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Found 4 results

  1. Emby is running on windows For starters I have recently moved to a new location after having my emby server accessible via its domain for a month or so. I can access emby remotely with my WAN IP along with my HTTP port number (HTTPS port isnt working). Im using cloud flare as for my SSL and DNS provider. when I attempt to connect using my domain I get a Error 522 (cloud flare cant connect to my server) I have updated my WAN IP to the one ive been assigned by my ISP. Tried changing the ports being forwarded (80,443,8920,8096) I have rebooted my computer and emby multiple times and updated my DNS A name a few times as well. AName: emby|MyWanIP (Domain is being proxied by cloud flare) Any tips on how to narrow down what is causing my issue? Could it be that my ISP is blocking the ports im using or is it cloud flare?
  2. Tomblarom

    HTTPS / acme-challenge setup

    Hey, I'm fairly new to Emby and securing your sites through SSL certificates, but pretty experienced in portforwarding, dyndns, debian... Nevertheless I wanted to make my Emby portal opened to the public, HTTPS only. I followed the steps of this guide (https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Secure-Your-Server). I have a subdomain (example.spr.io) on freedns.afraid.org updated through DynDNS of my FritzBox router and running Emby on my Debian Homeserver utilizing Proxmox for the virtualization. I had Let's encrypt already setup correctly and my certificates under /etc/letsencrypt/live/example.spr.io. Then I generated the value for the TXT record using certbot -d example.spr.io --manual --preferred-challenges dns certonly. During the generation, I was asked to add the TXT record as _acme-challenge.example.spr.io to my freedns account and successfully done so: Afterwards I used the command openssl pkcs12 -export -out examplesprio.pfx -inkey privkey.pem -in cert.pem -certfile chain.pem to generate the .pfx file, moved it to /opt/emby-server/etc/ssl/examplesprio.pfx and applied the new settings: Issue: In theory everything should be fine and running, but it's not. Directly getting ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on requesting the site..
  3. Hey all, I was wondering if server auto-discovery was discussed at any point? I couldn't find anything related on the forums so far. Two options that would IMO complement each other would be avahi and explicit SRV _emby._tcp entries (separate for http and https) in the local DNS. All the discovered (deduplicated) servers would show up as options when adding a server in Emby apps instead of having to type the URLs in. This shouldn't be too difficult to implement and I think it would improve the user experience a lot. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Yesterday I noticed on my router that my there was a lot of “internet” traffic. I was surprised about this, but after some testing and sniffing, I saw that my Client PC was accessing my server at the “outside” of the router (see routing on image). No real consumption of my bandwidth at my he ISP side, but still, all traffic is passed through the router... This means also Single Point of failure Bandwidth of router is shared by all clients. I have a Gb-router, but this can be a problem with older routers Monitoring of bandwidth at router is not representative anymore and all my graphs are messed up. Monitoring figures don't match information I see at my ISP I used to work with Plex, and they have a very clever setup for this: (for more information, see https://blog.filippo.io/how-plex-is-doing-https-for-all-its-users/) On my router: Dnsmasq -> Custom configuration -> rebind-domain-ok=/plex.direct/ local-ttl=1 I tried to change my router to rebind-domain-ok=/plex.direct/tv.emby.media/app.emby.media/ local-ttl=1 but this didn’t help. So my question here is: is it possible to configure my EMBY-server in the same was as my PLEX-server so that my clients have a direct connection to my server instead of going to the public url? Oh, and I only want to use one url for my browsers, i.e. http://tv.emby.media/#!/plugins/defaultskin/home.html... Thanx in advance, Bart
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