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  1. I want to ask you, if you can please add a configuration option to force my Emby for Windows server to always use HLS streaming. At the moment my only way to force HLS streaming is to enable the "Convert Unsupported Audio" setting in the Android TV client. And I also have to have all the movie and series files with the default audio track with the E-AC3 or DTS codec. This way I force my Emby server to send HLS streams, instead of HTTP. The problem that with this method my Emby server also transcodes the E-AC3 or DTS audio track to AAC. If you add a configuration option in the Emby server to force the server to use HLS streaming, then it doesn't transcode the audio track unnecessarily. HLS transmission in my case solves the problem on my favorite and main television, the problem of constant jumps and jerks in the images. And since the latest version of the client for Android TV has become obsolete due to playback problems with DV and HDR10, and the client for Android 3.2.92 I don't have any option to force the HLS streaming. Thanks, greetings.
  2. Hi emby team, say hello and welcome back to an old Error 😞 since the update of the emby server version from 4.6.x to 4.7.x an old an previously resolved error is back 😞 When playing a 4K HDR file that has a Dolby Atmos (TrueHD) audio track the new server version (from to is being transcoding not only the audio track but also the video track what costs a lot of CPU and more important picture quality. The old server version ( works as designed. The video is playing direct and only the audio track is being transcoded! because I still have a backup of the old server version I played the exactly same file once with and once with search the logs for "Und taeglich gruesst das Murmeltier.mkv" as I already described: - no video transcoding (direct play) only the Dolby Atmos track is beiing trancoded to AC3 and above - video and audio is beiing transcoded 😞 the logfiles from both server versions are attached here PS: the problem of transcoding video that doesn't need to be transcoded already existed in earlier versions of emby server/LG App combinations but has been fixed sometime. now it's back 😞 PPS: if this topic belongs to emby server please move it... I can only reproduce the problem on my LG TVs but maybe it's a general server prob. embyserver-4.6.txt embyserver-4.7.txt
  3. Hi all, I have run into a rather weird issue this evening after reviewing my hardware encoder options. After seeing a remote user connecting and playing a media file that needed to be transcoded due to global bit rate limitations, I noticed that it was streaming at a rather low bitrate of ~900kbps when the global limit was set to 2.5mbps. My upload speed is more than capable of achieving this and has done so without issue in the past. I hopped onto DSM to see what was up and found my CPU usage was spiking to 99-100%, which was causing the slow down. This has never happened before and I would typically only see CPU usage of 10-20% while transcoding any file, so I thought to check my hardware acceleration options, as per the wiki suggests, to ensure nothing was switched off. I found that I still had hardware acceleration set to 'Advanced', but weirdly enough, no options appeared under 'Preferred Hardware Encoders' as they had just a week ago. See the screenshot. It is almost as though it no longer recognizes any of the hardware options for hardware acceleration on my NAS. I am stumped as to what has caused this sudden switch. My only inclination would be that it has to do with my recent upgrade from Synology DSM firmware 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 to version 6.2.4-25554 last evening. That upgrade went smoothly and nothing indicated there was an error, but this is the only major change from last week to today. I have confirmed that this occurs both for remote users and myself while local. This issue occurs on a variety of different platforms including Amazon Fire TV devices, Firefox, etc. I also confirm that the spikes completely subside once I stop playing/transcoding of media files. Direct play files are seemingly not causing spikes of this nature. My Emby Premiere license also appears to be correctly input and resolving fine. I am also running the official package, not within Docker. Any help would be appreciated so I can adjust my hardware acceleration options to not cause spikes. Included is the server, hardware, and transcoding log of a problem file. Thank you. Server Specifications: Synology 920+ 8GB Memory Firmware: 6.2.4-25554 Emby:
  4. Can you please let me know how I directly play uncompressed "wav" files without transcoding? I tried playing some FLAC files (music) at 96 kHz and also some FLAC files at 192 kHz and emby plays them directly, perfectly. I tried playing a 96 kHz WAV file and emby automatically transcodes the file to AAC. There is a message that states the reason for this is "Codec not supported". WAV files are very common and I don't want to transcode to AAC. I want to hear the files with their original, high resolution. I am running an emby server on Mac OS. I am using Google Chrome to control emby on the Mac that is running the emby server. The media I am accessing is stored on a Synology NAS DS418. Emby states that the codec of the wav files being played is "PCM_S24LE". I appreciate suggestions on how to handle this. I was not able to find an option to change this or more information in my searches. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, Has anyone else found that the "auto" quality setting for remote play is far more aggressive on the Theatre app for Windows/Xbox? On the same PC, on the same network, if I play a 1080p file for example, the Theatre app will transcode to 720p 1.5 Mbps but the same file in the browser version will play direct. For a 4K file, Theatre will once again choose 720p, sometimes 3 Mbps if I'm lucky, but the browser and Android app will usually choose 1080p 6 Mbps. I know I can manually change it, but for users that I share with that watch with the Theatre app on Xbox, they're not tech savvy enough to know the difference between Mbps and won't know what to choose that wont buffer either because it's too high for my upload rate or because there's other users also streaming or I'm uploading a bunch of files to the cloud for work and the upload rate is lower than usual. Could the Theatre app get a little update to not be as aggressive? Also, when on "auto", does Emby only decide one time what the transcode rate should be when you first play a file, or does it adjust up and down during playback like Plex does? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi folks, I am new to this forum and Emby. Here the gist of a question/problem that I have not been able to resolve: Environment: Host Ubuntu Server (18.04) QEMU/KVM configuration 50TB (3 ZFS Pools) | Multiple VMs Passthrough NVIDIA 750ti to VM (Guest A) Guest A Ubuntu 20.04 - Passthrough NVIDIA 750ti (nvidia-smi -> OK) - Docker Docker Emby Server Questions: Although I have spent a good 2 days configuring things, reading posts, articles -- etc. I have not been able to find clear answers to the following basic questions. I kindly ask for your insight and/or specific links with specific answers to these questions: In short: Is emby not using HW to transcode content because of configuration or GPU capability issues? Other questions: 1. How do I know when/if emby is leveraging the video card for transcoding? The log is confusing to me (just learning about all this). Some sections show UseHWcodecs=true -> Then it uses a SW encoder >>>>>> FindVideoEncoder - Media: h264, UseHardwareCodecs: True, Mode: Custom Info Checking: 'libx264 Software Encoder' Info Check successful - selecting 'libx264 Software Encoder' 2. It appears emby recognized that HW is available/capable but then it is not used (lack of HW codecs)? 3. How do I know what is SW vs HW in the following lines? 16:51:30.397 Stream mapping: 16:51:30.397 Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (mpeg2video (native) -> h264 (libx264)) 16:51:30.397 Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (copy) I truly appreciate your help, hardware_detection-63777948584.txt ffmpeg-transcode-7a1f26b1-5881-4197-9360-8e3cca20a4f5_1.txt ffmpeg-transcode-LDMOVIE_4k_a18a5662-fe1b-4052-88ef-216c28ab7742_1.txt
  7. K1ng_Lear

