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  1. Tolerant


    I am using the "TRAILERS" Plugin and I have Trailers showing on my main page however they are not updating. I watched a bunch and now all I see are old ones and its been this way for weeks. Nothing I Do seems to resolve the issue. If I go through the menu choice to Trailers and view New Upcoming Movie trailers, I can find plenty of new unwatched trailers. So my question is how can I fix the display on the main page to show new and upcoming trailers, not stuff left from 2005-2014, etc. Thanks.
  2. Bonjour tous le monde, J'ai un soucis avec le plugins trailers et le mode cinéma. Je vous explique, j'ai pris un Emby Première, j'ai paramètre le mode cinéma pour jouer 3 bandes annonces avant un film. Mon problème est que les bandes annonces sont toutes en anglais ? Quelqu'un aurait une solution miracle pour les avoir en français ? Ou dans le pire des cas avoir les bandes annonces avec sous-titre français ? Le Emby tourne sur un Windows Serveur distant (OVH) couplé avec un Kodi en local chez moi. Merci de votre aide les amis
  3. lushLi2ard60

    YouTube trailers - No longer working

    Hello everyone! Am I the only one that error when using the Trailer button on Emby? Playback Error. No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. This is happening since Emby 4.6.x. It even happens on movies that got added after the update to 4.6. I tried a couple of fixes without any luck.
  4. Pelon

    Live Tiles

    One of the tendencies that I have noted in multiple apps are live tiles. For example Youtube TV has live tiles for live TV, as you move on the focus, it shows on the selected show tile a live feed in a small window. Similarly the Netflix Android TV app shows for Netflix movies the poster, and as a specific movie is the focus, it shows the trailer for the movie. So I imagine a poster view for movies, and as a movie is the focus, that trailer for that movie plays in the actual tile. For TV shows, the live tile could be the TV theme if available. For the on now on Live TV, the actual fee
  5. Buenas noches!!Mi nombre es Domi, de España (Badajoz). Antes de nada agradecer a todos los hilos creados que me an ayudado bastante en este mundillo emby y la verdad que aprendido mucho de ustedes,,,chapo pero me gustaria preguntaros unas dudas que tengo en mente y querria saber si alguno lo a hecho,o sabe como hacerlo o algun andmin que me lea me eche un cable, Os cuento: Veo emby a traves de dispositivos android,tanto tv box como fire tv,segun donde me coja,y como veis tengo instalada la version tv box,me gusta muchisimo la forma y el estilo de la pantalla principal donde va
  6. Frank27


    Hola, hay alguna forma de poner trailers actuales en HD.. ya que el plugin que hay es a 480p y muy antiguos... Un saludo.
  7. First of all, Thank you to whomever or whatever changed that now allows Trailers to be played on a Amazon Fire TV Stick. All of you at Emby ROCK! Maybe others can test different models with slightly different versions. Also all of my devices are unmodified (side-loaded). I've only been able to test it on 1 Device so far. Plan to check others later this week. But here is what it is working on so far. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Fire OS: (NS6273/2773) Fire TV Home Version: 6240042.1 (not sure if relevant) AndroidTv: 1.8.24a Emby Server: beta (Premiere K
  8. Now that Google and Amazon are playing nice again and they've added the YouTube app back to Fire devices, can we get the trailer option added back to the FireTV emby app? Would make my life so much better as my wife constantly nags me that she can't watch a trailer to see what the movie is about lol.
  9. I just got my custom intros working. But when i use my phone to connect (WAN and LAN side), it won't show the intro. Either it will hang until you force the movie to start, or sometimes it will throw an error stated below: Playback Error No compatible streams are currently available Anyone know anything about this?
  10. simonmason

    Play video before trailers?

    Is it possible to have something play before the trailers? I would like it to play before to announce that the trailers are playing - like a coming soon banner - and then a custom video after the trailers - Our feature attraction. I have the custom video file configured but it plays after the trailers. So when you start the movie it launches into the trailers without warning and then into the movie without warning? Thanks.
  11. jasonborn

