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Found 102 results

  1. GothsterC

    CoverArt 720p Width Determination

    I use Coverart to display whether a movie is HD or SD. I have many 720p movies that might have been 4:3 originally. After the margins have been trimmed, the resulting 720p file has a width less than 1200. That appears to be the cut-off where CoverArt decides whether you have an HD or SD movie even though Emby labels it 720p. Many movies end up with a width in the 960-1199 range that are clearly 720p (HD). A 4:3 720p movie will have a width of 960. On the movie's page, Emby displays Video: 720p H264, but Coverart still uses the SD treatment. Is there some way we can set that or have it changed? It would be great if 960 were the cut-off instead of 1200. Or does anyone have a workaround for this very annoying Coverart issue? Thanks
  2. Bit of a long post here. I am having issues with CoverArt as well (I think) from Emby Server. Example of issue; I have a movie - Alita in 1080. 4K & 3D. All 3 versions reside in the same folder allowing to have one movie entry with 3 versions listed to select from. In the case of my 3D movies, I have them located in a separate folder, along with their other versions, from my non-3d movies. I do this so I am able to set CoverArt to add the 3D indicator to the Poster. Here's the catch; The 3D indicator won't appear on the poster UNLESS I go into the metadata and add the 3D Format to it. Once that is done and I re-select the poster image the 3d indicator is applied. BUT, this causes another issue. When I do the above, the Version drop-down to select which version to watch changes the "3D' to "3D/3D" for an option. I am uploading screen shots to help explain the issue. Appreciate any help that can be provided! Folder structure. Movie Version selection and NO 3D indicator. Metadata without the 3D format selected. I select the 3D format and save the metadata I edited images and selected my poster preference. This is the new display. 3D indicator shows but now the versions is "3D\3D"
  3. DarkKniyt (John)

    CoverArt - Indicator Overlays for Boxsets

    Would like to be able to add an "Indicator Overlay" to my Boxsets (Collections). Would help to identify Collections that contain a Movie in say 3D format. For example I have a collection for Blade Runner but only 1080 & 4K versions. No Indicator needed. Another collection for Avengers. One movie is only 4K but 3 others are 4K and 3D. 3D Indicator wanted. This way when looking thru my Collections media, I can instantly tell which collections have 3D movies in them. I can see this being helpful for 4K movies as well. Thanks!
  4. This topic is for CoverArt plugin Users who want to share and show their custom Overlay Templates. In here, people can show their current customization and share their corresponding files like: Custom Indicator overlays Custom Frames Anything regarding custom Artwork for CoverArt This topic is NOT for general questions regarding CoverArt, those belong in a separate topic. In this start post I will collect Tips and Tricks from other topics when available, regarding CoverArt plugin setup and use. When I miss something, send me a PM, than I will put that information in this start post. CoverArt current issues: Bug setting custom image location Overlay Indicators Bug Indicators Overlays setup interface (No preview) CoverArt 4.0 Complete Guide by EBR:https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/800-coverart-40/Setup Custom Indicators Overlays:https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/800-coverart-40/&do=findComment&comment=147518Filenames to use for custom Overlay Indicators: Resolution: hdtype_720.png hdtype_1080.png hdtype_UHD.png Audio: codec_aac.png codec_ac3.png codec_dts.png codec_truehd.png Subtitle: subt_dut.png subt_nl.png etc. subt_xx.png (xx=country subtitle abbreviation code) More to follow...
  5. LexEmby

    coverart artist

    hi, when i sort my music on albums it is showing coverart but when i am sorting on artist/albumartist it is showing none. Is this the way it is or am i doing something wrong? Alex
  6. DancingMan