    modify transcode puffer

    Hi there, would it be possible to implement the feature that allows me to modify the transcode buffer in the GUI. Currently the buffer is bending between 2:00 min and 1:40 while throttle is active. I wish i could set the bending range e.g. to 4:00 to 5:00 by myself. Thx for considering
  8. Is there a way to change the threshold for when to throttle transcoding when throttling is enabled? By default it looks like this is configured to 120s. I have found the xml where this setting is defined, however after modifying & saving there is no change according to transcoding logs. FYI, this is not an option from Emby management interface. Location of xml file: .../Emby-Server/Config/encoding.xml <ThrottleBufferSize>120</ThrottleBufferSize> Log Example ThrottleBySegmentRequest: RequestPosition: 00:01:03 - TranscodingPosition: 00:02:11 - ThrottleBuffer: 69s (Treshold: 120s) Please let me know if anyone can help determine if this is possible. Thanks
  9. HI Sorry if this has already been answered but I couldn't find it. I am playing HEVC with 5.1 files to A Fire stick. Only the rear audio channels are going to my telly. How to I force it to transcode to stereo? In http://localhost:8096/web/encodingsettings.html/Playback/Transcoding I dont see anything about audio except boost when downmixing. Or anywhere else. thanks remainz I am just coming to Emby because it can do HEVC on a home server. UG Typo in title sorry. edit wont let me fix the title
  10. Before I start, I'll explain what I mean by "without giving any reason why" usually when it starts to transcode, it would give a reason why like this (check the blue circling) Note:- I've forcefully made this video to transcode in the above picture by reducing the bitrate so that is not a bug but in this case, it doesn't this could be a bug so I'm just reporting that Now, I have no clue as to why this video transcodes while other videos with the same format doesn't. It's definitely not the subtitles or the audio because I've reencoded the video to HEVC and the audio and subtitle plays directly. Here's the logs ffmpeg-transcode-f5e334ff-98b7-4cd7-85d5-aeab259c3705_1.txt Here's the media info mediainfo.txt And here's the sample video Flowers of Evil - S01E01 - Flowers of Evil 1 of 13 (1)-001.mkv Ran with galaxy s10 on Emby android 3.1.94
  11. Host OS:openwrt Kernel Version 5.4.108 Docker:20.10.6 (API: 1.41) emby server:docker Feature Request: 1:give an option to use host memory as cache folder and can set an memory size limit,when cache run out , clear the oldest transcode file. 2:give an option to only allow iptv transcode. reason: 1:As most of client device such as iphone、android tv have very powerful cpu and do not need transcode,I only need transcode when watching IPTV. 2:My host os installed in an ssd drive with a data write limit and transcode produce mass data write. 3:My host have very large memory. Thank you very much for your hard work.
  12. ZiemaF

