. MaroonCake

    Connection Failure Error

    Hello, So I just started using Emby and have a pretty basic understanding of how to set up these types of servers(Used PLEX before this but ran into issues with files showing up) but for the life of me I cannot get this to work. I got to the point of getting the server going with media loaded up and I am able to watch it via my laptop but I am not trying to get it so I can watch my media on my Xbox Series X with the Emby Theatre App. At first my server shows up as an option to select - Connection Failed. I proceeded to the "Sign In with Emby" and again "Connection Failed, I have tried manually entering the WAN and LAN server, with the same result. I opened my ports and restarted the Emby Server(Closing down and restarting it), I did a hard reset on my Xbox. Still got the same "Connection Failed" I tried going onto my phone and trying that way but unfortunately I get the same result. I thought maybe it's because I lacked Emby Premiere so I bought a month and that changed nothing. After uninstalling the server and apps and starting from scratch I get the same error.. I'm at a loss on what to do. I couldn't come across anything similar to my issue and now I wonder is there an option I'm missing in settings? I left everything at default.
  2. wsramahi

    Server Crash unexpectedly

    Hello, since 4 days we are facing a strange emby server crash without any related log entries, we are trying to trace whats making emby crash this way without any trace!, we have 3 active emby servers pointing to the content, only the main server is crashing, finally i found in the windows event viewer an error message at the same time of the last emby log entry related to .netcore win sockets unexpected remote shutdown. after a lot of researching for clues, i noticed .netframework 4.72,4.8 was updated before 4 days on the server, we are still not sure if this is the issue or somehow is related, hope you can help to identify and fix it. emby log file is 300mb im not sure how can i share but i attached the event viewer error message xml file error.xml
  3. I have Emby Server running on a Windows 10 computer with an HDHomeRun Prime tuner on my LAN. Invariably, when I use my phone to watch live tv (even briefly) with a WIFI connection to the LAN, the HDHomeRun tuner doesn't release when I'm finished. Android apps have always had a nasty habit of hanging around when they are no longer being used actively. On my phone, I've tried closing the app using "close all" but the tuner is not released. I've also tried doing a "force stop" of the app and that doesn't release the tuner either. I've only found two ways to release the tuner and neither are an acceptable solution: 1) turn the HDHomeRun tuner off and back on, or 2) stop and restart the Emby Server in Windows. This is problematic if I happen to be recording live tv on another tuner. Is there an easy way in Emby Server to identify and "kill" the android client connection to release the tuner?
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