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Found 9 results

  1. It would be helpful if Media Stubs that have online metadata would automatically download (or there be an option to make set it as automatic) additional metadata that normally would be derived from the video file, particularly Duration / Length / Runtime of the video (and then of course actually display that metadata in Emby Theater). I realize that the online metadata may not always exactly match the true duration (eg, a special edition DVD with extra scenes not in the official theatrical length), but anything would be more useful than nothing here. If I'm trying to decide on something to wat
  2. molany

    Time format in Emby Theater

    For some time now in Emby Theater I have wrong time format (English format with PM and AM). Is there a way to return 24h time format in Emby Theater as it was before?
  3. Hi, It would appear as though the date format is hard coded to US month/day/year. What would be nice is to keep the English language, but still be able to decide what date and time format to be used consistently throughout the solution. As a European user, I'd for instance like it to be DD-MM-YYYY instead. If this is only tied to the locale, one could risk having to use a non-English language in order to get the right date/time format, and that would be somewhat unfortunate.. Would that be an idea?
  4. It would be use to have time-based internet streaming bitrate limits per profile. We've had problems for years with the various ISP's that our family and friends use over-subscribing their networks during prime time. Between the hours of 6-9pm, users have to manually drop their stream rate to 1-2mb to be able to watch anything... (usually AT&T is the culprit). If we could set the time/stream rate from their profile it would be nice.
  5. I like to see the current time and the time till episode/movie finished in the top left corner of the video full screen window, when video is playing in the Android TV app (running on Fire TV Stick for me).
  6. dreamwc

    Emby time incorrect

    I setup what should equal eastern standard time on emby during setup. However, the time displayed on the server is about 4 hours earlier than it should be. Where in the hell do I change the time to correct it. It would be nice if when it shows me the movie would be over at 5pm it is showing the correct time. HELP!!!!
  7. I have an Emby Theater client running on Windows 10. I am using the Emby client for Android as a remote control. Video playback works, but the video position control on the Android app is broken: Videos begin at a position of 0:00 (so far, so good) Video length is incorrectly reported as --:-- The video position does not change as the video is playing When I try to change the video position using the slider, the video starts over ------------------------------- EDIT: I am running Emby server version Here is a server log file generated during playback where I used th
  8. Had to rebuild my server (got tired of Win7 VM on unRaid), and now have a dedicated box. First run of the Chapter image extraction task shows it ran for more than 10 hours. It has a limit of 4 hours. Is there a known bug where the limit isn't respected? I will post logs if it will help, but since a lot of activities have occurred the past 24 hours I know it will be massive. Any advice on what to look for in the log to help troubleshoot myself? I don't mind learning. I have attached images to help. Version 3.0.7200.0
  9. When MBS (Version 3.0.5192.19560) creates xml and downloads images, the timestamp (date modified) is consistently around 15-16 minutes in the future. The server has the correct time, and the log file has the correct timestamp. Even the entries in the log file have to correct timestamps. However the date modified is in the future. Example. Here is a log file entry for an xml file creation. Time is 08:40:26.4618. 2014-03-31 08:40:26.4618 Debug - ProviderManager: Saving \\ATLAS\Stuff\Movies\Feature Films\Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior\Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior.avi to Media Browser Xml. Her
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