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Found 14 results

  1. piecesofme

    Bizarre Playlist Issues/Bugs

    Hello, I’ve noticed some weird issues with Playlists happening with Emby that I’ve not had happen before and it’s making playlist use very difficult and unpredictable. I’ve really tried to work to figure out some pattern to the issues and I’ve included that below. I’m sorry it’s a little difficult to explain and I’ve tried to be as clear as I can. I hope it’s OK. I primarily use the Roku app right now and cannot say if it affects other platforms. The first is related to a bug that I reported sometime back. When you click the play button on the Roku remote when you’re in the full list of items in one’s playlist, instead of playing the playlist from that point, it throws you out of the Emby app altogether and to the Roku Home Screen. Because you cannot click the play button within the playlist, you have to click on the playlist item (center of the d-pad on the remote), which takes you to the episode/media info page. If you click on the play button from here, the playlist does not play through as it should (continuing to play through each item on the playlist till it gets to the end). It will mostly just stop at the end of the season (despite the fact that there are all the seasons added to the playlist). And if you choose the “play repeat” option, it will only repeat from where you start playing in the season to the end and back to the one that you started with. For instance, if you start on Episode 9 of an season with 10 episodes in it, the playlist will play episode 9 then go on to episode 10 then stop. If you choose the repeat play option, it will repeat episode 9 and 10 over and over and over. Previously, the play-repeat button just allowed the playlist to play completely through everything on the playlist then start over. So, there is an odd thing right now where playlists aren’t looking at what’s on the playlist itself, but what’s in a specific season. Additionally, I’ve learned how to add items to a playlist one season at a time so that it adds everything in airdate order -at least if you have it setup to show “specials” in the season in which it played. So, one show in particular has one special at the end of every season and it’s setup in the playlist just that way so you see everything how it should be in the storyline. I noticed that on this playlist, it will do exactly what I said above - if you start on episode 10, it will play episode 10 then go onto the special. If you have the play-repeat option selected, it will replay episode 10 and the special over and over. However, this is where it gets weirder. If you start on the special in the playlist (between episode 10 and episode 1 of the next season), instead of playing on to episode 1 of the next season as it is in the playlist - it’s skipping ahead and playing the next special in the specials season. This means that Emby is somehow not looking at the playlist order at all but it’s somehow reading from the season (specials or season 00) that the special was originally in. It did this for at least 5 specials in a row - skipping over all the episodes between them in the playlist and just going from special to special. Again, this is only happening when you start on the specials. But the playlist is stopping at the end of whatever season you start in (including playing the special at the end by airdate) if you start earlier in the season. It appears that even though the items are in playlists, Emby is still reading them as though they were in seasons only and it’s not reading the order of the playlists themselves. And it’s doing that differently, depending on what episode you begin playing from. As you can imagine, it means that using playlists are virtually not usable at the moment. I should also mention that all of the above is happening in the current stable Roku app version. In addition, there’s another glitch/bug in the Playlist section of the Emby app (this time, in the beta 3.0.198 and newer) that I noticed the other day and another poster mentioned in the post thread re: the first bug mentioned. Now, when you’re in a playlist and click down to show all of your other episodes/media in the playlist, you get nothing. You cannot see any of your playlist items in the Roku app at all. The only thing you can do is to play all from the beginning - nothing more. I’m only mentioning it because it’s related to the Playlists not functioning properly and I thought it might be helpful to have the info together. I switched over the Emby because the Playlist features and options are light years ahead of Plex, where I came from. In addition, the Dev team here with Emby actually gives a care and listens to what Emby users are asking for. That makes all the difference. I know that bugs happen, which is why I’m trying to help as I run across them. I’m really hoping that these playlist glitches will be able to fixed. We use the playlists literally daily and I’m really missing being able to play through a playlist. We want to be able to start playing the playlist later in the series and then use the play-repeat function to have it start back over at the very beginning. That way, you don’t have to start with the same early episodes each time and still have it continue playing. I wish I could actually do more to help fix it, but I’ll continue to test as much as I’m able.
  2. piecesofme