    Covert Art for movies

    I recently moved my Emby server from a Windows 10 box to an xubuntu 19.10 box. Both versions were running Emby v4.3.1.0 and the latest CoverArt plugin. It ran fine on Windows. On my xubuntu box, the posters for my movies are small, and there is a lot garbled image around them (sometimes you can see other cases/posters). You can see in the attachment. I think it's only for movies - the TV around episodes and the border for home videos looking like film are working fine. Thanks in advance.
  7. In current CoverArt plugin, there is no preview of icons or custom indicator overlays for "Resolution" and "Audio" for the following tabs in setup interface: Media InfoIcons for Video and Aspect ARE working in above interface. In current CoverArt plugin, there is no preview of internal or custom indicator overlays for subtitles for the following tabs in setup interface: Subtitles The previews are working ONLY in these setup interfaces: 3D Specials A movie says more than thousand words, so I made a screen recording (in Chrome) of the bug, in the CoverArt setup interface: https://streamable.com/0n80u (The first part of the movie is the working part in 3D and Specials section of the CoverArt plugin setup interface.
  8. Hello, I have recently started using music library in my emby and was wondering if its possible to have different overlays for music albums based on source of audio. I have been using MusicBee on my windows and there is option to add icon overlay based on what tag is in parent folder name. It looks like this Would something like this be possible with this plugin? Like when there is -Vinyl- in folder name it would show Vinyl cover instead of CD case. Thanks
  9. DarkKniyt (John)

    CoverArt - No option for "People" treatment style

    The option for "People" treatment style is no longer available in CoverArt. Is this intentional or is there something wrong with my install of the plug-in? Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  10. schmitty

    [FR] CoverArt: tag-based profiles

    Hi @@ebr, Would it be possible if you could add tag-based profiles to CoverArt? I find the directory-based profiles very cumbersome to setup with a large-ish library. Using tag-based profiles would be a lot more user friendly. I currently use the flat treatment for SD/HD and mixed content, and the case treatment for movies and series I rip myself. Having profiles set up in this manner would be a lot easier to maintain than having to setup a profile for separate seasons, then the series, as some series have content from mixed sources or qualities.
  11. Hi @@ebr, I am currently using custom mediainfo icons for CoverArt, of which there is one named ddplus.png, I ended up duplicating this and naming it eac3.png, it for some reason is not being used and as a result I have a lot of tv episodes and some movies which do not display a codec icon. The mp3 icon doesn't seem to display either.
  12. Setting the custom image location with the Emby interface doesn't save the path correctly (missing backslash "\" at end of path) in coverart.xml. This is happening here: Using the "browse" method (in Edge) for selecting path in this screen, doesn't automatically place a backslash at the end of the path in the coverart.xml. Resulting in errors in Log: Line 795: 2019-04-10 16:53:06.153 Warn CoverArt: CoverArt - Undefined overlay type: C:\Users\Senna\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\plugins\CoverArt\Custom-Overlayshdtype_1080 The backslash has to be entered manually at the end of custom location path, to make it work. Edit: Changed topic title and added tags
  13. gsites

    Coverart Subtitles

    hello How do I make a movie appearance if it's captioned? What is the name of the image to put in the specific folder? Can anyone help explaining how to do it? or say where you have some tutorial? I searched but did not find. thank you
  14. I have .m4a files at 320kbps. In Windows Media Center on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, Windows Media Player and iTunes they ALL show their cover art. On Synology Emby 3.5.3, my clients show a generic place holder for the some music tracks (all the time for affected tracks). Most tracks are fine. Clients are web, Emby Theatre and LG Television apps. using ANY meta data editor I can see easily see the cover art is in the files. they were ALL created with the SAME meta data editor (Softpointer Tag and Rename). It is showing the other data correctly. I have tried deleting the cover art in Tag and rename and then putting it back (even editing the original image file and resaving first) and also tried latest iTunes for editing the meta tags to re-apply the cover art. If I use the EXACT same image file (.jpg) within EMBY meta data application, it can then display the cover art but its only then in the emby database not rewritten to the file. I can get a OneDrive link of some sample files if required for the dev people?
  15. chacawaca

