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Found 18 results

  1. This is my root file list. this is my specials file list. when I enable tvdb to create my metadata. this is the anime metadata. https://www.thetvdb.com/series/samurai-girls/allseasons/official the emby looks use allseasons to sort my anime file list. how to correct it with enable tvdb?
  2. I have just reset Emby (running latest beta version), including removing nfo files, and now I am finding some episodes are not being identified, although the episodes are on TVDB Here is just one example: Star Trek The Next Generation - 1x15 - 11001001 (this is the way I have it named) TVDB: https://thetvdb.com/series/star-trek-the-next-generation/episodes/46522 Metadata is not being retrieved, inspecting the nfo file, no data is in there Tried, 'Search for Missing Metadata', 'Replace All Metadata' and have also tried a library scan (TV Series level and full) and also
  3. Pommes

    Metadata error

    Hi, Since today no new metadata gets downloaded, In the loggs i am getting this (via the normal browser i can access TVDB without any problems. I switched the Server Ip today, might that be the problem? Problem is on all libraries, i already tried multiple Series :) 2020-10-26 19:22:03.708 Info MediaProbeManager: ProcessRun 'ffprobe' Execute: /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/bin/ffprobe -i file:"/volume1/Plex/Medien/Dokumentationen/Project Impossible/Staffel 1/Project Impossible S01E02 - Metropolen vor dem Untergang.mp4" -threads 0 -v info -print_format json -show_streams -show_chapters -show_
  4. mofa2016

    Fetching metadata timeout

    Recently I found Emby could not access to tvdb and tmdb to fetch metadata. I need to use v2ray to proxy those traffic before, because the GFW in China, but I find that there's no traffic going trough my v2ray client now, when starting a "Rreconize" progress. thetvdb.com, api.themoviedb.org, assets.fanart.tv, Those 3 proxy rules are added to my pac settings, and I'm sure the proxy service is functional, I can access to www.thetvdb.com with browser. embyserver.txt
  5. I know, we probably all have issues with thetvdb, but I haven't found anyone having the problem I have. I'm using the latest version of the plugin as of today. All the metadata gets downloaded in english, even though german is selected. And it doesn't find any primary cover images, all others e.g. background are found.
  6. MadibaJ

    Xmltv Enhancer

    I’d like there to be an option for the tvguide xmltv to be enhanced using tvdb or moviedb data. Also useful would be to tag the scheduled recordings with a tvdb Id so it fetches the correct metadata and matches shows more easily.
  7. gillmacca01

    Season/Series images the same

    Had to recently reinstall Emby from scratch (failed HD), and I am noticing that when the images are downloaded for TV Shows, the season images are the same as the series image. If I search for new series image and replace, it replaces all the season images with the same image. I can search per season, and can see different season image options from tvdb I have attached the part of the log, where I have changed the series image 1.txt
  8. I was wondering why there is no support for matching movies with the TVDB. I have The Oscars 2020, which is available in The TVDB but not The MovieDb. In the metadata sources, The TVDB doesn't show up for movies.
  9. Heya, So I've been pulling my hair out the past few days trying to figure out why my server has been intermittently failing to play new media I uploaded. Turns out the problem came down to a call in the TVDB plugin. Reading over the logs, it seemed to be failing due to a fetch of a movie poster timing out. Trying to hit the URL myself did indeed reveal that they seem to be having issues currently. That's beside the point however. Emby should not fail to play my media if a plugin can't complete an HTTP request. I don't care that my server couldn't download a poster when I'm trying to wa
  10. Skynet.v01

    Décalage de date de sortie

    Bonjour Je constate un décalage de date de sortie d'une vidéo par rapport aux bases de données comme TVDB ou TMDB. En effet sur beaucoup de fichiers, emby affiche une date de sortie en avance de un jour sur la date indiquée dans les bases de données. Y a-t-il une raison ? Mon serveur sous Linux est à l'heure Europe/Paris, donc CET +2 heures. @@Happy2Play
  11. Skynet.v01

    Séries non reconnues via TVDB

    Bonjour Depuis quelques jours les épisodes de séries ne sont plus reconnus dans Emby via le plugin TVDB. La structure est la suivante : - Titre_série - Saison 1 - S01E01 - Titre_épisode [DVDRip].mkv - S01E02 - ... - Saison 2 - S01E01 - Titre_épisode [1080p].mkv Les épisodes apparaissent bien mais pas avec le nom TVDB mais le nom complet (S01E01 - Titre_épisode [DVDRip].mkv) et le synopsis est manquant. Le problème n'apparaît que pour les nouveaux épisodes ajoutés. Apparemment ça semble coïncider avec la mise à jour du site thetvdb.com.
  12. roblav96

    TVDB Updates Endpoint Forbidden

    The endpoint https://thetvdb.com/api/Updates.php which is called during the post-scan task TvdbPrescanTask returns a 403 Forbidden.
  13. I have a new problem with my tv shows that im sure I cant be the only one I have a tv show called House or also known as House MD which does not show up on the TVDB unless you search in a different language Is there a way to force emby to use the TVDB series id to download the correct metadata ? I tried allowing other scrappers to download the info but they all get it wrong
  14. Here is the issue that I see. When I record a series that doesn't have good metadata, we get the recordings each on it's own folder, and they are recognized as separate shows. Give the show an internal number when a recorder series is created, to ensure that all of the series get recorded in the same folder. It kind of already behaves this way if the series has metadata, and it doesn't find the proper episode to match. I don't expect Emby to create data that doesn't exist. But it should be smart enough, that when I select in recorded TV to record a series, it should be smart enough to
  15. Since my Plex Pass is up for renewal in a few weeks, I'm back at trying Emby (on a Synology 416j, no video transcoding needed, ever). However, I'm already starting to stumble. Installed Emby, created a TV Show library, pointed it to my Plex TV shows library folder, waited for it to finish scanning. Then went into the Library to see if there's stuff that needs changing, found several, and have now tried for almost 1 hour to convince Emby that "Bron - The Bridge" is not some US series dated from 2010, but the Swedish series from 2011. Identify -> select the correct series -> wa
  16. Hi everyone, first post here so I hope this is in the right area. I just wanted to share a bit of an idea to gauge interest and opinions from the Emby community. Myself and a few friends are all loyal Emby Server users but have always had the problem of having to manually manage metadata for content we like to have available on our media centers, but is not indexed on The TVDB. This is content along the lines of: Sport (WWE, NBA, UFC) Adult films Training and course videos (CBT Nuggets, Linda, Khan Academy) Youtube videos / channels Music Videos Unfortunately with the TVDB's polic
  17. So I created a folder this morning for Ben 10 Omniverse Season 3 and put ep 1 in it. The show is recognized. If I create a season 2 and refresh, that season is recognized and the season (primary) image is downloaded. Season 3 is ignored though - no image download, the episode doesn't refresh with data. Everything looks correct on tvdb that I can tell. Season 3 is there, there's a season image for it, and the episodes are listed. I'm not sure if this is on MB3's side or if there's some special character on tvdb throwing something off...? http://thetvdb.com/?tab=season&seriesid=260995&am
  18. rickster53

    TVDB Links Not Working

    All of my TheTVDB external ID fields that have entries do not link to the corresponding TVDB page when I click the right arrow link. All other links including IMDB and TheMovieDB links all work fine. Nothing is getting entered in the log so I didn't attach it, but I did attach an xml file for one of the episodes in question. I running server Version 3.0.5083.27698 and IE11. Let me know if there is anything else you need and thanks for looking into this for me. Boardwalk Empire s01e01 Boardwalk Empire.xml
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