    Possible bug - play button in playlists

    Hello, I’ve been able to reproduce this same behavior now at least 10 times now across two different Roku players (a Roku Ultra and a Roku Streaming Stick+) and different playlists/media. When you navigate into the Playlists section>click on a playlist>press the down button to bring up the episodes>pressing the play/pause button while any of episodes are selected>immediately throws you out of the Emby app altogether and back to the Roku home screen. I think that most people would assume that one could press the play button while an episode is selected to immediately play the list from that point (rather than having to use the d-pad to first view the episode information and then play from there). Could someone please take a look at this? Often times, I know exactly what episode I want to start on and I don’t need to view all the synopsis info and would love the ability to just click the play button and have the playlist play from there. And, at the very least, I’m hoping that it can be fixed because when I do accidentally hit that button, it gets really tiring of getting thrown all the way back out of the app and to the Roku home screen. It takes awhile to navigate back to where I was. Please let me know if you need more info. I did attempt to update all the Roku software on both units today so it’s running the latest version of the standard Roku app (not the beta). Thanks so much!
  3. Hey devs, I found a couple of bugs, hopefully you'll fix them ASAP: 1. Open the app, and start playing a video that is at least an hour long, then start playing the video at some timestamp that is over an hour, then look at the notification that in the notification drawer, you will see that only the minutes and seconds are displayed on the timestamp, not the hours. Here is a screenshot of it: (I'm at position 2:00:27) 2. on the mobile app, you are given an alternative way to set the volume and brightness by dragging up or down on either the left or right side of the display, if you change the brightness (left half of the screen) through that method, a box pops up showing you the brightness, however, doing so with the audio (right half of the screen) gives no box indicating the volume level.
  4. blakkmaan

    iOS multiple bugs

    iPhone 8 iOS 12 latest app version Latest server version on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Intel quadcore 1.6 GHz 8GB RAM 1 TB WD Red 1.) the Downloaded music is just playing if I click on the „new downloads“ cover on the start screen. If I click the library nothing plays and just the circle is shown forever. After that I have to wait for another music is playing. 2.) the „now playing“ bar doesn’t change if i switch to a new album. Just the first one is shown after starting the app. (You can see it at the end of the video) Video is attached Edit 1: okay I’ve found out that when I click the three dots and then Play it works for the downloaded library. Strange that the click on the track doesn’t work. But hey, that’s the bug right here 57592D72-67E4-4689-98D2-57038F4D1968.MOV
  5. First being the settings area for users. Once you pick say general and start to navigate around you will notice the options changing, for example my english language changed to french by moving down to the next option i wanted to change on that page. The workaround I found for now to set my preferences was to hit the menu button and disable gamepad mode, thus allowing me a cursor to navigate thru these options. Quitting the app and relaunching reengages gamepad mode. Now the big one, the UI doesnt seem to be consuming my entire TV screen even when changing the display mode. Hitting play on media it becomes even more evident as the same size restriction is enforced there as well... i tried to take a horrible screenshot to show you the border size im seeing. What content I attempted to play so far appeared to direct play but didnt get much farther then seeing this huge border around playback and UI. The app reports as logged in as Edge 14.14393 2.0.1 for version number i guess.
  6. Radical924