    OMV DOCKER EMBY problem with VAAPI

    Hi, I can not run VAAPI on my server. My server is on an i5-8600K processor, OMV 0.4 4.1.17-1 installed. EMBY is placed on DOCKER EMBY works great except for VAAPI. Please help me how to run it. ffmpeg-transcode.txt embyserver.txt
  13. The issue the best i can tell is when an user start to get an transcoding loop (5-15secs) all the other transcoding stop or begin to loop. Transcoding who stop get an negative value. Hardware Configuration: CPU: i5-9600k GPU: GTX 1070 OS: Windows 10 Entreprise LTS Workaround (i think) Disable the throttling in Transcoding option. i have attach the full log. logs.zip
  14. thrlly

    Problem with resume reading

    I tried like 8 times in a row but wasn't able to reproduce yet and did not save the log of the one time it did not fail. But throttle does not fix the problem. In my case I think it might be related to embycon, because it is handling resumes differently as the Emby Theater Windows app. With Emby Theater the server is not starting at the 0:00 and is jumping to the right position and produces an double transcode like embycon. With Emby Theater the movie starts at the right position. @Happy2Play please move my two postings to the kodi section of the community. Thanks.
  15. Hello, I have a problem with resume reading with the web version of Emby. When I try to launch a video started earlier, example at 7 minutes, the player is displayed and the loading circle rotates indefinitely, without launching it. Also, I noticed that on the server dashboard, transcoding is not indicated on the client's tile. When I restart the video from the start, and scroll to the desired moment, the video starts in a few seconds. The indication "transcoding" appears. I have this problem since version, before I had never experienced this situation. I also noticed that there is not as much detail on the transcoding on the client's tile, before, we saw the progress, but now, it is only indicated "transcoding". I am attaching the server log to you, I just hid the addresses that could find me. From 12h00 to 12h08, it is the launch test from 7 minutes and the second part, 12h09, from the beginning with a scroll taht work perfectly. Thank you and good day! emberserver.txt
  16. Hello, i have a big problem with some movies on my library. this happen for some HEVC mkv videos. in most cases, I can see movies correctly, even if it also transcodes,yet without any problems. for other case, with the subtitile, the movie frequently shows the fanart picture, but from dashboard I can see my cpu has no pressure on transcoding and it has already transcoded for a few seconds more. But after few seconds, it suddenly turn to the fanart picture (just like the loading page) and then show that "No compatible streams are currently available". If I turn off the subtitle, the movies transcodes correctly without problem. One point to note is that when there are no subtitles, it can be transcoded without any problem even if transcoding is required. But when it has to transcode with subtitles, the problem occured. By the way, the problem only occured on the emby website which it must transcode on the server, while on windows client it can be played normally and show the subtitles correctly because it transcodes in native. for example, I recorded the screen to show this complicated situation. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlY_WtrxBUtlgp9BlwI0cdCRPMe8dg?e=a6dZJp the file are all in .mkv+HEVC format and the ass subtitle. if i disable subtitle, the film transcodes and plays correctly. If there isn't enough infomation, please tell me what I should do to provide it for you. what is the cause of this problem? how can i solve? thank you very much!
  17. Hi, I just upgrade my emby server to But I found the hardware trancoding fps becomes very slow, the dashboard shows that I was using H/W transcoding, I don`t know why. screenshot and transcode log is shown as blow. ffmpeg-transcode-0ea92798-08d5-41f4-bc0f-db1a4d8f9549_1.txt
  18. Shadowdream

    Simplest way to get h.265 support?

    Hi, I have a question about adding h.265 support to my htpc and how I can get decent performance without breaking the bank. My current system does not support h.265 and I most likely will have to replace/add some component. I am looking for what options are available. My 4K collection is growing and I am finding my machine to struggle with h.265 content. CPU is at max and I even had to lower transcode quality compared to what I would easily use on h.264 movies. I think upgrading is a wise solution here. I am not interested in getting a new machine. These movies are all RIPs from original 4K HDR blu-ray disks, saved as .mkv (I prefer to have my collections stored in digital format) They are somewhere between 40 and 60 GB in size each - if someone has an idea on how to get them a bit smaller without hurting image quality too much, I would appreciate that as well. (I guess cutting them to 21:9 would already help a lot) Converting time is not an issue, since my machine stands still most of the time, I can easily let it run for days in the background (I do DVR-Recording in the background though, so low-priority transcode would be welcome). But I have no clue on how to use such software. I‘m running Debian and have installed Handbrake (GUI and CL), but it‘s much different from the counterpart on Windows (which I don‘t know too well either). BTT Currently I am running a Xeon E3-1240v5. No gpu or other relevant hardware. No built-in graphic Chip on the CPU, since the Motherboard has a graphical unit built in (which at time of purchase was more than enough), it runs headless. I was considering something like the E3-1245v6, but thought I ask here first before making any decision, since it‘s not a cheap one. I was thinking about a cheap GPU, but my Motherboard has no 16x slots, since it‘s not „a gamer motherboard“. A 3.0 8x is the only slot I can offer (which should do). Will Transcoding hurt the image quality? Will h.265 support keep HDR on transcode? I seem to have some bandwith issue, forcing me to max out at 4k/40mbit. Not sure though if that‘s the processor running on it‘s limit with h.265. When pushing movies onto my HTPC I get pretty much gigabit speed and the drives have more than enough throughput to saturate gigabit. I do play my movies from my AppleTV4k, but sometimes I feel like transcode is happening, probably due to bandwidth limits? Thanks for any advice on this in advance!
  19. Nunobifes

