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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I'm new to Emby Server and am running a test/evaluation before migrating all my server media over to a new platform. The crux of the issue is I have Emby v4.0.2.0 installed and running fine and can access the media via DLNA from an oldish Sony TV across a cabled local network but am unable to access it from the Humax Device. Background: I have a Humax PVR-5000T (IP: which can access a copy of my test media on a Server (Win 7 x64, IP: via DLNA through WMP12 Windows Media Player Sharing Service and play an MP3 successfully. The Humax can detect the Emby Server via DLNA running on the same physical box as it appears in the list on the Humax above the WMP Server but when accessed, the Humax does not find any media or see any folders. At the same time, I can see both DLNA servers present and correctly functioning when browsed from the Sony TV ( My test files are MP3's to eliminate format/container issues as WMP12, Sony TV & Humax can all normally see and play MP3's. I intend to play all files in their native format with no Transcoding or Direct Play needed. Testing: I have researched a bit and implemented DLNA Profiles as the default profile does not work for the Humax and enabled Debug Logging. From the logs I can see that I have successfully been able to differentiate the 3 devices that may access Emby via DLNA using the "FriendlyName" & "HttpHeaderInfo" strings in individual DLNA User Profiles. For the Sony TV I simply copied one of the Sony Bravia System Profiles and it basically works with the only issue being that not all the MP3's album art is showing despite it being present inside the MP3's and a folder.jpg present in the same windows folder. However, the Sony TV can see all the test media, browse it and play it. For the Humax, I have tried copying every single one of the System Profiles in case one would work as it is obviously ok with WMP12 as a DLNA server and many of the System Profiles appear to emulate that in some way. None of them worked. The error message on the Humax doesn't change but it is a quite generic "No media found". Each time the logs show it was identified correctly via the HTTP Header User-Agent value of "Posix" and the logs show the response as "200" but nothing is displayed. Each time I change a DLNA Profile, I have restarted the Emby Server Application as it isn't picked up until then. I have uploaded the bit of the log where the Humax interacts with Emby and that's all there is each time (Emby Log.txt). For the WMP12 Client accessing via DLNA, it again has its own User Profile and is picked up correctly in the logs. It can see and browse all the media and folders ok but interestingly all the MP3's have a small blue "i" icon stating that they are an unrecognised file type and won't play them. An example of the "File Location" of an MP3 viewed from WMP is:;DLNA.ORG_CI=1;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01D00000000000000000000000000000&WMHME=1&WMQ=1&WMHMETitle=TgBvAHQAIABXAGgAZQByAGUAIABJAHQAJwBzACAAQQB0AA== I guess this is why it doesn't recognise the MP3's in WMP so I wonder if this is also occurring with the Humax and maybe why it doesn't find any media? I am stuck as to how to investigate further so am hoping one of you will be able to assist me? I have also attached the 3 User Profiles xml files in case they are of use. Many thanks, Nick Emby Log.txt Bravia KDL-46X4500.xml Humax FVP-5000T.xml WMP 12.0.xml
  2. AM S1

    How work DLNA profiles

    Hi, my LG smart tv model 65LM6200-UB 2013 support srt subtitles however when access to emby dlna from the tv the movies does not show the subs, the default profile in the server is LG SMART TV, but it does not contain info about the subtitles in the subtitles section i think that is the problem i have created a custom profile from LG SMART TV profile and i have appened the subs info and that does not work, really i dont know what the server is doing with profiles or how it work I dont understand how the server select a profile for an specific device or how attach a profile to specific device i did not find wiki for this theme please any help would be apreciated the movie and subs are OK i have validated them and with plex server show the subs correctly regards
  3. Jvtm

    Play To Phillips Smart Tv

    Hi Luke, Thanks for the info. I'll go ahead and do that tonight to see if that resolves things. One follow up question though, I would just be recreating it with the exact same information and conditions as I don't have any different information about the TV. Is this what your are suggesting? Thanks for the quick reply.
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