    Emby Not Loading In Firefox

    Okay for so for quite some time now I have been unable to launch the Emby Dashboard using the link http://localhost:8096/web/dashboard.html It seems to either not load at all or it will partially load and buttons will not work etc... I am able to get the server to load on Microsoft Edge Browser but I prefer to use Firefox way more... Anyways I was able to create a log in Firefox of when the issue occurred: http://pastebin.com/mXxBiAUi
  7. Hi, was using Emby Theater last night and it worked just fine. Today it updated to v.2.5.25 and it broke several things. - Backspace no longer take you back. This is pretty critical for me, as the remote emulates the backspace. - Settings have lost alot of options. I can no longer change between EVR, EVR+ or madVR. I reinstalled the whole thing, and now I can't get it to use madVR because I wiped it settings, and I can't find that option anymore. Is there a way to install the older version until this is fixed?
  8. @ Emby developers... i know it is a long post, but please read through it, there are some weird and unexplained isses readring Emby Server... First off all I want to thank you for creating Emby- It is a great open source media-solution. But there a a few things about Emby that just are an absolut NOGO (at least till today), and sadly pervent me from using Emby. I have been using XMBC resp. KODI directy with smb-shares of a fileserver for many years (and still do) because it is simply the best media player out there. Period. They have decades of experiance in media-playback. The format-support and functionality is unmatched and I do not see this chaning. But becaue I am looking for a centralized library (and the SQL-Library you can setup as a central library in Kodi is not quite the real thing) and also I need some Internet or VPN access to stream when not at home. This can be done very rudimentary with the "chorus-webinterface" in Kodi. But centralized library and internet-access does NOT really work in Kodi so I tried to switch to Emby as a client-server model. I also tried Plex, but their business-model is an absolut NOGO. There is no valid reason (at least for somone who knows what he is doing) to accept the fact of having to create an account with plex and login just to stream my local content. Also at the end it is NOT opensource, because the clients are not opensource. I love that I can create local user-accounts on Emby-Server and have away-from-home access without having to create an account. So I hope Emby can replace my local setup and provide me with my 2 new needs which are central library and internet-access / sharing librarys with friends and family. So Emby should do: 1. My local Network streaming from Emby srv. to my 2 Kodi clients (DLNA) (I dont want to use the Emby-Kodi plugin- for many reasons, so please do not propose this.) 2. Internet or VPN access and Library-sharing So in a first step I am trying to get Emby to do the local stuff, so I can add Emby to my existing setup. BUT I AM HAVING MAJOR ISSUES with the following: -> Transcoding: To replace my current local-lan streaming with Emby, Emby wil have to be able to stream locally WITHOUT ANY transcoding. Period. No exceptions. I can not unterstand why you guys would make is soooo difficulft to achieve. In my local gigabit-LAN I only stream to my Kodi clients (Raspberry Pi and Apple TV4). Kodi on RPi and on ATV4 do NEVER need transcoding. I have not experianced one single file that could not be handeled natively. The network could handle x-times the bitrate, the max. rates server-side have been set to 100mb/s, the clients are more than capable. The DLNA-Profiles were created and matched. But still it transcodes in certain cases. I created a DLNA-Profile on the Server from scratch for Kodi. The Profile is setup to directplay everthing. I chekced the logs and the profile chatches on in all cases (start the stream on webinterface and send to client(s) or add the DLNA-source to Kodi and browse and start it from there. So in all cases the profile matches. But still sometimes thing get transcoded- so I did some testing: Example 1: I browse to a videofile in the webinterface and send it to play on Kodi-client. -> Direct play (Great!) I add the DLNA-source to the same Kodi-client and start the same file from there -> Transcoding (NOT Great!) Example 2: I browse to a videofile in the webinterface and send it to play on Kodi-client. -> Direct play (Great!) I add the DLNA-source to my Kodi-client and start the same file from there -> No play. (Srv.-Log says "unplayable item") I remane the file to different name -> I add the DLNA-source to my Kodi-client and start the same file from there -> Direct play Just these two small tests show me that there must be something seriously wrong. Can anyone provide me with a solution (clean or dirty) to prevent transcoding in the LAN (like Plex?) The transcoding is great for internet access with any client and slower connections- but it must be possible to prevent it in your loal setup. - In-movies navigation This "olny" concerns transcoded movies. There is no in-movie naviagation other than "pause". I know this has been mentioned by many- but still nothing has changed. How is this even acceptable by users? I just dont get it. This is one of the absolut core-functionalities of a media-center. Are there plans to change that. If yes, I can live with it for some time... - Emby - "Ads" vs. Opensource Emby is advertised as open-source. You really have to get rid of the constant nagging reminders to go "premium". This is not compliant with open-source sw and is really not ok. I know- with more functionality comes more complexity. But why not focus on the core features before adding more and more additional features? (Better do 1 thing wright whan 10 things half-way) Thanks for any reply and input. Cheers
  9. Emby Theater 2.4.5 Bugs: When changing view to “Albums” Things look un organized but using the web it is perfect as I use Album> A-Z. Emby Roku: Doesn’t store password and this is a severe headache to have to re-enter it all the time. Emby v3.0.5972.0 Server: The ability to disable Public HTTP as I only wanted SSL connections available, even if it means it cause some apps and services not to function but I haven’t found anything that I use affected. DLNA doesn’t work properly when it comes to populating all the movies for the Roku 3 and Roku 4. The Movies are in MP4 with either H.264 or H.265 (Yes, all of them) However, my 20 dollar copy of Mezzmo populates all the movies with art and synopsis for each correctly. DLNA needs ability to customized folders which also includes being able to delete unwanted folders, such as “Recent” and the other unwanted folders. DLNA needs to be able to have its own folders not viewable from login accounts. Why?, Because what I stream via the internet are a lower bitrate due to bandwidth restrictions and file support from what is available on my local network. Example if I wanted to stream a 40mbps h.265 on my local network to a tv in my house for the best picture possible that is fine but that’s not realistic to stream via the internet so being able to hide files that cannot be used otherwise is simply a good idea and makes the software look and feel more professional. I don’t need to see something I can’t use, in other words. BTW Thanks for making great software but please fix the issues listed above. A premiere lifetime supporter.
  10. TehEpikDuckeh

    Issues w/ latest Emby Theater

    Hello, I have been having some issues w/ the latest Emby Theater. I just installed it and it will not work at all. I've tried everything, including starting it as admin. When starting, it shows nothing other than the Emby logo as well as the time. A few minutes ago it showed a setup screen but when I pressed next, it didn't do anything. Thanks, Mark.
  11. cmcg

    Old Bug Thread

    Let's use this thread to list and track bugs shall we? People can Like bug reports to vote for them and we'll use that to target our remediation efforts. Only bug reports please. Feature requests can be made here. Please include as much of the following information as you can. Anyone can investigate a bug and send additional information about reproducing the issue with different TVs or Emby versions and the feedback will be added to the main report for that issue. Issue description: Steps to reproduce: My TV/HTS/BDPlayer: My firmware version: Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: My Emby server version: My current Emby Samsung client version: Other Emby Samsung versions the issue can be reproduced in: Developer comments:
  12. Cheesegeezer

