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Found 4 results

  1. I've just re-organised my music library from this structure: -Music --%Artist% - Album name ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% --%Artist% - Album name2 ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% To this structure: Music --artist1 ----album1 ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ----album2 ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% --artist2 ----album1 ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% --Various artists ----album ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ----album2 ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% ------%discnumber%%tracknumber% - %atrist% - %title% etc. in the process i've also renamed, and retagged the mp3's and made sure they are all consistent, however emby seems to be having an issue with some of the artists, lets start with various artists for example, I'f i remove the id3tag albumartist, then emby shows the album as being made by a random artist with a song on that album. If the album artist tag is set to "Various Artists" emby shows it as various, and i end up with two artists, "various", and "various artists" All id3tags are present and correct, with, as far as i can see, nothing giving this information. The artist "various" has been removed from the metadata folder, and all metadata is stored with the files. I've also cleaned the database using this guide. I've attached a few screenshots to try and explain the issue a little better.
  2. Hallo, seit 4.0.1 für WD PR4100 wird bei Kompilationen 'Digital Orchestra Berlin' oder 'Various' statt 'Various Artists' in den Daten gespeichert, obwohl die Dateien korrekt getagt worden sind. Erfahrungen aus vorangegangenen Releases zeigen dies. Bei manchen Alben geschieht dies auch korrekt, haben aber die gleichen Basisdaten. Getagt mit foobar2000 und mp3tag. Hat jemand eine Idee warum das so ist. bkh Edit 2019-02-06 18:45: Entfernen und neu schreiben der Tags hat keine Änderung des Album Artist zur Folge. Wie schon in einem anderen Thread erwähnt lassen sich einige Tags wie Album Artist nicht händisch ändern. Würde mir hier Abhilfe wünschen. Edit 2019-02-09 09:45: Wenn Dateinamen geändert werden, ändert sich auch der Album Artist [Tag: ALBUMARTIST gem. Spezifikation]. Da kann was im Übernahmeprozess nicht stimmen! bkh 02. Ram Jam - Black Betty.mp3 2019-02-06 18.15 emby-log.txt
  3. Wouldnt it be great if 1. MB instanced a unique albumartist to each album object and distinguished albumartist='various artists' from real albums by the artist. where a=%albumartist%(id3 tag) per track if for each a in album a is unique then albumartist of album object is 'a', otherwise albumartist of albumobject is 'a' of lowest track. 2. when clients showed albums belong to artist, clients could quickly distinguish/group real albums (and perhaps sort then chronologically) and client could quickly distinguish/group 'other' albums (and perhaps sort them alphabetically) either that or clients just put the real albums at the front of the 'albums belonging to artist' list it is frustrating when looking at a popular artist (perhaps with few albums) to have 3 pages of compilations when what you want is their real albums. thanks for considering.
  4. Server, version 3.0.5083.27698 running on a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 machine. I have been testing out Mediabrowser 3 with a selection of different music tracks. There are a few problems I have come across relating to how Album Artists/Artists are handled. Both the Album Artist and Artist tags for tracks by "Weird Al" Yankovic are written as "Weird Al" Yankovic for each track. The artist folder that contains the album folders and metadata is written as 'Weird Al' Yankovic since " cannot be used in file and folder names in Windows. Both the Album Artist and Artist tags for tracks by AC/DC are written as AC/DC for each track. The artist folder that contains the album folders and metadata is written as AC-DC since / cannot be used in file and folder names in Windows. In the Album Artists view: 'Weird Al' Yankovic - The artist image is not shown and neither are the numbers of albums or songs. AC-DC - The numbers of albums and songs are not shown, but the artist image is. This indicates to me that the folder name is being used instead of the information in the Album Artist tags which is not ideal in situations where different characters are used like these. In the Artists View: AC - shows one extra album and one extra song AC/DC - does not include extra album or extra song DC - shows one extra album and one extra song (the extra album and song it refers to is a track from the Last Action Hero soundtrack which has Various Artists written in the Album Artist tag) This indicates to me that the / in the Album Artist/Artist tags are confusing things somehow as entries called AC and DC are being created even though they do not exist at all in the music collection. They still point to the AC/DC albums, with the addition of the Last Action Hero track, but in the case of the AC entry, it has filled in a artist thumbnail image and description. Additionally, an entry for Various Artists shows up in the Artists view even though it is only used in the Album Artist tags of tracks for certain albums. There are 2 tracks from the Batman Forever soundtrack album in my music collection for testing. Browsing to Various Artists from the Artists view shows two versions of the album. Each one goes to one of the tracks which are both by different artists. The album is also duplicated like this in the Albums view. The file and folder naming convention I use is: D:\Music\Album Artist\Album\Disc 1/2/etc (if more than one disc)\Track Title.mp3 All tracks are tagged with Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Year, Track Number, Album Artist and Disc Number (if more than one disc).
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