    Nvidia NVDEC & NVENC help

    Hello, i'm trying to use NVDEC & NVENC on my server, but the option doesn't appear. I'm running a ubuntu server headless and i installed the headless nvidia driver but the option doesn't appear. Does anyone know anything i can do? Thanks for the help
  20. CaffNoir

    Nothing want to start

    Hi ! So this night with no reason, my emby server decided to not transcode movies and all of stuff on it. Here is my log file : https://paste2.org/9cFkEk0p
  21. well the title explains HOW ITS MEANT TO BE SEEN HOW ITS SEEN THROUGH A BROWSER LOG FILEffmpeg-transcode-2e5de3da-59ec-4e6e-87fe-0c9abef5ea0c_1.txt in the "Processing Plan", in the "SubtitleBurnIn" part it says "false" for burning subtitles but i have this option disabled
  22. mariokings

    4K Remux doesn't play

    I have Emby installed on my LG smart TV, my movies are all on a NAS and all devices are in the same network. I don't know why but for some reason the only version that transcodes and I'm not able to watch a movie is a 4K Remux version. It only says that is a direct play error, does anyone know why does this happen? Thanks in advance, Mário
  23. I'm using Emby-server for ages, and like it really much. Emby runs on a NAS (x86-based), and have around 23Mbps uplink. Movies are streamed to a remote FireTV Stick 4K (paid subscription). When video's bitrate is close to my uplink, obviously it needs to be transcoded to a lower bitrate. That's where my problem starts: The link between NAS->Viewer is around 23Mbps (measured by iperf), however only if I use it with -P 8 option! What is that option? It asks iperf to run on 8 concurrent sockets (channels, etc) => so it connects to the other half on 8 parallel sockets. This way iperf can easily go up to 23MBps in average (without too much drops). However if I let only 1 socket for iperf, it can only do 5.00MBps. I think ISP limits this, and sometimes it jumps back to 2-3 (but then soon recovers to 5.00). The problem is that even if I transcode it to 5MBps it usually stops, which is really annoying. Only option is to shoot to a much lower bitrate (like 1MBps) which ruins the quality. Is there any method to utilize more parallel sockets for transporting the media between NAS and Viewer? Maybe with reverse proxy? Thanks in advance!
  24. Server: Arch Linux Emby server Client: Sony KD-55AG9 Android TV 9 Yesterday I played this movie (see spoiler) in a Sony KD-55AG9: This smart TV supports H.265 video codec natively (see specifications: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-oled-tvs-android-/kd-55ag9/specifications). Why Emby transcode it?
  25. Hi, I'm trying to play this from Emby Linux to Chromecast ultra using the Android app. When paying it says is transcoding because of the unsupported audio (i'ts ok, Chromecast doesn't support AAC 5.1), my question is, why is Emby transcoding the video too to x264? My server is on a RaspberryPi, so I try to get versions that doesn't need video encoding/conversion, so far I am streaming 4k 5.1 without problems. Is there any configuration to force emby to transcode only the audio whem the problem is audio? I hope that can be achieved with a lot less cpu power than converting video too. Thank you! VideoTitle1080p HEVC CodecHEVC Codec Taghev1 ProfileMain 10 Level120 Resolution1920x800 Aspect Ratio2.40:1 AnamorphicNo InterlacedNo Framerate23.976 Bitrate2,000 kbps Bit Depth10 bit Pixel Formatyuv420p10le Reference Frames1 AudioTitleEnglish AAC 5.1 (Default) LanguageEnglish CodecAAC Codec Tagmp4a ProfileLC Layout5.1 Channels6 ch Bitrate224 kbps Sample Rate48,000 Hz DefaultYes SubtitleTitleEnglish (SRT) LanguageEnglish CodecSRT DefaultNo ForcedNo ExternalYes Containermp4 Path/Movies/aaaa.mp4 Size1983MB
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