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Found 6 results

  1. Thanks to @@cayars and @@ebr, I've successfully installed and configured the Google Drive Plug-in. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get started with Cloud Sync. Under my "Movie Library", I have a Folder: "Family Share" where I've placed movies that I want synced to Google Drive so I can share it with my remote family members. How do I go about syncing the movies in this folder to Google Drive? I've scanned the various documentation for Sync - https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001161893-sync-introduction. It felt like the documentations communicated WHAT was possible, but not very clear on the HOW to do it. Here is an excerpt from the "Sync Introduction" documentation: "As an example, an administrator can setup Dropbox or Google Drive as a sync destination, then setup specific media to be synced to the "cloud". " As the Administrator, I've looked through the Dashboard, Server Settings, Library, etc., but I could not find where the Sync option is located Please know that I'm new to this and maybe just not grasping "the how", but it wasn't clear to me. This is my last step for providing my remote family with secure access to my movies in the cloud (i.e. Google Drive). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Traccker

    Emby Cloud Sync

    Hi, I'm I bit lost with the information, I have read everything that's in GitHub, but I'm not sure if I understood correctly how cloud sync works, first, is this something like using rclone? In other words after uploading the video file, this one is downloaded and then served(uploaded again) to the client? Or is it uploaded and then streamed directly to the client without using the server as an intermediate? If its done this way, I read that doing this could have legal problems with google? Not sure where though… so supposing that is true the basic functionality is that I upload the file and then use the transcoded versions created by google? Or do I have to upload a transcoded file? Finally, is this an emby premiere only feature and most important is it stable? Sorry for so many questions, I'm seriously thinking using emby, I have a plexpass lifetime subscription and was really happy with everything up to when it came to transcoding stuff (and some other limitations on the server side), I can upload many optimized versions of my media, but plex simply makes it impossible to use and won't listen to their customers so... . Also using rclone is simply a no no for me, because it uses my downstream bandwidth and I have a top cap. I, already do regulars backups to the cloud and have unlimited storage, which isn't cheap to buy where I live, so streaming from there would be ideal. im looking to maybe complement both systems (Plex and emby) but it all depends. Hoping to hear this community guidence, Regards, Traccker
  3. K1ng_Lear

    Can't add google drive account

    Hi there, maybe I'm just too stupid, but I can't add a google drive account. As soon as I entered the proposed code and press the save button i only see the EMBY circle. The circle don't stop and when i leaf it, there was no adding. I adde my log. Thx for help. embyserver.txt
  4. Prior to updating, I could see all the sync jobs for Google Drive (and devices like iOS) listed in Settings > Download & Sync > Sync Jobs. After updating to, the page is empty and doesn't allow me to see what I've already configured to sync. The expectation is that all the sync jobs that occurred prior to the update would still be listed here. I'm concerned that sync jobs that were set to "automatically download new content" (like when a new episode for a TV show appears) will no longer upload since the jobs are not listed. Any help appreciated. Let me know if you need more information. Running the Google Drive sync version
  5. t34wrj

    Sync Stuck

    Good evening I've recently tried Emby having become a little disillusioned with Plex. I've set up Emby to use my Dropbox account for syncing. Emby appears to convert the file into the selected quality but then it becomes stuck with the dashboard showing a running task of 'Cloud & Folder Sync' which goes no further than 3%. At the same time, the sync section of Emby shows the synced item as 'Ready to transfer'. I've tried cancelling the sync task and setting this up again but it doesn't change anything. Thanks for any help!
  6. Hello, i am trying to cloud sync (google drive) the latest 50 tv show episodes which were added to my library. I tried setting it up via "tv shows" -> "latest" --> "sync", but this sync job does not include episodes, which are added AFTER the sync job was created. It just syncs the latest 50 episodes which were there at the sync job creation and then does nothing. Plex can do this and i thought emby could, too. Does anyone know how to do this with emby? Cheers Jan
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