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Found 13 results

  1. Moleburt

    Keep Getting "Video Error"

    I was watching a show on Emby and 2 episodes in a row the episodes stopped with about a minute and a half left and I got a box that said "Video Error" and underneath that it only says "ignored" and then under that it just has the "ok" button for me to press. I tested the same episodes in the emby browser on my computer and they worked just fine, it appears to just be the Roku app. I'm not sure what the issue is and have never had it happen until today. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  2. I just got a new korean drama added to my emby, but whenever I try to play it, I get like 8-10 'Videro Error. There was an error playing the video.' popups, but the sound is still playing in the background. The files are just normal .avi's from what I can see, and It's still playing every other video I have just fine, it's just this one serie. Info that emby gives me about the file: http://puu.sh/sSm05/36854edfac.png Error message: http://puu.sh/sSm6b/b90ff3c6ef.png
  3. Hi all, I am having a strange issue with Emby Web Client (does not affect Emby Theatre) when trying to play the 'Stripes' BluRay. As soon as I launch the movie (there is no playback at all), I get the error: Video Error There was an error playing the video I am running Emby Server Version 3.0.6300.0 The Video Codec is standard AVC and other BluRay movies with the same encoding work fine such as 'The Jungle Book'. The FFDShow Log: http://media.globalconnecter.net/emby/videos/e87d873028308cdca9d4075e55071c40/stream.mkv?DeviceId=d2ad5e30ce0c95c3453fdb03d603f49c&MediaS
  4. Howdy all, During the last two weeks whenever i go to hit play after pausing a media item i get the error: Video Error There was an error playing the video I do not have any VPN services running, ever. It's been occurring for the past few weeks. I changed from the stable release to the beta and the problem still persisted. I have tried firefox and it happened there also. Actually, firefox seems to be worse as i cant seem to resume any films, or start them without the same error. Other users in my household are not experiencing the same problem. Another user repo
  5. There was an error playing the video I'm only very new this site and had no experience with a server before so don't even know how it works!! I've just used Media Browser 2 for many years and it was a work in the park to use but I just cant get my head around how this works. But i'm coming up with the above Error message every time I try and play a movie. I'm running Windows 7 64it and the latest Version of Media Browser 3 Just Released. I haven't totally joined yet as if I cant get these problems worked out cant see the sense spending twice the $$$ as I live in Australia. It loo
  6. Hi, Lately I have been receiving an error when ever I go to resume a video (After pausing the video...not closing the video). I get the Error: Video Error There was an error playing the video. When this error appears, it instantly restarts the video from the start. Using the seek bar to get back to where I was at can sometime make this error re-appear. I have found closing the browser to be a temporary fix. I have provided the 3 most recent log files and a screenshot. Chrome 51.0.2704.79 m Thanks. Server-63601027199.txt Remux-941013a4-2ee7-4735-838c-33c860684fc0.txt Rem
  7. Hello and thanks advance for any support; it's a bit of a read, but I'm hopeful a simple fix exists... A few weeks ago, I decided to batch process hundreds of VOB files into MKV equivalents using MakeMKV and an applet program called MKV Batch Converter. The process renamed each VOB file (e.g., "25th Hour (2002)\VIDEO_TS) into an MKV file within the same parent folder (e.g., "25th Hour (2002)\25th Hour.mkv") and I manually deleted the original "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS" files. None of the other metadata/artwork appeared to be modified during these conversions, however I recently discovered
  8. Problem: When trying to play a Movie with a TrueHD (8-chan) track (which the server selects by default if available), playback fails. Specifics: On Chrome, this results in "Video Error: there was an error playing the video". On iOS (AirPlay or not), playback just hangs and won't play. On Edge browser, just hangs and won't play. I know of at least 2 different movies in my library that have TrueHD audio, and this problem is persistent. I have had this problem on iOS since release but I don't know for the browsers. I'll attach logs. Is there a way to tell the server not to use TrueHD trac
  9. I am getting an issue when trying to play a video in both the Emby Home and on my Roku 3. I have attached both my server and transcoding logs. I can play this video normally with Windows and VLC no problem, however using Emby I get the error. Can Anyone help with this??? server log.txt transcoding log.txt
  10. Hello everyone, I´ve been reading for a while and although I found similar threads I didn´t find anything that would help me. While using the web client I found one unplayable file, won´t work on FF, IE or Chrome, in any browser I always get the same result: "VIDEO ERROR There was an error playing the video." I enabled debug logging and include both server and transcode logs below. The only lines that caught my eye were: Debug - App: Cannot stream copy video due to missing keyframe info but I seem to recall being able to play this very same file a few months ago. I don´t think it matter
  11. myers14

    Video error with local MP4 file

    I am getting an issue when trying to play a video in both the Emby Home and on my Roku 3. I have attached both my server and transcoding logs. I can play this video normally with Windows and VLC no problem, however using Emby I get the error. I tried asking about this in the Emby Theater forum but nobody answered... Hopefully somebody will help out in here... Can anyone help with this??? server log.txt transcoding log.txt
  12. Hi guys, I'm somewhat new to emby but have been using it for around a month now without any problems whatsoever, it's a wonderful media server, I watch movies/tv shows quite regularly via the web browser app, the desktop app and the android mobile app and have never had a problem until now. My problem is that whenever I attempt to play any file, tv or movie, mp4/mkv/avi or xvid/divx/x264, via the web browser (Latest Firefox/Chrome and even IE) I receive the error "There was an error playing the video." even though it's a file I know for an absolute fact works as I'd already watched it.
  13. My movies play properly in the Chrome web client, but won't run in the IE web client. The inoperation is accompanied with "Video Error" and "Invalid Source" messages. I recall reading a few months ago that the development team (Abobader) was actively working on the problem. I haven't seen any recent update on the issue ... what is the current status? Many thanks, Gene
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