    Trailers not playing before movie

    Hi folks, Today I started a movie and no trailers were played before starting the movie. In my case i configured Cinema Intro's to play 2 trailers before each movie. Any suggestions? ps: when I play a movie through a broswer, it works fine and trailers are played before starting the actual movie. Kind regards, Update: also my second Kodi is not playing trailers before the actual movie anymore
  12. Not sure where to put this, but seems to be where everyone puts Cinema Mode questions. I love the idea of trailers before my movies/tv shows and love this feature. I am even considering putting shorts/newsreels/cartoons in front. Thank you for creating and supporting. However, the last two times I have enabled this, I get the same trailers over and over. Even if I watch the entire trailer, I get it again with the next movie. They do not all repeat but they repeat enough that I shut off the feature instead of skipping the trailer. So I have some questions. 1. Have I set it u
  13. Right now it seems that you can only set this on a server level, turning it on means any user on any device gets the trailers, codec and custom intros, etc. I would love to be able to have the cinema intros turned on and play trailers before movies I watch in our dedicated viewing room, but unfortunately others who use this setup don't like playing trailers and would prefer to get straight into the movie. So having it enabled means they have to put up with watching/skipping (if you can skip) through trailers on their devices. It would be great to have more control within the settings f
  14. So I am having trouble with my pre-movie trailers in cinema mode on everything but the web browser. The playback will play the trailer and then either hang there or just stop. Have had a look in the dashboard while it happens and it doesn't seem even to try to start transcoding/playing the movie. I am using a set of custom 2-5 second trailers that appear before movies only resolution i have found is to turn it off for now but would realy like to keep using it logs atached and even willing to read other articles to try fix but its been 2 days of searching with no luck sofar
  15. Hello All, I'm new to Emby just installed it 2 days ago but I needed help with trailers so I relied to already opened topic but didn't know if I should create a new one. So when I log into the Emby server or (Local Host) on my desktop the option to view the trailer for the selected movie is there and works meaning it plays the trailer when clicked. The Trailer button on the Emby Server is the second button listed after the play button buttons are in this order - Play, Trailer, Delete, (check/watched), (heart/favorite), and the 3 dots please see the attachment named: Trailer Button On E
  16. So, I just watched "The Hunger Games" with cinema mode enabled and Emby decided to show me the following (local) Trailers: Hunger Games Pt 4, Ant Man, Hunger Games Pt 2, Hunger Games Pt 3, Captain America; The First Avenger - first of all that made for a very boring selection, but it would also have spoiled me parts of the movie if I hadn't seen it before. So maybe it would be an good option to ignore trailers for movies in the same collection as the film I'm going to watch? As a second step you could also limit the number of trailers Emby chooses from any collection. This would make for a
  17. Hello Emby I had a similar issue a while back and I was told that my version of Emby Theater was not up to date as you turned off you auto update and I needed to manually download and reinstall. I'm having issues playing Trailers again - it was working perfectly not long ago and if I use the WEB interface the trailers play perfectly. It is only when I use Emby Theater that Trailers don;t work. All I get is the revolving circle forever. I am running Emby Server and Emby Theater version 3.0.1 It's super frustrating that things work perfectly and then don't without an
  18. I have the trialers plugin and such installed and enabled mainly for use with cinema mode, but what I have noticed is that in the "More Like This" I am seeing items from the trailers plugin showing up sometimes right next to the entry for the full movie i already have in my library, this of course also confuses my users when they go to play what they think is the full movie, and it ends up only being a trailer. I do not think that trailers should be included in this area by default (or really not at all), I attached and image showing this happening to two movies right next to each other.
  19. Hi, I am not sure if this has been answered already, I am having issues with cinema mode not playing trailers before the main feature. As of now, I installed both Cinema mode and Trailers plugins and restarted the server. I set the cinema mode to play 3 trailers. But, I don't get anything when I play movies in my library. Am I missing something please? Do I need to manually download trailers? etc. Please see attached snapshots for both Cinema mode and Trailer settings. Thank you!
  20. I needed to rerip some BluRays to a better quality so removed the MKV from the movie folder. Unfortunately Emby picked up that the only "video" in the folder now was the downloaded trailer. (<moviename>-trailer.mp4) Now it's spamming "new" movies based on these trailers! <moviename>-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer-trailer and so on! Easy to clear up (search for -trailer in Emby and delete) but wondered if there is a way to stop this happening should I do this again in the future?
  21. Hey all, I've noticed something pretty odd happening when I load a new movie and trailer into any of the watched directories. The fetcher always seems to grab data for a 40's Disney short named "Mickey's Trailer" instead of the trailer for the movie the trailer is actually for even though it grabs the data for the movie just fine. This happens if the trailer is in it's own sub-directory under the main movie or if it resides in the same folder as the main movie. Is it my setting or is something odd just happening, any ideas? Thanks
  22. Hi, Noticed a couple of weeks ago that trailers do not play when I use cinema mode. Initially I thought it was a Emby for Kodi plugin issue as there were so many udates going on at the time. However, I see now that even when i use the web player, the trailers do not play. My custom and codec intros both play fine. Trailers play fine when accessing the Trailer Channel from the webapp home page. Running V4.0.1.0 on the offical Emby Docker on Unraid. Monthly Subscriber to Emby Premier. Settings shown below. Thanks
  23. strandveien

    A lot of bugs for MacOS

    I bug tested this for many days. Found out plugins where causing hiccups. Trailers, Cinema-mode, Tunein and TV Mosaic (same with DVB Logic). Caused infinite loading and library not showing in home screen. I also reverted to older versions of server until I had the same problems when testing with plugins. Deleting the plugins above made server fast as ever especially on latest version and also bug free. Encounter the library not showing up again after installing TV Mosaic. Livet works as it should but library with movies and tv series is somehow gone and not working. (Uninstall TV Mosaic and li
  24. I don't know if this is correct place to ask for this or whether the trailers plug-in would be the correct place. When you are on a movie page, you get the More Like This section which includes suggestions among your movies as well as trailers. I like having the trailers in there, but for movies that are not on Emby. Would it be possible to have an option to Include Trailers Only when you do NOT have the movie in Emby? Or show the movie link instead of the trailer? It's difficult for someone like my wife who doesn't know all of the movies we own and when she sees a suggestion,
  25. Michael K.

    Trailers button missing

    I've noticed that on Apple TV that the Trailers button is missing on many titles. I see the Trailers button on very few titles when compared to using the web browser and iPhone app. E.g.: I have the option to watch a trailer on the Firefox or iPhone, but not Apple TV. Please advise, thanks. Apple TV 4K with tvOS 11.4.1 (15M73) Apple TV Emby Version 1.2.14 Trailers Plugin Server log attached Log.txt
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