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Found 4 results

  1. weyb

    Emby pour Kodi : qq questions

    bjr je débute avec Emby (ça date de cette semaine), j'avance petit à petit, mais j'ai encore certains points non élucidés... J'ai cherché sur le forum sans y trouver de réponse, donc je vous les soumets ici... contexte : Boitier Minix avec Androïd + Kodi v17 + Emby for Kodi + Trakt.tv 1/bonus : j'ai vu qu'on pouvait ajouter des bonus/extras avec Emby, en respectant une règle de nommage. C'est super-cool, mais je n'ai pas trouvé comment on y accède sous Kodi, ni en cliquant sur le poster (des fois qu'il y aurait alors la liste des videos cibles), ni en cliquant sur "i" sur la zapette. C'est quoi l'astuce ? 2/Dessins animés : comment ne pas les avoir mélangés avec les films ? j'ai 2 profils sous kodi, "master" et "kids", mais désormais c'est Emby qui gère la médiathèque et comme j'ai tout déclaré sous Emby, je vois tout sous Kodi --> faut-il créer un 2e profil sous Emby ? et ensuite ? associer le 2e profil Emby sous le profil "kids" de kodi ? 3/« Vus » : comment récupérer le tag ? 3.1/depuis trakt.tv ? j’ai cliqué sur l’extension « trakt.tv » depuis kodi, et ca a mis a jour le tag pour les films vus --> était-ce la bonne méthode ? ca se fera automatiquement désormais ? le forum parle d’une extension « Emby Trakt » (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/blog/1/entry-412-emby-trakt-plugin-updated/) que je n’ai pas trouvée nulle part 3.2/ou avec une autre méthode + facile que trakt.tv ? d'avance un grand merci pour vos réponses !! cordt
  2. Hi, DVD extras are supposed to be stored in the 'extras' (or maybe 'specials') directory. I am wondering whether there is any deeper meaning behind this (the only explanation I've found was to be more compatible with other applications using this naming schema). I personally think this is more a limitation than a feature - imagine a DVD with some interviews, trailers, deleted scenes and background information. With emby one ends up with this structure: Some Movie (2016).mkv extras/Interview Actor A.mvk extras/Interview Actor B.mkv extras/Deleted Scenes Scene Title A.mkv extras/Deleted Scenes Scene Title B.mkv extras/Trailer Theatrical Trailer.mkv extras/Behind The Scenes Title A.mkv extras/Behind The Scenes Title B.mkv Everything is in one big bucket, one never knows what the extra is about, unless one writes the extra type into the filename. Wouldn't it be better to allow multiple extra directories (maybe the names being predefined), for certain extra types, like this: Some Movie (2016).mkv Interviews/Actor A.mkv Interviews/Actor B.mkv Deleted Scenes/Scene Title A.mkv Deleted Scenes/Scene Title B.mkv Trailers/Theatrical Trailer.mkv Behind The Scenes/Title A.mkv Behind The Scenes/Title B.mkv For those who need the compatibility with other apps there could still be an 'extras' directory, where one could symlink the extras in the other directories, or simply use this directory only. Is this a bad idea? -- sv
  3. As I'm transitioning from my old (non-Emby) arrangement, I'm noticing I've got about 500 records of textual data regarding associated bonus features for given videos. A lot of these are indicators of Audio Commentaries present on individual TV episodes. I haven't begun my experiments with seeing how Emby handles TV episodes, or additional audio tracks, so I don't know yet how that might impact things. But a number of these items are listing the bonus features present on my VIDEO_TS folder rips (ie, the original DVD structure, menu and all). I know that many people advocate re-ripping everything to individual files. I may do that in a few instances regarding my movies, and I'm definitely considering it for my TV episodes (I can see the most benefit to that). But in general I plan to leave most (if not all) of my movie VIDEO_TS DVD folder rips as-is (in part because it would take quite a bit of time to segregate out each bonus feature to it's own file). So I'm trying to figure out where in the existing metadata structure I could place this textual data regarding DVD bonus features, and thus far I'm not seeing anything that makes sense. Overview and Short Overview seem to be the primary largish text fields, and those don't seem like an appropriate place for this data (unless I append it to the end, and lock the Overview field from further updates, but I'm not crazy about that route). Any thoughts on this, or is there anything in the pipeline that might work for this?
  4. I have searched and I could not find any information on my question. How do you Metadata your Bonus DvDs? There as to be a way right? If this question has been asked point me in the direction of the post. Maybe I was just searching the wrong thing. Thanks!
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