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Found 5 results

  1. So I think I am having a similar but not exactly the same issue as the one about blank/black screen on start: Theater loads and connects fine, but if I let the Emby screensaver start (either the logo or backdrop) I have to use the mouse to "wake it" before I play a movie or else it just plays UNDER the screensaver - and since it is a dedicated Media Center computer that means VNC - where it didn't do this before (about the same time that thread was started, somewhere in August). Also at the end of playing a file it looks like Theater doesn't stop/close the file or player. It sits at a black/blank screen instead of going back to the front page of Theater. If I play another file while on that post-file black screen there is no problem, it just switches the player right to it and goes. This behavior is NOT seen when using the browser, only Theater. I tried the solution in the other thread anyways and it didn't work. It is almost like Theater isn't sending the proper end signals (screensaver and file/movie)...?
  2. OmegaWulf

    Unable to view Movie

    Hello, I've searched the forums but could not find any postings with a similar problem. I've got an Emby server setup just fine (Docker container on Ubuntu). I read the wiki article on how to set up source directories for Movies and I noticed it stated that DVD and Blu-ray structures are supported: Dvd and Blu-ray folder structures are also supported. To be recognized as a dvd structure, the folder must contain either a VIDEO_TS subfolder, or a VIDEO_TS.ifo file. To be recognized as a blu-ray structure, the folder must contain a BDMV subfolder. No other info was given, so I just copied an entire DVD into my source library directory. From the server side, everything looks fine; Embry appears to detect the movie and displays all the metadata just fine. However, when I go to play the movie, from a Windows 10 machine using both Firefox and Edge, I do not see any video. The play timer counts up as if there's something playing but all I see is black. Also, there is no sound but only a high pitched popping noise that appears every few seconds for a little while until even that sound is gone. I could think of only two possibilities as to what is causing this. The first is that there's some kind of copyright protection on the raw DVD files I copied from the DVD that require the physical DVD to be present for the video to run. If so, how do I get around this? Is there any kind of tool someone can recommend? I would think this would be common but the wiki makes no mention of it. The other option is that I'm missing some codec. If so, can someone please tell me what codec is needed?
  3. Andrommy

    No interface after update

    Solved: It was actually one of my adblock-extension (fair adblock) in chrome that was the problem. Works fine now! server-63594760418.txt So, my Emby server wanted to restart to apply a new update. But something seems to be wrong, this is all I see now: What I've tried: System reboot, delete plugin dll:s.
  4. bbrown

    Movies missing chapters

    Several of my movies appear to be missing chapters. For example, if I skip ahead via chapters, suddenly the movie jumps from maybe the second chapter to the title credits. I noticed that the movie length is correct, however. When the movie plays through, it just ticks off run-time with a blank screen. I am using VOB files with corresponding IFO files in separate folders per movie. Using the skin originated from install. This doesn't happen to all the movies in my library. Also, some of the movies don't even have any running time while playing them, and I am unable to use chapter forwarding. This occurs on both server and client side. Windows 7 server, Windows 8 client. After searching, I found this thread. The suggestion is to re-encode from VOB to MKV. Didn't see if that worked in the thread, but I'll look into that. Also, I think there is a way to create new a new IFO file, which I will try as well. UPDATE I created a new IFO for a problem movie - this didn't make any improvement. I also converted to an MKV file. While it seems the library found the MKV and downloaded/created a poster, the new MKV movie doesn't appear in the library to watch it. I refreshed the library and metadata to no avail. UPDATE 2 And now I found this thread. I guess the VOB files are considered experimental in a browser environment. This is a problem for me. I would spend hours converting all the movies to MKV or something else.
  5. Hi all, I'm a MB supporter and I've just installed a fresh server and MB Classic on the same machine. Server seems to be working fine as I can access and watch all media etc via the browser. I've installed MB Classic and ran the configurator but when I open WMC and run MB I just get a blank screen. I've had this running without issue on another WMC installation (server on same machine). I'm pointing to the local machine for the server etc, I've reinstalled, rebooted etc etc but can't get MB to open properly. I've attached a few log files from today. W7 x64, i5, 16Gb RAM, fully up to date etc. Let me know if you need any further info. Thoughts? MBClassic-292014a0bf03d3cf1342e68ea3dda2de0b7f60.log Configurator-292014bd88b6c139774398851c90df4a6e1fb0.log MBClassic-2920144e4c820e428c443b967146432f6d3233.log MBClassic-292014b976b58972bb4f5aab9573fd732eaf3a.log
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