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Found 9 results

  1. Now, you'd most likely want to obtain the required information from either AniDB, , Anilist or MAL (example screenshots in links), the most favorable by far is Anilist with its rich tags. All sites offer studios too and in some cases (MAL) even age rating. If features like "More like this" would use Anilist backed tags it'd be a hell of a lot more accurate. This is such a small change on the grand scale of things and would boost the quality of life in the anime sector of emby significantly. You could even build upon this further and let some organizing feature make collections out of tags or studios. In practice/from a UI perspective I imagine there being options (in library settings) to choose metadata provider as with existing providers (TVDB etc.) under a "Tags" and "Studio" section respectively. Since there already is an umbrella option, namely "Series metadata", I'd propose for these settings to be shown when you enable the "advance" interface. This is the nit-picky approach, though. If this is pursued (which would be highly appreciated) I imagine there being another realization of this idea.
  2. Collider

    Mostrar y Agrupar por Estudios

    Hola, Alguien sabe, como agregar o mostrar "Estudios" en la barra de menú de Películas ? En Tv shows, esto si se muestra, se puede también para las películas? Gracias.
  3. Hi, It would be good to add the ability for additional air dates and times. EG:- You could replace the current Release Date, End Date, Air Days, Air Time and Studio with Air groups... which would have options for First Run and Repeats. First Run options:- Release Date, End Date, Air Day(s), Air Time(s), Season(s) and Studio. Repeat options:- Air Day(s), Air Time(s), Studio This information could be displayed in Series-level information screens, and the Studio would be carried from the parent item to the child items (season and episode screens).
  4. Hi, Since upgrading to 3.0.7100.0 the genres, studios and tags buttons do not work when editing or in the metadata editor. Clicking on them has no effect. I am using Firefox 48.0.2, but it is the same with Safari. I have tried it on my other computer before updating to 3.0.7100.0 the buttons are green and work fine, after updated to 3.0.7100.0 and they are grey in colour and do not do anything when you click on them, People button works OK but is also grey. Is this a known problem or is it something my end. Any help would be great, Thanks, for such a great bit of software.
  5. Looking at the studios view, i have movies that show up as "Columbia Pictures" and movies that show up as "Columbia Pictures Corporation" in their metadata. There does not seem to be any way to merge these two together any way to click on the studios to see which movies are listed under each and then change them to match obviously 1 would be better/faster.
  6. Hi, @@snazy2000. Trying to add a studio to my tv side and everytime I hit add I'm greeted with this. Wondering if anyone else is seeing this. I'm on Server 3.0.5886 and plugin is 3.0.5882.25170
  7. .Server Version 3.0.5490.2 I have my current install setup and mapping and cleaning my tv studios, when i try to initialize my movie side with current studios it doesnt appear to do anything, I have waited a good 15 minutes for it to scan my 2639 studios in, also there appears to be nothing in the log of it trying to do anything.
  8. MB has identified 3 studios in my Movie library with the studio name formatted as: "Studio Name, The". One example is "Weinstein Company, The" (attached screenshot). MB identifies 1 movie with that studio name but does not show the movie title and identifies 0-0 of 0. The same is true for the other two studios with the same format. The same studio is also identified by MB with the name "The Weinstein Company" and the movie links are correctly identified, so the problem appears to be only associated with studio names identified as "Studio Name, The". MB Server is Version 3.0.5115.35703 Studio Linking.pdf
  9. Delphi


    Possibly move game studios into their own separate folder inside IBN/GameStudios
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