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Found 10 results

  1. I am really struggling and need some help. I am trying to set up a large collection of fitness videos in Emby (and Jellyfin and Plex for that matter) and struggling badly. Tvdb does not support fitness videos. Luckily moviedb does, one must enter each workout as a "movie" and tag it is a "video." This works, it downloads a nice poster, but it also pulls down the long file name (e.g. A Little Obsessed - Day 5 Legs) - see Figure 1. Because the rules at moviedb are that each "movie" must contain the series name first, and the workout name second, titles are very long, and they get cut off- so each video is labelled "the same" (see FIgure 2). On the other hand, if I embed the shortened title (eg. Day 5 Legs) in the metadata of the .mp4 and then in Emby select "prefer local metadata" and NO fetchers/agents, I get what I want - nice readable titles - except I don't get the nice poster (only a random segment of the video as a still). Or I can start with that, but as soon as I choose "identify" (or match in Plex) it pulls down the poster and the long title - for the ones that I do that for (see Figure 3). How can I fix this? I have too many videos to update the record for each video in Emby- I am looking for a solution that will work across the board (in part because I am experimenting in Windows but my final server will be on my Nvidia shield- once my disk drive/files/etc are all set up properly). Please help! Suggestions welcome! At one point I tried altering the title with .nfo files, but then it didn't stick- the system used the .nfo file to identify the video, and then pulled down the full poster and long title, and overwrote the .nfo file! (Arrghghg).
  2. Hi. Newbie here. Probably a really simple question, but I've had a search and can't find an answer. I'm not even sure what I should be typing in. Basically, how do I make the title of videos in my library the same as the file name? I have a lot of tv shows save on my PC with the name 'blahblah.S03E06', 'blahblah.S10E15', etc. However when they show in my Emby library, they are missing the episode number for some of them (but weirdly not all of them). Why is this? and how do I make all the videos keep their file names? See example below (the Hawaii Five-0 episodes do not show the episode name/number, yet the Impractical Joker episodes do). Thanks, Mark
  3. SenatorIvy

    Title issues in Emby Theater

    I prefer titles to be visible on all views, as there are many titles that have the same poster but different titles, such as when a movie has 58 different cuts/editions/versions, ala Bladerunner. However having just started using Emby Theater I am finding some title issues: 1. Titles are getting ...'d instead of their label being shrunk to fit. (For example the title will fit if viewed in Desktop mode, but not in TV mode) 2. Titles are outright missing in collections.
  4. Please can we make emby able to correctly identify foreign films when the original title is included in the filename enclosed in normal brackets (parentheses). Currently, if the filename of the movie has either the English title, or the foreign title only, then the film will get identified. If the filename includes the English title and the original title enclosed in brackets, it will not identify the movie. e.g. English Title (YYYY).mkv Original Title (YYYY).mkv These two work just fine. English Title (Original Title) (YYYY).mkv With this filename, emby simply can't identify it. And you have to manually 'Identify' by copying either titles into the Identify dialog. Including the original title, enclosed in brackets, is very common and the logical, correct way of including both titles for foreign films and any other films that have differing titles in different regions. For example, here's Rotten Tomato's Top 100 Art House & International Movies: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/top_100_art_house__international_movies/ From the 100 movies in this list, emby will fail to identify 38 of them. Entering these filenames into any other system, website, app, etc. results in the correct movies being identified. emby fails. Having to manually identify all these foreign films is laborious, time consuming and ultimately surprising... Why can't emby cope with these???
  5. elshagon

    Titles Text Missing

    Over the last few weeks the titles in the menu don't show up in Emby Theater or on the web browser. I was wondering if there's some type of setting messed up or if it's some other problem possibly. On the movie's info page everything displays correctly, but on the list of all movies all I get are thumbnails and no movie titles.
  6. Hi Emby Community, I went through the forum, but did not see anything similar. Sorry if it had been already answered. I am using Emby (3.0.5913.0) on a Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 64-bit version. I also use Kodi linked to Emby. I really like it, it is full of potential. My Library is made of 2 folders, one for Movies and one for TV shows. Each folder are on the same drive. Here is how my folders are organized. / -- Movies ----- Movie Title (Year) ----- Movie Title (Year) ----- Movie Collection -------- Movie Title (Year) -------- Movie Title (Year) ----- Movie Title (Year) ----- Movie Title (Year) ----- ... -- Series ----- Serie Title ------- Season 1 ------- Season 2 ----- Serie Title ------- Season 1 ------- ... I have Movies/Series in different languages I added the path for both folder in Emby. I set up Emby to fetch the metadata and create xml and nfo files and put those files next to the film. Same for subtitles and Images. However I cannot see any of those file on my drive. All movie folders contain only the movie file, no nfo, xml, artwork... The other day I spent hours customizing the display Title, Primary image, Backdrop... It looked as I wanted things to look like in Emby Web Media window and in Kodi. Today when I launched kodi the primary images, backdrop and movie titles had switched back to what it was before I customized everything. Same inside Emby. Movies with a non english title are renamed in english even though the file name on the HDD is not in english. For some of the movies it changes the information, it will fetch another movie information. I have installed Emby and kodi. Installed fresh, took hours to reset everything for Emby to again overwrite everything. I have the same problem for my TV Shows. My question is why Emby does not keep my custom images, names and decides by itself to overwrite everything I do? Is there a way to customize or Emby does everything by itself? Thank you everyone for your help.
  7. Hi there so I am currently experiencing some bugs with the collections feature. Firstly if I make a collection and go to remove under the metadata manager > collections > titles > remove button it says 'No collection exists with the supplied ID". Secondly, in order to actually view the list of collections I have I need to click on a collection and click Titles then click back onto the main collections metadata option and then it will show the Titles option. Otherwise if I just click on Collections without clicking on Titles first it only shows Metadata and Images as the 2 tabs. Media Browser Server Version 3.0.5607.2 --- On a side note any idea where I might find the auto-generated thumb image used in collections on my computer so I can also use it for my backdrop image? server-63567134479.txt
  8. Hi there - Have issue with titles linked via a collection no longer grouping in the movies display - its now showing each movie individually. originally made all collections manually via meta data manager and it worked fine for two weeks or so. logged on today and now they are all showing individually. installed plug in autoboxset, nothing changed manually removed all titles from each collection one by one and then adding them back in (then locked the meta data to stop any auto changes) - this worked until next time server was started then it defaulted back to showing titles individually. tried unlocking and refreshing - no fix. screen shots attached - pls help!. PS sorry for the shoddy spelling!
  9. If the Boxset folder has a logo.png in it, the movie titles under the Boxset at not displayed correctly if there is no logo.png in the movie folder. Instead the title is replace with the Boxset logo. See . If there is a logo.png in the movie folder, the correct Logo is displayed. See If there is No logo.png in the Boxset folder then movies without a logo.png has the correct title displayed as text. Johnny M
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