    MBC: Xenon Theme Bug Tracker

    Please post bugs for Xenon Theme Here. It will help greatly if - 1. you are seeing layout issues post screen shots and use arrows/lines to point out affecting areas 2. any other issues, can you please post up a log. If you are unsure please click the link here on how to report a problem For feature requests... please post your FR request in the appropriate forum located here. Thank you for your continued support
  13. Hi, What's the best place to report bugs? For instance it's difficult for the majority of users to know if a server bug is unique to their architecture (Linux, Mac, Win), or across the board. I have installed a non-production dedicated test-server for MB on a Mac Mini, and have started to do some bug hunting on my own, but have not found any description on how to report bugs here or in the wiki, unless "problems" and bugs are qualified as equals in this forum. Also - are there any coordinated bughunts planned where these are reproduced and targeted one by one? -Florux
  14. Hi, I've just rebuilt both my media systems using MB3. Both are functionally stand-alone systems as the media library is on a Linux server via smb, configured using UNC paths in MB. Both are WIn 7 ultimate, one 32 bit & one 64 bit. LAV codecs on both. Both use the basic theme, no plugins & everything set to Coverflow display format. The video side (TV & Movies etc) seems to work pretty well. The only oddities are: Scrolling through collections is a bit 'jumpy' - the side to side scroll is nowhere near as smooth as the older version & does not seem to be dependant on CPU / Graphics capability. After a video finishing or being stopped, it seems to take a few seconds after the collection has appeared before it can be scrolled again. Going to the 'actor' tab within movie info screen seems to cause a temporary lockup, there is a long delay. It was near enough instant in MB2 with the same imagesbyname folder. The music side - which is more important to me - is virtually unusable. [You typically select TV/Movies every hour or two; you need to locate dozens of music tracks to fill an evening]. I have two collections set up, Albums & Years. All files are properly tagged 320K MP3s. The basic display of Albums sorts by album title and does not show the artist name. I can understand metadata being used while displaying tracks, but it appears to be using metadata from a random(?) track with a folder to attempt to display a name rather than use the folder name, which I always have in artist-title format for albums. This is not that good for single artists albums, but considering roughly half my album collection is 'various artists' compilations it effectively makes the whole thing pretty much unusable. When viewing the tracks within an album folder, the Artist name is not shown for the track, just the track title. Again, bad enough when the albums don't have artist shown & complete nonsense in Various Artist albums. The other half of my audio collection is singles arranged in decade/year folders, many thousands of tracks from the UK Top Twenty. (CD singles are a penny each on Amazon UK..) Effectively, each year is a giant 'various artists' album. Again the folder names are not used for sorting, it picks out random info from files within and the resulting 'sort' is completely nonsensical - the years within a decade can appear in any order & the tracks within a year (which can have 200 - 300+ singles) are approximately by track title. I have all extra sort / grouping options turned off, I just want folder names unless I'm looking at tracks. The original music plugin on MB2 worked perfectly & the displayed info was fully configurable by metadata field names. I've been using this as my main system until a recent hard drive failure forced a rebuild. The second version of the plugin did not do this, but apparently due to limitations in available metadata. Looking through the developer wiki, MB3 definitely has all required data & metadata available - please make the displayed info fully configurable at both folder and file level, it's pretty much useless to any serious music collector as it stands. [i have often several and occasionally thirty or more versions of some tracks - all different from different studio/live/album/single releases; I don't want any form of automated grouping, I want to be able to select which album or year/single I'm playing. I would consider a moderate bounty on the properly configurable setup]. There is one oddity in the music playing side; when a track finishes or is stopped, the album or folder content re-appear - but the scrolling does not work for a few seconds then jumps erratically with long delays. Exiting the folder & re-selecting it cures this. After trying it while checking log files this morning, I discovered that this only happens if the WMC window is above a certain size... Running in a small window it's perfect, but when the window is stretched beyond a certain point (or maximised) it goes jerky-mode again after stopping a file. Possibly a memory buffer too small somewhere? Software versions: Server 3.0.5031.21343 Client B10-17.2 Both machines are uses as dedicated HTPCs, the 32 bit one has 4GB RAM & the 64 bit 8 GB RAM. Both have HDMI connections to 1080p TVs, via 7.1 amps. All metadata fetching is turned off in MB3, media management is done from another machine & using Media Centre Master for movie & TV metadata. Re. the Linux server being developed - I'm a long time Linux user & my main media collection is accessed via a Linux machine (it's on iSCSI arrays behind a Centos system). If I can be of help testing, or programming when time permits, please let me know.
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