    Trailer menu apply 2 Time coverart

    Hi, since last version, my trailer menu image apply 2 time the diamond treatment. All other menu image are working well. I have try to desactivate some treatment but i cant solve problem. If i desactivate the folder media, trailer still have 1 diamond treatment activated.
  16. I noticed in my Documentary library which is mixed content that two Blu-ray folders did not get the CoverArt treatment while others do. I am running server plus EMC 3.317 and CoverArt Plugin with no changes to any settings. This folder did not get the treatment, screen shots from the web app plus content details. Media Info details Folder that did get the treatment. Media Info details. Why did the one that received no treatment has as container = mpegts and the one that received treatment has as container = bluray? The other disc that did not receive a treatment was "Home (2009)". @@ebr if this is too difficult to solve is there a chance to share the template for the BD treatment and then I can customize the primary image where no treatment is applied. Also can you please let me know the pixel size of Width vs, Height so that they will be the same size. Thanks O2G
  17. gsites

    Coverart change images

    Hello again. I'm asking for help because I looked in the forum and also for tutorials and I did not think how to do it. I want to know where I can change, or how to edit the image where it is written "BLURAY" and change to "LEGENDADO" See the pictures below, the color sells is where I want to change Thanks again
  18. Jasoon

    ANSWERED Coverart overlays....

    When looking at my MBS logs I have a number of issues like this:- Undefined overlay type: codec_mpeg4 I take it I need a overlay for it, anyone know where I can get one and where I put it when I have one?
  19. dnanielsen

    Coverart deletes custom files

    Hi, I am having trouble with Coverart 4.0.79 on Emby It is deleting my custom files in the "resources" and "MetroCase" folders, I have custom images for the overlay hdtype_ files, the 3d files, boxset.png, trailer.png and TVMB.png It's happened many times and I haven't figured out a pattern for when it happens. Is this something known? Is there something wrong with the path? C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\programdata\cache\coverart\
  20. I have the CoverArt plugin to use the covers by definition (HD/SD/..). When HD, use the BD cover, and when SD, use the DVD cover. All my movies displayed one of those 2 options I recently upgraded to these versions Emby: Version CoverArt: And now my covers are all over the place. I have DVD, no covers, Blu-Ray, and H-264 When I click on the no cover ones, I get the correct cover in the movie area, for example Alice in Wonderland becomes Blu-Ray And Alamo became DVD. Alien 3 stayed as H264 , and did not change to DVD as it should be. Will you need the logs? Thanks
  21. dnanielsen

    Coverart 720p/1080p seperated

    Hi guys. Is it possible to seperate 720p and 1080p movies from each other in the Coverart plugin? I tried looking through the 'treatment' and 'specific covers' settings but couldn't figure out how to do it.
  22. Guest

    ANSWERED CoverArt custom icons

    I would like to know where do I have to store my custom icons for 1080p/h.264/etc for the CoverArt plugin to read them, and also how I have to name them. I tried finding a naming pattern or a guide in the forum but I don't find it. Thanks in advance.
  23. JamieBond

    CoverArt 4.0 Kodi Display Cases?

    Is there anyway that you can get the CoverArt cases to display in Kodi? I have CoverArt displaying cases in App but i mainly use Kodi with Emby for Kodi Addon, is there anyway to get the cases to display in my Kodi library?
  24. alekdavis

    CoverArt 404 Error

    When I select the default profile and click the Treatments, Specific Covers, or Indicator Overlays tab, I get the following error: Not Found The requested URL /configurationpageext was not found on this server. What is worse, there is not way to go back from the error page (clicking the back button in the browser takes me back to the same error page).
  25. Hi, I have subscribed to Emby Premiere, Other plug-ins like Back-up and restore are working properly, but the Coverart plug-in doesn't, I also got the Expired message. I got a recent premiere key in my email, and pasted it under the Emby premiere key settings. And saved and restarted my Emby Server. It worked flawless before. I have set the options for the auto updates. CoverArt version is: Please help me this is very annoying. Paul
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